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What Episode Did The Professor Puke Rainbow In Nichijou

What Episode Did The Professor Puke Rainbow In Nichijou

Nichijou, also known as “My Ordinary Life,” is a popular Japanese anime series that follows the daily lives of a group of high school students and their eccentric interactions. One of the most memorable and iconic scenes in the series is when the character known as “The Professor” pukes a rainbow. This unexpected and visually stunning moment has become a fan favorite, leaving many viewers curious about the episode in which it occurs. In this article, we will delve into the details of this scene, explore its significance, and provide valuable insights for fans of Nichijou.

The Professor and Her Quirks

The Professor, whose real name is Hakase Shinonome, is a child prodigy and the creator of a humanoid robot named Nano. Despite her young age, she possesses an extraordinary intellect and often engages in peculiar experiments and inventions. Her innocent and childlike demeanor adds to her charm, making her a beloved character among fans of the series.

The Rainbow Puke Scene

The scene in which The Professor pukes a rainbow occurs in Episode 1 of Nichijou. This moment takes place during a lunch break at school when The Professor decides to eat a piece of cake. However, she accidentally consumes a large amount of wasabi, a spicy Japanese condiment, instead. The intense spiciness triggers an uncontrollable reaction, causing her to vomit a vibrant rainbow.

This unexpected and visually striking scene perfectly captures the essence of Nichijou’s humor and absurdity. It showcases the series’ ability to turn mundane situations into extraordinary and hilarious moments. The rainbow puke scene has become an iconic representation of the show’s unique blend of comedy and surrealism.

The Significance of the Rainbow Puke Scene

While the rainbow puke scene may seem like a random and comedic moment, it holds deeper significance within the context of Nichijou. This scene serves as a metaphor for the unexpected and unpredictable nature of life. Just like The Professor’s rainbow vomit, life can throw unexpected challenges and surprises at us, often in the most mundane situations.

Furthermore, the rainbow puke scene highlights the theme of embracing one’s quirks and imperfections. The Professor, despite her genius intellect, is not immune to making mistakes or experiencing embarrassing moments. This humanizes her character and reminds viewers that even the most extraordinary individuals have their own flaws and vulnerabilities.

Reception and Fan Reactions

The rainbow puke scene quickly became a fan favorite and garnered significant attention within the Nichijou community. Fans praised the scene for its unexpectedness, visual appeal, and comedic timing. It has been widely shared and discussed on social media platforms, further solidifying its status as an iconic moment in the series.

Many fans have also created fan art and memes inspired by the rainbow puke scene, showcasing their creativity and appreciation for the show. The scene’s popularity has even extended beyond the Nichijou fandom, with references and parodies appearing in other anime series and online communities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Nichijou suitable for all ages?

Yes, Nichijou is generally considered suitable for all ages. However, it is important to note that some scenes may contain mild violence or suggestive humor, so parental discretion is advised.

2. Are there any other memorable scenes in Nichijou?

Absolutely! Nichijou is filled with memorable scenes and comedic moments. Some other notable scenes include the “Deer Wrestling” scene and the “Principal vs. Deer” scene.

3. How many episodes are there in Nichijou?

Nichijou consists of 26 episodes in total.

4. Is Nichijou available in English?

Yes, Nichijou has been officially licensed and released with English subtitles. It is widely available for streaming on various platforms.

5. Who is the target audience for Nichijou?

Nichijou appeals to a wide range of audiences, including both anime enthusiasts and casual viewers. Its blend of comedy, slice-of-life elements, and surrealism make it enjoyable for anyone seeking lighthearted entertainment.

6. Is there a deeper meaning behind Nichijou’s comedic moments?

While Nichijou primarily focuses on comedy and absurdity, it often incorporates deeper themes and messages. The series explores the complexities of everyday life, the importance of friendship, and the beauty of embracing one’s quirks and imperfections.


The rainbow puke scene in Nichijou, where The Professor vomits a vibrant rainbow after consuming wasabi, has become an iconic and beloved moment in the series. This scene perfectly captures the show’s unique blend of comedy and surrealism, while also conveying deeper themes of embracing life’s unpredictability and celebrating one’s quirks. Fans have embraced this scene, creating fan art and memes, and it has garnered significant attention within the Nichijou community. Nichijou continues to captivate audiences with its memorable scenes and lighthearted entertainment, making it a must-watch for anime enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.