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How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to the mattress industry, memory foam has had a transformative impact. The contouring properties of memory foam outperform typical materials when it comes to relieving pressure and reducing or eliminating neck and back pain. In recent years, memory foam has risen to become the preferred material for those looking for the greatest mattress available.It’s important to remember that memory foam is a petroleum-based material, and as a result, cleaning it is different from cleaning other types of mattress material. For your new mattress to retain its velvety and responsive feel, it is critical to provide it with regular upkeep.

The Most Effective Method of Cleaning Foam Mattresses, Poly Plastic, and Mattresses

  • Foam should be vacuumed out. Either a handheld vacuum or a brush attachment can be used to do this task.
  • Use a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean your surfaces. Alternately, you can use a mixture of 12 cup fabric cleaning or 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup water. Make sure to shake it up thoroughly to combine the ingredients before spraying the mattress with the solution.

Remove any stains from the mattress with a damp cloth

  • Deodorize. Pick up a bunch of sodium bicarbonate and spread it liberally all over the mattress and bedding. If the water is still wet, you can do this right away. Alternatively, you may move the mattress outside to dry in the sun on a tarp if the weather is nice enough. Just make sure it isn’t too windy, or otherwise all of the baking soda will be lost.
  • Make another pass around the house with the vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, vacuum the mattress once again to ensure that all of the baking soda is gathered in it. Before placing all of your bedding back on your bed, check to see that it is thoroughly dry from top to bottom.

Mattresses Made of Latex Foam

Isn’t it true that latex mattresses are a form of foam mattress? They are, in fact, it has a bouncy and airy feel to it because it is made from the sap of rubber trees. It’s also recognized for being a long-lasting material, so if you treat your latex bed with care, it might last you a lifetime. Cleaning it up is as follows:

  • Use a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean your surfaces. Strong solvents and bleach should be avoided because they can harm latex. Water can be disinfected by dissolving several drops of a mild detergent or alcohol in it. Lightly dab the top of the mattress with a white sponge or rag rather than rubbing, which could cause the material to tear.

Cleaning a Memory Foam Mattress: A Step-by-Step Manual

When it comes to cleaning a memory foam mattress, you only need a few items. Maintaining a fresh and more hygienic mattress is made easier with this procedure, which is ideal for general cleaning. Obviously, this will not work on badly stained or filthy mattresses. This means that if your mattress is in this condition, it might be required to replace it.

  • Start by taking the cover off your memory foam mattress and placing it somewhere safe. It is simple to remove the permeable sleep surface cover from a Lion Mattresses mattress if you own one. It’s possible that you’ll want to wash this cover at the same time as the rest of your laundry.
  • You should remove the foam and add baking soda on top of it once you have finished using them. As a result, odors are reduced, and any moisture contained within the foam is absorbed. After you’ve finished, lay the baking soda aside for about ten minutes to absorb the liquid.
  • Then, using your warm soapy water and sponge, remove the baking soda from the mixture. Simply spot cleaning the memory foam mattress is all that is required in this situation. Spot clean any troublesome places with your sponge and carefully apply the soapy water. In the case of a memory foam mattress that has a particularly strong odor, mixing some white vinegar into the water can assist to alleviate this problem.

Allow for the drying of the mattress

Keep pressing down on the towels to help them absorb more moisture, and then set them aside for the night. Allowing the towels to dry overnight should also give your memory foam mattress cover enough time to dry as well.

It is recommended you let the mattress to dry overnight. This will give mattress a longer period of time to dry out completely. Replace the covers on mattress only after you are confident that the memory foam inside it is completely dry.

Maintenance Tips

  • Extending the life of your mattress is a smart way to save money. There are, however, alternative methods of caring for your mattress that can also help to extend its life expectancy significantly.
  • Compared to an innerspring mattress, memory foam requires greater support. If too much pressure is applied to one area of the material, it may disintegrate. In order to ensure that the weight of the mattress is distributed over a larger area and that pressure does not disintegrate it, a base that is no more than three inches apart is recommended.
  • Every four to six months, rotate your mattress.
  • As time passes, this will aid in the even wear of your mattress.
  • Ensure that your mattress is exposed to natural light.
  • It is possible to deodorize memory foam by using the sun’s rays in order to keep a foam mattress fresh, it should be exposed to direct sunshine.
  • The bedding and mattress cover should be washed on a regular basis.
  • Using lukewarm water to wash your mattress cover helps keep the surface of your mattress clean if your mattress has a zipped cover.