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How to Clean a Rolex

How to Clean a Rolex

When properly cared for, Rolex watches can last a lifetime and require very little maintenance from the wearer. The precision movement of a Rolex requires annual maintenance, and Rolex recommended that you have it serviced every 10 years or so, just like any other mechanical device.

Micron-sized particles of dirt and grime can become encrusted in your watch as you wear it.

It is not only detrimental to the natural beauty and shine of your Rolex, but it can also have an adverse effect on its functionality, causing the bezel to stick, the chronograph pushers to become inoperable, and the bracelet to stretch. Maintaining your Rolex on a regular basis, if done correctly, will help you keep it looking like new for many years.

Cleaning Your Rolex in 5 Easy Steps

You should only use soap and water to clean the visible outside surfaces of your Rolex if the watch requires more thorough cleaning than a simple wipe-down.When your watch is serviced on a regular basis, these areas will be thoroughly cleaned, and only minor daily maintenance is required to guarantee that the bezel continues to rotate properly.

  • Make certain that the crown is screwed down in the first step

Aside from models from the Cellini line, all modern Rolex watches have a certified water-resistance rating of at least 100 meters, unless otherwise stated (330 feet). It is critical to check that your Rolex’s crown is properly secured in the screwed-down position before you begin cleaning.

  • Pour soap and water in a bowl

Add some warm (not boiling) water and a small dab of soap to a bowl and mix well.

  • For Disinfecting The watch, use a Soft Bristle brush

Scrub the surfaces of your watch with a small brush (an additional toothbrush would also do the trick) The brush’s bristles will be able to get into the little crevices between the lugs and bracelet links, while the warm soapy water will aid in removing any trapped dirt or grime.

  • To rinse with new water

You’ll want to rinse your watch under warm water after you’ve finished washing it in order to remove any dirt particles and soap residue that may remain.

  • Dry with microfiber cloth

It is critical to use a clean and free of polishing compounds cloth while cleaning your watch, just as it is when cleaning your car. It is recommended that you dry your watch with a microfiber towel (or something similar) to avoid damaging the natural surface finish of your watch.

The best way to care for your Rolex watch

In terms of taking care of your Rolex watch, cleaning is the simplest but yet extremely vital step to take. Your watch will be exposed to a variety of different substances when you are wearing it. These substances may include sweat and grime as well as perfume or other scents. All of this not only gets trapped on your watch, but it also has the potential to corrode and damage it over time if left unchecked. Some components, such as screws or clasp hinges, may not function properly, and the watch’s brilliance may be diminished if it is soiled.

  •  If you use your Rolex watch on a regular basis, or even on a daily basis, it is recommended that you clean it once a week at the very minimum. Simply rinsing it with warm water would enough if you don’t want to go to the trouble of cleaning it thoroughly first. Still, it’s preferable to nothing, and you can complete it while washing your hands
  • In order to properly clean and maintain your Rolex watch, you need use soap in addition to water to ensure that all of the dirt is removed from the watch.
  • Check to see if your watch is water-resistant before you begin. 4. A Rolex Oyster (which is what most Rolex watches are) will be waterproof if it meets the manufacturer’s criteria.
  • Double-check that the crown is securely fastened.
  • Pour a few drops of non-toxic soap into a basin of warm water and mix well. 5. You can also place the watch near a pouring faucet if it is more convenient for you.
  • In order to thoroughly clean the watch and to reach regions that are difficult to clean and where dirt tends to gather, such as the inside of the clasp, a cleaning brush will be employed.
  • Once you’ve submerged your watch into the water, begin scrubbing it gently, paying particular attention to the band and inside of your clasp. On the case back, dirt can often be found accumulating.
  •  Aside from the fact that it is filthy when dirt and grime accumulate on the bracelet, it also causes the bracelet to lose its shine and might cause premature wear. Due to the presence of dirt between the links and in the moving parts, such as the clasp and hinge, these parts tend to wear out more quickly, leading to the bracelet stretching and losing its original rigidity.
  •  Run the watch under lukewarm water to clean it off. 10. It is possible that there will be soap residue on the watch after you have cleaned it, and you will want to remove this residue by washing the watch.

Then, using a soft microfiber cloth, dry the watch completely after cleaning it. You can next use a cloth to rub away any fat or grime that may have remained once the procedure is complete.

Maintaining your Rolex watch

Additionally, there are a number of excellent suggestions for maintaining the condition of your Rolex timepiece. It should be worn on a regular basis Because the movement of your wrist winds the movement, doing so on a regular basis will assist your Rolex retain accurate time.