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How to Clean a Straw Hat

How to Clean a Straw Hat

The straw hat isn’t as robust or forgiving of wear and tear as a fur felt hat, but then again, nothing is. When it comes down to it, a straw hat is surprisingly resilient and resistant to long-term damage, as long as you understand the hat’s limitations and how to clean it properly when it is damaged or discolored.

You can preserve a straw hat in great condition with the correct cleaning procedures. You’ll be delighted with how long your straw hat lasts as long as you understand its limitations, take appropriate care of it, and understand how to clean it properly.

It should also come as no surprise that the best approach to deal with any dirt or stain on a straw hat is to avoid it. Even the cleanest hands may stain a hat’s brim or crown with time, so try to touch the hat as little as possible.

Another issue with straw hats is that the straw breaks around the pinch, which may be prevented by holding the hat by the brim instead of the crown. Try a summer hat with a liner or a hat with more holes in the crown to encourage airflow if you’re prone to excessive head perspiration.

A splash of laundry detergent or woolite may be used to clean the three textile elements of a straw hat: the liner, the headband, and the hatband. Because a straw hat is often worn outdoors in the summer, all three of these components are likely to get sweaty or filthy, and they should be cleaned on a regular basis, not only for the hat’s beauty, but also for the wearer’s comfort and skin’s health.

Gently clean the fabric pieces with a damp cloth dipped in laundry detergent or woolite and scrubbed in a circular motion. A second, soap-free moist cloth should be used to clean the fabric pieces.

Spot clean any of the more in-depth stains using a tiny quantity of NuStraw on a soft, clean cloth, then wipe the area clean with a clean, dry cloth. After any particular stains have been removed, use a little amount of NuStraw on a cloth to wipe the whole body of the hat, beginning from the centre of the crown and going outwards. Wipe down the whole straw hat with a clean, dry towel after it has been cleaned in this manner.

Cleaning Straw

Because straw absorbs water naturally and is prone to breaking or ripping, cleaning a straw hat using a mild, straw-safe cleanser is essential. Always test a hidden area of the hat to make sure it won’t harm the straw. Spot clean any darker or more apparent stains in short circular movements using a little quantity of NuStraw cleanser on a soft, clean cloth. Starting at the top and proceeding outwards, clean the whole body of the hat, still in tiny circular movements.

How to dry straw hat

Avoiding getting your straw hat wet is the greatest approach to keep it in good condition over time. If you are caught in a downpour and need to reshape your hat, do as soon as possible (when it’s simpler to ‘mold’). To do so, lightly fill the hat with clean fabric or cotton shirts while it dries. You may also speed things up by using a hair dryer on low heat. She recommends letting straw hat fabric parts to air dry or gently drying them with a hair dryer set to a low, cold setting.

Changing the Look of your Cap

To reshape a dry hat that has found its way to the back of your wardrobe, try popping it back into shape by hand first. To keep the crown in form for a few hours, stuff it with tissue paper or a clean cotton shirt. If it doesn’t work, steam the hat if it doesn’t have any inside wiring.” Lightly dampen the straw of the hat with a laundry steamer before smoothing and reshaping with your hands.

Flattening Brims

Setting the hat down on a level surface and placing something heavy, such as a coffee table book, along the brim while it dries is the best way to flatten out a curled straw brim. To keep your hat clean, lay it between your heavy object and a clean towel or cotton tee shirt.

How can you revive a straw hat?

Dampen the straw using a clothes steamer or the steam setting on your regular clothing iron, then smooth the material by hand. After steaming a deformed straw hat, place something heavy around the brim to assist re-flatten the edges.

Sweat Stains

1. Wipe sweat stains away with a moist towel and a little dish soap.

2. Is if staining remains, be using a small brush with a mixture of 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp hot water.

3. Wipe the area with a dampened clean cloth.

Is it possible to clean a paper straw hat?

While comprehensive cleaning isn’t necessary on a regular basis, a thorough washing once or twice a year can maintain your straw hat in outstanding condition. Most straw hats may be cleaned with water and a moderate cleaning solution, although others can become deformed if they are wet.

What is the best way to maintain a straw hat from cracking?

Moisturize to avoid cracking

Using baby wipes, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective option to moisturize your hat. Baby wipes provide just the right quantity of moisture and a little bit of mild soap. Stick to hats with a UPF 50 rating for the best protection. Place the straw hat on the work area, clean side up. Dip immediately into the liquid colour with the dauber or other applicator. Using a sponge, dab the dye evenly across the hat, allowing the pigment to sink into the fibers fully. To create a uniform colour, use even strokes.