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How to Clean a Cowhide Rug

How to Clean a Cowhide Rug

Cowhide Rugs are made from the entire hair and skin of a cow, which has been cured using either vegetable or chrome tanning methods. The result is a soft, long-lasting rug that preserves the animal’s distinctive markings; however skins are occasionally re-dyed to create unique prints.

Cowhide rugs range in size from 20 to 50 square feet, depending on the size of the animal they came from. The colour and pattern of each Cowhide Rug are unique. There are two primary reasons why people buy cowhide carpets. Either for aesthetic reasons or to complement an existing colour scheme, they choose a rug.

Cowhide rugs can provide a focal point on a wooden floor or create a warm atmosphere in a bedroom. They can be used to soften the angularity of a straight-sided room with their arching lines. They can even be used in locations with high activity, such as hallways, due to their long-lasting qualities.

The best way to clean a cowhide rug is to use hot water and soap. Due to the hide’s inherent long-lasting characteristics, cowhide rugs typically function well in all places, including your home’s busiest areas. They’re stain-resistant and, as previously mentioned, really simple to keep clean. They can last a long time without needing to be replaced due to the high quality of leather.

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1. Shaking the rug

Carrying the rug outside and shaking it off on a regular basis can be beneficial. Although a vacuum cleaner may remove a lot of dust and debris from the rug, yanking it outside will release anything that has entered deeper. Shaking off the rug is an easy way to maintain your cowhide rug clean and durable. It’s important to note that you don’t have to stomp on the rug to get the dirt out. Simply shake it vigorously until the dirt is released.

2. Clean the rug using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming cowhide carpets is the same as vacuuming other types of rugs. It will keep it clean and prevent stains and grime from accumulating on it. Although a special cleaning strategy isn’t necessary, washing your cowhide rug when cleaning other materials is usually a good idea.

Observe the following rules:

• When vacuuming the rug, utilise hose attachments. You can use a dustbuster instead if the suction is too strong.

• Vacuum in the direction of hair growth, according to experts.

• Check to see if the vacuum’s brushes are rotating.

3. Brush the cowhide rug

Brushing your cowhide rug on a regular basis will make it look new while also keeping it clean. Even if you vacuumed well, dirt and debris may still be present in some regions of your rug. Brushing your rug might assist in getting rid of stubborn dirt. Brushing your cowhide rug is a more efficient and less time-consuming option than vacuuming. Use a broom or a brush with firm plastic bristles to clean the carpet.

4. Use shampoo and water

A solution of water and shampoo can be used to clean minor stains from your cowhide rug. Breaking up the stain and recovering your leather is easy with this method.

Follow these hints:

• Apply the shampoo-water mixture to the cowhide rug using a moist rag or sponge. Begin by using a small amount of shampoo and gradually increase the amount if necessary.

• You can scrub and massage in any direction, unlike brushing.

• Make sure the towel or sponge isn’t completely saturated.

5. Removing grease stains from cowhide rugs

Is your rug covered in oil stains? Begin by gently scraping the grease away with a brush or anything with hard bristles as much as possible. On top of the stain, experts recommend adding a small amount of eucalyptus oil. It is a successful method for removing stains from cowhide carpets. Apply a small amount of oil to a dry, clean fabric and rub it in completely.

6. Removing food stains

Using a butter knife or a brush, you may effectively remove food stains from your cowhide rug. Scrape the stains out by gently scraping in the same direction as the rug fibres. If the stain lingers, a damp cloth with a tiny amount of non-alkaline soap or a solution of white vinegar and water should remove the bulk of the food stains. When the stains are visible on the surface, massage the area with a dry towel to remove them.

7. Removing liquid stains

You cannot afford to spend time while dealing with tea, red wine, or coffee. Begin by using the following steps to effectively wash a cowhide rug:

Absorb the liquid

Simply dab the affected area rather than rubbing it. The discoloration will spread more if you rub it.

Prepare a solution

Combine a few drops of shampoo or soapy water in lukewarm water.


Apply the mixture on the cowhide rug using a damp sponge. Carefully rub and scrub the stain away until it disappears. Make sure the sponge isn’t entirely saturated before using it.


Using water, dampen a clean fabric.

Can you hose off a cowhide rug?

Vacuuming your cowhide rug as you would any other rug in your home is perfectly safe. Your cowhide rug can also be vacuumed using the hose attachments. If your vacuum’s suction is strong, however, a dust buster may be preferable. Vacuuming should always be done in the hair’s direction.

How do you get a cowhide rug to smell good again?

If the fragrance bothers you, simply hang it outside or keep your windows open for a bit, and your cowhide will have a wonderful new perfume. Try using a carpet deodorizer if that doesn’t work. The most important thing to remember is that you should not attempt to clean your cowhide rug.