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How to Clean Bamboo Steamer

How to Clean Bamboo Steamer

It is not just one of the most delicious and healthiest methods to prepare Asian dishes and vegetables, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. The following are the procedures to clean properly a bamboo steamer it after every usage. Cleaning your bamboo steamer thoroughly after each use can help you avoid having to do a thorough cleaning later on, which may be costly.

All you should do is obey the commands outlined below.

  • Put the steamer under a running hot water faucet and wash the steamer hard but gently with a delicate nylon bristle brush.
  • You should avoid scrubbing too hard, and you should also wash the steamer’s lid.
  • Following the removal of any food residues, provide the steamer base and lid a short washing under hot running water before setting them away on a drainer to dry.
  • Keeping them in a cold, dry environment once they have dried is essential.

The best way of cleaning a bamboo steamer with such a lime

An eco – friendly cleaning agent such as lemon is utilized by many people in their homes all around the world. Although it is not very abrasive, it does leave a lovely scent and is an excellent disinfectant. As an added plus, there is no need for a cloth. Simple as cutting a piece of lemon in half and using it to wash your bamboo steamer.

Tea bag cleaning method for used with a bamboo steamer

The use of a used tea bag to wipe a bamboo steamer is another effective cleaning method. Get a green tea bag and put it in boiling water to get things started! Once the tea bag has been saturated, gently brush it against the bamboo steamer’s inside. 

Cleaning a bamboo steamer with such a nylon brush is simple

Sometimes the best method to cleanse is to go back to old fashioned manner of doing things and scrub! The use of a soft silk brush is recommended since a bamboo steamer may be fairly sensitive. However, even if the brushes are not very rough, they will be sufficient to cleanse the basket. The bamboo should first be steamed in order to thoroughly clean it.

Cleaning for the First Time

When it comes time to use the new bamboo steamer for the first time, it will have to be cleansed and prepped.

  • After you’ve cleaned your steamer, rinse it out in a bowl of heated air with a tiny bit of mild dish soap.
  • Soak the bamboo steamer in hot, clean up to 30 minutes before using.
  • 30-minute steaming period with freshly drawn water for the emptied baskets and lids
  • Before storing the pieces for later use, wipe them off with a clean cloth and allow them to dry fully.
  • After that, you’ll only have to go through this process the next time you pick a bamboo steamer home.


Another option for cleaning a bamboo steamer gently and without the use of harsh chemicals is to soak it in warm mother water. Although it is recommended that you consult the user guide in this case, however, although certain bamboo steamers may be securely immersed overnight, this is not always the best strategy. Steamer baskets may be cleaned gently if you let them soak for at least 30 to 31 minutes in warm water.  Submerging the steam in heated air and leaving it overnight may be necessary for a complete cleaning. After immersing the steamer for the desired amount of time, rinse well with hot water and let too dry before storing.

Mold Removal and Mold Prevention

In the case of a bamboo steamer, mould growth is one of the most unpleasant issues that might arise. To properly remove mould from a steamer, use a soft brush and will either lime oil and vinegar water to gently clean the steamer surface. A solution about one half white vinegar to 2 parts water is used to make the vinegar water, that is the same mixture as previously indicated.

Grime and odour removal that is difficult to remove

In the event that your wooden steamers are plagued by difficult filth and food scents, what approach should you use to clean them? To keep your bamboo steamers looking as good as new, follow these step-by-step instructions for washing them.

  • Remove any caked-on particles with a gentle brush

Using a nylon scrubber, gently scrape the filthy portions of the steamer to remove food residue.

  • Using a black tea bag, clean and revitalize your steamer

Because black tea includes a significant quantity of tannic acid, it is very effective at cleaning and rejuvenating your bamboo steamer. In order to make your steamer cleaning procedure easier, try passing a saturated black tea bag over the surfaces of the machine.

  • Squeeze a lemon over the bamboo steamer

If you steamed fish fillets in a bamboo basket, the result may be a strong fishy odour that is difficult to get rid of after a while. Using lemon slices, wipe them around the surface of the bamboo steamer basket to dislodge the foul odour.

  • Cleanse the bamboo steamer using clear, warm water and let it aside to dry naturally.

Cleaning a bamboo steamer utilizing soap and water is simple

Simple soap and water are all you need to clean a bamboo steamer. Using this procedure, you may clean your bamboo steamer as follows:

  • Wash the bamboo steamer well with hot or even hot water to ensure it is completely clean. You should rotate the bamboo steamer across to verify that you have cleaned both the top and bottom of the bamboo steamer.
  • Put the steam inside a large and cover enough heated water and dishwashing detergent to keep it steaming all day.
  • Once you have allowed the bamboo steamer let soak for a few minutes, exfoliate the surface with a delicate and gentle brush, working from the top to the bottom.
  • After hand-drying the bamboo steamer, set it out on a towel rack to allow it too naturally dry.