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How to Clean a Skateboard

How to Clean a Skateboard

Cleaning skateboard bearings is best done using skateboard-specific cleansers and lubricants if possible, but there are several home products that may be used in a hurry. Simply avoid products like WD-40, which are much too thick for skateboard bearings and may cause long-term harm to your wheels. Cleaning skateboard bearings may seem to be more difficult than cleaning skateboard wheels, but if you know how, it’s easy. To work correctly, your skateboard’s bearings must be greased or oiled.

Skateboard Bearings: How to Clean Them

The bearings of a skateboard should be cleaned as follows:

  • Gently pop the shields off your skateboard bearings using anything thin and pointed, such as a pin.
  • Pour your solvent into a small bowl barely enough to cover your skateboard bearings in the bottom of the basin.
  • Put the bearings in the solvent basin with the ball part down. Allow for some time to pass before gently tapping them on the bottom of the bowl to dislodge any imbedded grit. Place each bearing on a clean paper towel, ball side down, to dry.
  • While your wheel bearings are drying, spin the shields in the solution to remove any debris.
  • You’re almost finished, but don’t forget to re-grease your bearings before reassembling them! Before you begin, be certain that the bearings are totally dry. Only a few drops of lubrication should be required to coat all of the bearing’s balls.
  • Carefully replace the shields over the bearings, snapping them in place with your fingertips.
  • You may now reassemble your skateboard and reconnect your clean bearings and wheels. However, before you ride again, double-check that the wheels are rotating properly.

Cleaning skateboard grip tape

Grip tape is sticky backed sandpaper that covers the surface of your skateboard, and every skater knows how nasty it can become. How to clean your grip tape is as follows:

1. If the surface is very filthy, begin by removing as much surface debris as possible with a piece of rubber cement pickup eraser, often known as “grip gum” in skate shops.

2. Scrub the grip tape in parts using a brass or equivalent soft wire brush dipped in water. Any entrenched dirt will be loosed and brought to the surface, where the rubber eraser will take it up.

3. Thoroughly dry the grip tape, it’s difficult to clean damp grip tape. You can do this using paper towels, but they may shatter and get trapped in the tape’s grain. A clean cloth or even a hairdryer may be used to ensure the surface is completely dry.

  • Remove the wheels and wheel bearings from the board.
  • Scrub the wheels carefully with an old toothbrush after brushing off entrenched dirt and grime and immersing them in hot soapy water. Allow plenty of time to dry.
  • Allow for a few minutes before swirling and tapping them in the solution to remove as much dirt as possible. Also, use your solvent to clean the shields.
  • To clean grip tape, gently scrub it with a gentle wire brush soaked in water to remove any ingrained filth.

Maintain the following in mind to keep your skateboard in excellent shape

  • Keep it somewhere dry.
  • Don’t go skating if it’s raining.
  • Keep your senses sharp.
  • Remove splinters and chips using a sanding machine.
  • Peel-and-stick grip tape
  • When required, replace components.
  • Do not fling it around.
  • Stay away from severely hot or cold conditions.

Tips to keep your skateboard in shape

  • Stay away from glass at all costs. Riding across shattered glass might damage your polyurethane wheels to chip. This will cause your wheels to wear out more quickly, and chipped wheels make for a bumpy ride.
  • If your shoes are wet, do not tread on your skateboard. It will reduce the grip tape’s longevity, although it is nearly inevitable at times.
  • If your skateboard becomes wet, dry it right away. Remove the hardware and components and let them to air dry in your garage or in the sun. Drop it gently on the floor after it has dried (bottom first). Your board is saturated if the hit sounds muffled or soft. You’ll be OK if it sounds clearer.
  • Use spacers between your bearings to keep dirt out when tightening the axle nut.
  • I highly suggest using a skate tool. In one tool, you’ll find all you need! Make certain you get a high-quality model; low-cost models will break.

Maintain the health of skateboard

Maintain the following in mind to keep your skateboard in excellent shape:

1. Keep it somewhere dry.

2. Do not skate in the rain or while it is wet.

3. 4. Remove splinters and chips with a sandpaper.

5. Remove the peeling grip tape clip.

6. As required, replace components.

7. Don’t squander it.

8. Stay away from severely hot or cold weather.

How can a skateboard be made to go faster?

Larger wheels should be substituted for smaller ones. The skateboard will be faster with larger wheels. Longboards may have wheels up to 70mm in diameter, but for speed, go with a 58mm or smaller wheel on a standard skateboard. All moving components of the skateboard should be clean and lubricated.

What are the longest-lasting skateboards?

It lasts the longest when it’s Vert (no pop, perhaps board slides). The board is not strained by impulsive stress like leaps, but slides on coping cut away wood, causing it to shatter over time. The deck will be worn out the most by street and pop/flip tricks.

Can Skateboarding assist in weight loss?

Skateboarding is an excellent technique to improve your body’s balance and flexibility. Skateboarding is a terrific kind of cardio, which is one of the reasons it is effective for weight loss and calorie burning. Skateboarding over an extended amount of time may assist you sweat off those fat cells.