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How to Clean Boxing Gloves

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Frequently, professional sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts’ express dissatisfaction with the odour and cleanliness of their boxing gloves. Boxing sessions and strenuous exercises can cause your boxing gloves to smell terrible, but with the appropriate cleaning approach, you can keep your gear deodorized and fresh for the duration of your boxing career and even into retirement. In the ring, boxing gloves are the most vital piece of equipment, and keeping them clean will help to extend their life expectancy even more.

. As with most martial arts equipment, boxing gloves require regular maintenance and cleaning. If you are serious about protecting your investment in your gear and want to keep your gloves smelling fresh for an extended period of time, you must clean them properly.

Peels of Lemon

Citrus fruits can also be utilised to combat the odors that emanate from boxing gloves. A lemon can be peeled carefully and then placed in the boxing gloves overnight to achieve the desired result. This is said to be accomplished by disguising the odour with the powerful scent of the lemon and natural oils combined. This strategy, however, has the disadvantage of not removing the cause of the problem, which is problematic. Adding the scent of lemon to an odour would be equivalent to adding lemon juice to the odour.

Baking Soda

baking soda, like tea bags and newspaper, acts to dry out the inside of boxing gloves and prevent odors from forming on the gloves’ interior. However, as previously stated, this procedure is insufficient in its ability to eradicate the bacterium that causes odour.The baking soda particles have the ability to deteriorate the inside material over time, making this a dirty procedure.

Best way to clean stinky gloves

Old boxing gloves have a foul odour that no one like at all.The removal of odour from boxing gloves or other combat gear can be tough once the odour has developed because the bad smell is actually a result of not drying or washing your boxing gloves properly in the first place.We recommend that you use boxing hand wraps, fast wraps, or cotton inners every time you practice in order to avoid undesirable odours from forming in the first place.If you think about it, it’s like putting socks inside your shoes because, after a long day’s work, we all know how unpleasant the stench can be.

Soak in Seawater

Using saltwater to clean boxing gloves is another popular way. There are bacteria in the gloves, thus it acts as a disinfectant by combining with salt.Immersing your gloves in a salt bath overnight is a sure-fire method of destroying bacteria and removing the odour from them. The salinity degrades the germs, causing them to breakdown in the gloves and dissolve in the environment. Since boiling gloves might damage the gloves rather than simply eliminate bacteria, this method is considered a safer alternative to boiling gloves.

  • Take a jar large enough to hold your gloves and fill it with salted water.
  • Put the gloves in it and soak them for a few minutes.
  • After you’ve soaked them overnight, you can dry them the next day.

Please keep in mind that this procedure is potentially harmful to the gloves. Because you’ll be submerging your gloves in brine for several hours, it’s best to use rubber gloves. Besides the possibility of causing material cracking, this method might also make the situation worse if the gloves are not adequately dried before usage.

Gloves should be cleaned and sanitized

1. Take the gloves out of your exercise bag as soon as you can to avoid losing them

It is possible that the bacteria on your hands will move to the inside of your boxing gloves when you put them on. Following this, the bacteria feed off of your perspiration, multiplying and producing the foul aromas associated with dirty gym equipment. Having no air flow inside a gym bag makes it a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. If at all possible, avoid putting your gloves in your suitcase.

2. They should be removed from the scene immediately

Remove the gloves from your bag as soon as possible and wipe them down with a cloth or towel to remove any extra moisture. Your hand should be completely wrapped in the towel and stuffed into the glove. Using your hand, wipe the sweat away from your face and body. Replace the other glove and repeat the process with the first.

3. The gloves’ interiors should be cleaned as well

Cleaning and disinfecting the gloves with a solution of half-and-half vinegar and water can help to remove as much moisture as possible from the insides. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and spritz the inside of the gloves a few times with the solution. To clean your gloves, you can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Adding five to ten drops of tea tree oil to the vinegar and water mix will provide extra antibacterial and antifungal benefits. To avoid damaging your gloves and causing a response with your skin, avoid using aggressive cleaning solutions on them.

4. Remove the gloves’ outer layer and clean it

To coat the outside of the gloves with a gentle mist, spray your vinegar and water solution onto the outside of the gloves. Remove any excess cleaning solution by wiping them down with a clean towel once they have been cleaned.

5. Prepare the gloves by soaking them in warm water

Given that many boxing gloves are made of leather, it is important to condition them often in order to maintain their excellent condition. Leather is the skin of a living thing, and it may dry up just like human skin does when exposed to heat and air. There are a variety of commercial leather conditioners available on the market, or you can use lemon essential oil in place of one of those. For best results, add a small bit of conditioner or a few drops of oil on the exterior of the gloves before wearing them.