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How to Clean a Shag Rug

How to Clean a Shag Rug

When it comes to creating a warm environment, the first thing that comes to mind is adding a lovely shag carpet to the room. For those of us who have wood floors throughout our homes, it is very vital to design a room which is both functional and attractive. While a shag rug can be both visually appealing and comforting to the touch, these rugs can be more difficult to maintain.

  • Prevention

Isn’t it true that prevention may be applied to almost any situation? As well as being useful when it comes to keeping a rug in good condition, for avoidance, Rug Knots offers some excellent suggestions, including the recommendation to avoid using a shag rug in areas of your home in which there is a lot of heavy activity, like the foyer or kitchen, that makes complete sense. Also, don’t forget to keep the area under and around your shag rug clean to ensure that it looks its best all of the time.

  • Make use of Scotch guard

Another wonderful option for preserving your shag rug that goes hand in hand with the prevention strategy is to vacuum it regularly. Rug Knots recommends the use of Scotch guard. Unfortunately, there isn’t one on the market that is designed for carpets and rugs, but it’s a good thing. As a bonus, Scotch guard Rug & Carpet Protector is believed to make the clean-up process quicker, allowing stains to come out more easily. In order to avoid destroying your carpet or soft furnishings, it is essential that you properly follow the directions.

  • A good beating

Take your area rug outside and whack it hard to get rid of the dirt and debris that has accumulated deep within the rug. This procedure can also assist in the removal of a significant amount of dust, which can be irritating to those who suffer from allergy symptoms.

  • Vacuum your carpeting

To get better results, they recommend flipping the rug over and cleaning it from the other side. The most major drawback of shag rugs is that they are nearly impossible to vacuum without harming them. In order to remove everything that has become entangled in those lengthy strands of hair, a gap tool should be used by hand, row by row, to get into the crevice.

  • Steam cleaning

Natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk) must be washed, but synthetic fibers (polypropylene, acrylic, polyester) may be steam cleaned using carpet-cleaning machines, to put it another way. According to the Home Depot, this is a highly common procedure, particularly if the rug is filthy and soiled which, no doubt, happens to a lot of us after years of daily use. Final suggestion: allow it to dry naturally outside.

  • Spot clean

In our experience, persistent stains can resurface after being cleaned, so learning effective carpet-cleaning techniques is essential to preventing this from happening. Using a spot cleaning procedure is recommended by Rug Knots if you’ve spilled something on your rug. If this happens, no need to sanitise the entire facility.

They recommend dabbing the rug with a microfiber rag which is either white or neutral in colour so that there is no risk that the cloth’s stain may stain your rug and dabbing the rug until all of the liquid has been cleaned up by the rag. Rug Knots recommends using a light cleaning such as dish soap and blotting the stain until it is completely gone as the following step. Shag rugs can be spot cleaned, as according Bob Vila, using a mixture of vinegar and water.

  • Dry shampoo bath

If you want to deep clean your shag area rug, you should consider giving it a bath with dry shampoo rather than soap. The use of this procedure is highly recommended if you want to clean your rug while also removing bad scents, which is especially important if you own a pet. Using dry shampoo, according to Bob Vila, can help to clear your carpets of contaminants such as bacteria, dust, and animal fur. This method is described by the outlet as follows: you try to brush the rug with a small amount of dry shampoo to remove all of the deep filth that has accumulated in it.

They instruct you to examine the labels of popular items to ensure that you use the right formulations on your area rugs, which they describe as follows: Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner was selected by Bob Vila as the finest overall dry shampoo service provider in the United States. It’s possible that another method will become more successful whether you’re trying to remove stains.

Ignore it and continue on

For a small rug, all that is required is that it be beaten against something substantial, such as a wall outside the home. Greater quantities are required for larger rugs.

1. Place the rug over a porch rail or another structure that is strong enough to withstand repeated smacks without falling apart.

2. Using the broom, repeatedly brush the carpeting to release any particles from the rug.

3. Allow the rug to sit in the sun for a few hours to eliminate any bacteria or germs that may have survived the cleaning process.

Remove any stains with a sponge or a paper towel

Spot cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning spills. Getting rid of the discoloration as soon as possible is critical.

1. Dilute the spilled liquid with water to remove the colour if it is a colored liquid.

2. Combine water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

3. Use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub the area in circular motions after dipping it into the soapy water.

4. After rinsing it with water, let it dry naturally.