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How to Clean a Box Fan

How to Clean a Box Fan

When the summer heat begins to rise, you know it’s time to pull out the air conditioners, fans, and iced drink to cool down. Cleaning your box fan is always a good idea, as is ensuring that your air conditioners are in good working order and ready to go when needed.

How to Clean a Box Fan in the Most Efficient Manner

The most effective method of cleaning a box fan is to disassemble it and wipe down the blades with care and precision. Clean the case by wiping it down until all dirt has been removed. Wait until all of the parts have dried completely before reassembling the vehicle.

Consequently, why is it necessary to clean a ceiling fan box?

However, while cleaning a box fan is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some significant advantages to doing so. For those who decide that it is not for them and would prefer to purchase a new box fan, be sure to read our post on the best box fans to ensure that you purchase the most appropriate model for your needs.

Extend the existence of box fan

It blows air like you just purchased a brand-new box fan after cleaning. Due to the absence of dirt and wreckage in the fan and wrap after a thorough cleaning, a box fan will begin to blow dirt free and bright space. The fan should be cleaned subsequent to each use in the summer and properly stored during the winter months as a good practice.

Blow It Up

With a blower, you can clean a variety of fans, including tower fans and box fans. You can even clean pedestal fans and misting fans with the blower if you have one in your house. Simply said, you must move your fan to an open area or store it in the box that was provided by the manufacturer after it has been cleaned with a blower. It is best to use this fan cleaning approach towards the conclusion of the summer and the start of the next season. A solid rule of thumb is to keep a fan out of the way when you aren’t using it entirely.

Clean Loose Dust with Sand or Salt

As a starting point, this way of cleaning a fan is utterly out of the box. Cleaning the loose dust and grime that has adhered to the blades of a box fan, window fan, or pedestal fan with this procedure is simple and effective. It is also a pretty straightforward and straightforward procedure. Take a large sheet of paper or a large piece of construction paper to begin. On top of it, place your fan (whether it’s a box, window, or pedestal). The blades can be pointed either down or up; either direction is acceptable. In order to finish the grilling process, either sand or salt should be used. When it reaches the paper, the sand or salt will run through the fan blades, clearing the dust and spills as it goes.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Box Fan

  • It is necessary to turn off and unplug the box fan from the electrical circuit.

Using a wet cloth, wipe the power cord down. Before continuing, check to be that it is entirely dry before proceeding. Place the fan itself on a work surface at waist level, such as a bench or a kitchen table, and turn on the lights.

  • Fan outer covers should be taken off before using it.

Remove both grilles by unscrewing the screw that holds them to the metal box frame.

  • Clear away the dust and debris from the fan’s outer coverings.

To clean the covers, fill your bathtub with water. Pour water into your tub and plug the drain so that they can soak for several hours. The covers are done soaking when the dust and debris may be easily removed with a rinse.  Utilize a hose outdoors to hose off your covers if you have one. All of the grime will easily wash away.

Although it is slightly more difficult to clean the covers by hand, this method is also viable. Use a spray bottle filled with equal parts water and vinegar to clean the covers, and then wipe away the debris using a soft cloth.

  • Clean the blades by spraying and wiping them down.

The towel you previously wet with vinegar and water can be reused, or you can dampen a dry towel with vinegar and water. If at all possible, try to avoid spraying directly onto the blades. As an alternative, dab it into a damp towel and then use it to wipe the blades with it. When removing the blade set, apply pulling pressure on both ends of the set.

The motor vents should be vacuumed up using the hose attachment of a vacuum

Pouring mild dish soap into water and wiping down difficult-to-reach areas are also options. A Q-tip can also be used to assist you in this process. The engine, on the other hand, should not be contaminated with water or cleaning solutions because this might cause harm. To clean the fan’s plastic parts, such as the fan’s outer shell, carrying handle, and knobs, use a moist cloth to gently wipe them off.

Put the box fan back together

Reassembling the parts should be done once they have been properly dried. Press down on the blade set with your thumb and hammer it gently back in place with your other hand. Place plastic grilles on both sides of the grilles and put them back into place with the screws you removed earlier in the process. Install the plastic dial knob for the speed control.