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How to Clean a Salt Lamp

How to Clean a Salt Lamp

So, you’ve finally gotten your hands on your very personal salt lamp and thus are eager to put it to use! That’s fantastic news, however before you go in anything more, take a look at this salt lamp care guide. Although salt lamps are extremely robust and can survive for decades if properly cared for, improper care can result in a variety of issues such as frequent bulb fuses, damaged cords, or, in worst scenario, a fire.

Best mode for cleaning

Salt lamps are a great option for home décor and thus are good for the environment, but they will get dusty with time. Soak a clean bit of fabric and wipe it over your salt lamp to clean it. Completely wring out the water and use it to clean the lamp’s surface. You can rub the cloth harder in tougher areas, but never use metal scrubbers like scour pads. They will harm the lamp’s salt instead of doing any good. Finish by wiping the lamp with such a dry cotton cloth once it has been cleaned.

Basic Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Instructions

  • Switch the lamp off and wipe it down with a dry cloth or a little damp sponge to clean the Wonderful Scents Himalaya Salt Lamp.
  • If at all possible, leave the salt lamp on because the heat from of the bulb will keep it from accumulating moisture.
  • Never leave the lamp submerged in water or in a location wherein water will directly interact with its surface.
  • Simply wipe the surface of the candle lamp clean with a moist washcloth.
  • Soap or even other cleansing products should not be used.
  • Selecting the Best Cleaning Cloth

For cleaning your lamp, use a gentle, dry cloth. Be aware that the surface of your light is rough and uneven. Use a lint-free cloth or one with a snagging-resistant substance.

  • When turning off of the lamp as well as unplugging it, remove the light bulb

Turn the lamp off, disconnect it from the outlet, and take out the light bulb before you begin. This eliminates the risk of electrocution when cleaning your lamp. You’ll allow entry to the socket by replacing the light bulb, allowing you to carefully inspect the region for dust or dampness.

  • Don’t rub, just dab the cloth

It’s natural to want to brush your Himalaya salt lamp when cleaning it. To avoid dislodging particles and chipping away lumps of salt, dab the towel over surfaces rather than rubbing the bulb.

  • Plug in the light bulb and turn it on again

You can replace the light bulb, connect in your lamp, then continue to use it once it has been dusted and cleaned.


  • Scrubbing pads and iodine pills are all you’ll need. You can clean the lamp’s bristles by gently scraping them off with a wire or newspaper.
  • After cleaning the lamp, remove the bulb from the right side.
  • The cleaner and crystals that use to liven up all the water inside the light will be contained within the bulb.
  • When you check inside the bulb, you’ll discover that it includes multiple chambers that will aid in keeping the bulb firmly against the base. As a result, you may have to buy a new bulb or store one until you can clean it properly.
  • Fill a bucket or sink halfway with warm soapy water, then scrub the lamp with a mild antiseptic solution to remove all dirt and grime.
  • After that, pour the water out of the tap into to the bucket then let it sit for around five minutes in the tap. After that, use heated air as well as a soft-bristled brush to clean the light in the sink.
  • To release the debris with soapy water, scrub the lamp, but this shouldn’t take and over a few minutes.

Cleaning Properly

Because salt has inherent self-cleaning capabilities, you won’t have to clean your salt lamp as often as you may think. However, if it becomes dusty and marked, you may have to clean it. It’s crucial to remember to not put your salt lamp in the dishwasher or immerse it in water when cleaning it. Before cleaning your salt lamp, turn it off and let it cool to room temperature. After that, disconnect the lamp’s salt section from the power wire, bulb, and base. Remove dust and filth with a moist cloth or sponge.

That much water as possible should be squeezed out. You can also do this with a lint-free cloth to avoid leaving particles on the lamp’s surface. Scrub it with a scourer if indeed the stain and grime are particularly stubborn. No need to panic because this won’t harm the lamp. To use a dry cloth, wipe away any excess wet, reassemble, and put it on to completely dry it.

Himalayan Salt Lamps: How to Care of Them

People occasionally inquire about cleaning Himalayan salt lamps. Some people wonder if this salt can be used to light a room and if it should only be used in temples as well as other sacred locations. The great news would be that this type of lighting is extremely long-lasting and simple to maintain. Furthermore, when you do need to clean it, the end result is typically least harsh than some other lamp shades.

After you’ve cleaned up any spills, go over the surface with such a soft cloth to make sure it’s clean. To guarantee that almost all dirt including dust have been removed, rinse the surface completely with clean water. Finally, pour enough clean water into your sink to thoroughly submerge your salt lamp. This will aid in the removal of any residue that remains after the initial cleaning. A little buildup of dust is usual when you’re using the salt lamp frequently.