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How to Clean a Loofah

How to Clean a Loofah

When a loofah is used for a long period of time, it accumulates bacteria and fungi that are harmful to one’s skin and health. To ensure that your loofah is safe to use, it is critical to maintain it clean and sanitary. When it comes to showering, a lot of people prefer to use their loofah. Nonetheless, you may not be aware of the potential disaster that might result from the use of your loofah.

How to take care of your loofah

  • In order to properly care for your loofah, you need first wash your hands.
  • It should be dried on a regular basis.
  • After each usage, thoroughly rinse the loofah. Ensure that it is properly shaken off before hanging it somewhere cold not in the shower where it will have the best chance of drying.
  • After shaving, refrain from using it for a few days.
  • Not to use your loofah after shaving your legs for a few days since bacteria can enter your skin through any nicks or cuts on your skin. According to her, there’s no reason to use a loofah more than twice a week in general.
  • Always avoid applying it on your face or genital area.
  • Particularly sensitive areas of the body include Her reasoning is that she would never bother with scrubbing the items in the first place.”

Make frequent substitutes for it

“If you are using a natural loofah, you should replace it every three to four weeks,” she advises. When it comes to the plastic ones, they can endure up to two months, according to the author. “If you find any mould forming on your loofah, you should toss it away and purchase a new one,” she advises, although this is not always the case. It should also be disposed of if it develops a mildewed or musty odour, according to the expert.


Warm water and standard laundry detergent can also be used to clean a mesh scrubber in the washing machine. If you want to wash it, wash it with your regular load of clothing, but don’t dry it. As an alternative, allow it to dry naturally.


Make sure to completely rinse your loofah with HOT water and squeeze it out as tight as possible. To finish drying, hang the garment somewhere with good ventilation.


Make a disinfecting solution out of hydrogen peroxide and water and soak your loofah in it. 2 parts warm water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide will enough. Put your loofah in a bucket or large mixing bowl of the mixture for at least 10 minutes to soak up the excess water. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry in a well-ventilated location.

Is hydrogen peroxide not available? If you want to wash your loofah, you can also do it in the dishwasher. Seek out a setting that has HOT water, such as the one you’d use for bath towels or white shirts. After that, instead of placing your loofah in the dryer, hang it up to dry completely.


Spend the money on a new loofah. In addition to contributing to the protection of your skin and the preservation of its youthful appearance, replacing your loofah on a regular basis helps to keep it looking young.

Loofah sponge that has been disinfected

It is possible to kill bacteria on the surface of your loofah sponge in a number of different methods. For a thorough cleaning, you can put it in the washing machine. The dryer is not recommended. It will become harder as a result of this.

Germs will be killed if you soak the luffa in bleach. Nonetheless, this would hasten the deterioration of the luffa, so I do not advocate it; however, if you are into it, go ahead. To be honest, I don’t want to be putting bleach residue all over my face. Cleansing loofah sponges with essential oils can be quite effective. In a large mixing basin, combine the luffa, water, and a few drops of tea tree oil, and allow it to soak for a few minutes before squeezing it through a fine mesh strainer. Immediately after removing it, rinse it thoroughly and hang it to dry as usual.

  1. our 1 gallon of hot water into a clean basin or bucket and add 1/4 cup of liquid chlorine bleach. Allow for 10 minutes to allow the loofah to absorb the liquid before using it again. Use plenty of flowing water to fully rinse the product off.
  2. By placing the loofah on the top rack of the dishwasher along with your dishes, you can save time and effort! If you want to wash it alongside your white garments, you can do so in the washing machine. Use hot water for either procedure, and when doing laundry, add bleach to boost the disinfectant effectiveness even further!
  3. Place your thoroughly wet loofah in the microwave and cook on high for one to three minutes, depending on how wet it was. When the loofah begins to steam, you’ll know it’s finished.
  4. Using a bright light to dry your loofah after washing will give it even more refreshing power.
  5. After every shower, make sure to properly rinse your loofah brush. Every few days, keep a bottle of white vinegar in the shower and use it to rinse the loofah with. Wash out the vinegar from the loofah and store it somewhere other than the shower so that it has time to dry completely between use.

Taking Care of and Sanitizing Your Loofah on A Regular Basis How to Clean a Loofah

  1. Thoroughly rinse it After each usage, thoroughly rinse your loofah and squeeze away any extra water
  2. Before usage, make certain that it is thoroughly dry. In damp conditions, bacteria thrive; therefore, you should maintain your loofah dry to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for germs that can cause folliculitis (hair loss), yeast infections (yeast infections), and fungal infections (fungal infections). Store your loofah in a cool, dry location after you’ve rinsed it.
  3.  Clean it thoroughly. However, the collection of dead skin cells and the storage of loofahs in humid situations transform them into a bacteria breeding ground.