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How to Clean AeroGarden

How to Clean Aerogarden

The AeroGarden is a soil-free indoor gardening device that allows plants to grow 5 times quicker than they would in dirt. It just takes some minute to set up AeroGarden. Simply place the Seed Pods in your garden, water them, and watch them grow.

The Essentials

There are only a few materials you’ll need to clean your AeroGarden safely and properly.

If you have existing seedlings or plants, clean around the exposed roots or plant regions cautiously and lightly in between plantings. On these more delicate places, a wet paper towel will suffice.

Bleached or White Vinegar

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals like bleach to keep your AeroGarden clean, vinegar will suffice. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria without using any harsh chemicals. Although vinegar has an unpleasant odour, once it has dried, it is nearly imperceptible.

Large Bowl

To submerge your AeroGarden’s plastic parts in a vinegar or bleach solution, you’ll need a large plastic basin. Because you can soak all of the components, the vinegar will clean every nook and corner.

Towels of Paper

Paper towels are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach locations such as around seed pods and beneath the grow deck. Cleaning around exposed roots should be done with caution, since roots are delicate and can be ripped or pulled out.

Step 1: Disassemble

Assemble the AeroGarden and make sure it’s ready to clean. Ascertain that the light hood is correctly connected. Separate the AeroGarden bowl and base so they may be cleaned separately. Remove any additional components.

Step 2: To take a vinegar or bleach bath

Pour about a gallon of warm water into the big mixing bowl. (NOTE: Make sure your basin is big enough to soak your AeroGarden pieces completely.) Depending on your AeroGarden model, you may need a larger or smaller basin.) To guarantee that the water and peroxide go in the small corners of garden components, agitate the water with your hand or a large wooden spoon.

Step 3: Cleanse the Bowl

The AeroGarden bowl has water that runs through different mechanisms to form it, contrasting the slighter removable components that could be completely flooded in the peroxide. Bacteria or mould may begin to grow inside the AeroGarden’s base as a result of the constant stream. Turn on the engine after filling with water and vinegar solution. Allow for a 5-minute run time before turning off the water solution. Drain the entire solution and put the bowl below chilly water for some time. Before adding distilled water for your existing plants or new seedlings, make sure the entire bowl is thoroughly rinsed.

Step 4: Clean it up

It’s time to wash the other surfaces of your AeroGarden that the bowl is hygienic and prepared for the plant life or for you to place fresh seeds. Wash the exterior of the Garden with a spongy cloth dipped in the vinegar solution or piece towel. Because the LED lights are made of glass and are exceedingly fragile, use great caution with the light hood. No necessitate to dig up in the lights or in the tight spots; a simple wash off will sufficient. Let all cleaned exteriors to air dry.

Step 5: Removing Bath Parts

It’s point to eradicate all the slighter parts from the vinegar tub, once 30-40 minutes have conceded. You might contain less or additional fractions than supplementary equipments, depending on the AeroGarden version you have. To get rid of every part of the peroxide solution commencing the pieces, place them all under running water. If you’re working with a lot of small parts, you should put a stopper in the sink you’re using to keep them from going down the drain. Although most components of the AeroGarden should be large enough to avoid falling into an open drain, it’s always best to be cautious. Set the pieces out to desiccate in release air on a wipe. Before reassembling, double-check that all pieces are completely dry. To be sure, lightly wipe the components with a dry towel or paper towel.

Step 6: Reassemble

It’s time to reassemble your AeroGarden now that all of the pieces have been disinfected and cleaned in preparation for your future seedlings or to maintain your current plants healthy and happy! Before putting everything together, make sure it’s completely dry. Ensure that every part is snapped back into place by means of the equipment channel and any electrical pieces are set aside from some residual in the engine. You should be good to go once you’ve reconnected your AeroGarden. After connecting it in or re-starting the motors, the machine should operate correctly. Consult the handbook if the machine fails to start for whatever reason. It can immediately be a piece that has to be snapped in, or a fraction that is not attached in the position properly.

• Fill up a bowl 50% with water plus put in 14 cup chlorine bleach.

• Flow the peroxide solution for five minute using a water pump or aerator.

• Pour out the peroxide solution, rinse thoroughly, and refill with clear water (no bleach)

• Move the clean water for five minute using the pump or aerator.

• Empty the bowl and rinse it again to ensure that all the peroxide is disappeared.

Alternatively, if bleach is not used:

Follow the instructions above, substituting 5 cups distilled white vinegar for the 14 cup chlorine bleach.

Is it safe to consume AeroGarden?

Yes, in general, aerogardens are risk-free. In comparison to other indoor garden systems, they are a safer solution. And the plants produced in them are perfectly safe to consume, thanks to the fact that they are grown without dirt, with little to no pesticides, and with no pests buzzing around them.