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How to Clean AC Coils

How to Clean AC Coils

This time of year, summer and air conditioning go hand in hand, and in order to beat the heat, you want your HVAC unit to maintain a consistent temperature in your home throughout the hot summer months. Your system requires only one thing in order to function properly: regular maintenance. This is a simple concept.

During the summer months, when your air conditioning is working overtime to keep you cool and comfortable, it requires additional cleaning in addition to the regular annual tune-up.AC coils are one of the components of your air conditioner that require cleaning on a regular basis, depending on how much you use it.

Collect all of the materials listed below.

  • Safety goggles for the eyes
  • A mask for your face and nose
  • A compressed air canister
  • A screwdriver, a socket wrench, and a nut driver are all necessary tools for the job.
  • vacuum cleaner that is both handheld and cordless
  • a brush with a soft bristle
  • Warm water, a commercial cleaner or a mild detergent, and a spray bottle are all you need.

The following steps can be completed once you have collected all of the materials listed above.

Steps to Correctly and Easily Clean Your Air Conditioning Evaporator Coils

  •  Turn on the power conditioning system as well as the air handler then gain access to the evaporator coils

Switch off your air conditioner, as well as any other air handler units in your home, before you begin the process. After that, remove the panel from the air-handling unit in order to get closer to the coils.Models differ in terms of where it is located, so consult your unit’s manual if you have questions.

Using a screw and other hand tools, including a socket wrench or nut driver, you will be able to remove the vast majority of screws and fasteners. Make sure to remove any tape or reflective metal foil that may have been applied around the borders of the panel as well as the panel itself.

  • Locate the evaporator coil which need to be cleaned and schedule their cleaning

The evaporator coils should be easily accessible now that you have gained access to the internal components of your vehicle. Most of the time, they are located on the air intake side of the furnace or fan coil, near the outlet. You can identify them by their U-shaped tubes, which are made of aluminum, copper, or steel, depending on their material. When formed into an upside-down V-frame of two panels, the coils are lined with aluminum fins to provide a more aesthetically pleasing result.

  •  Make use from a can of air compressor to clear away the light build-up

It is during this step that you will begin to work out the nasty build-ups that have accumulated inside the coils of your vehicle. To remove any dirt and grime from coils, spray them with compressed air from a distance of several feet. This should remove all of the lighter particles from the airstream. For more persistent bits, put the air snout of a can nearer to the item and spray this in precise 90º with the can’s nozzle.

Force out all of the debris by spraying it repeatedly. Ensure, nevertheless, that you will be blowing the particles down and into the ducting system while performing this method to avoid contamination. Wearing face and eyes protection is also suggested to avoid the materials from getting into your eyes, noses, and mouth while working. After that, vacuum up everything that isn’t already in its designated spot.

  • Brush away any remaining stubborn dirt, grime, or grease with a stiff bristle brush

Finally, the brush is introduced. Utilize it to brush away accumulated dirt and get into all of the difficult-to-reach places. Make use of appropriate force; less tenacious build-ups will require a gentler approach. When working with the fins, however, extreme caution should be observed.

To prevent any damage from occurring, avoid pressing too hard. Likewise, avoid sweeping your fingers across them, as this may cause them to fold or bend by accident.

  • Use a commercial cleaner or a homemade solution to thoroughly clean away any contaminants that remain

A moderate soap and water solution can be used to clean using a professional cleaner or to prepare a die cleaning solution.Make sure to store it in a spray bottle if you choose the latter option so that it can be applied quickly. Using your freshly cleaned brush, squirt the solution onto it. To get things started, give it a minute or two. Use the brush to remove any gunk that may have remained on the coils after this is completed. To avoid spreading chunks of dirt and debris, make short and sharp brush strokes.

It is important to note that when selecting a commercial cleaner, you should avoid simply picking one off the shelf at the store. Before making a purchase, consider the formula, the ingredients, the brand, and the ease with which it can be applied. It is also extremely important to choose one that is safe to use with your air conditioner, which is not always easy to do.

Clean the brush with clean water on a regular basis and reapply the cleaning solution. Remove dirt and residue from the coils by brushing them repeatedly until they are fully clean. To finish cleaning the coils, allow them to dry completely before running through them with the fresh, damp rag a second attempt.

Putting the HVAC tape or metal foil back in its place and returning the access panel to its original position

Because of this, you will indeed be reversing the path that you made in the initial step you took. Once again, switch the air conditioner back to its original operating mode and assess its overall performance.