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How to Clean Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

How to Clean Dr Brown Bottle Warmer

Do you know how to clean a Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer from the inside out? Those were the kinds of questions I was asking myself after a number of futile attempts to get rid of a strange rotten milk smell that had appeared in our kitchen a few weeks after our child was born.

The stench emanating from the bottle warmer was so strong that I didn’t even aware it was there at first. When you have a newborn, it can be difficult to recognize a new fragrance in your home since, let’s face it, newborns are often unpleasant and stinky.

  • Before cleaning the device, disconnect it and leave to cool entirely before beginning

Make careful to observe all safety precautions when using an electrical item, just like you would with any other.It is possible that the water inside the bottles will be extremely hot immediately after you use the warmer because it uses steam to heat the bottles.

  • The water reservoir should be emptied and then refilled with soapy water

By using your fingers, gently lift it out of the way and drain any remaining liquid. Warm, soapy water should be added to the reservoir before allowing it to sit for around 5 minutes.To prevent water from pouring out of the reservoir, place it on a towel or prop it up in your sink.To clean the bottle warmer, use a moderate soap and water solution.

It is not recommended to use any harsh solvents on the appliance because this could cause it damage.While you clean the appliance and wash the basket, leave the reservoir to soak for your convenience. You can begin drying them as you finish cleaning the reservoir once it has been soaked in the solution.

  • To empty the heated chamber, tilt the warmer to one side

 Water should run out of the heating chamber and into your sink if there is any water in there.

  • Soapy water should be used on a clean towel or sponge to wipe down the bottle warmer after each use

Empty a light cleaning cloth or an absorbent sponge filled with warm water mixed with some drops of moderate dish soap onto the surface, drying off any extra moisture, and wipe down the entire surface. Then, using a soft cloth, gently wipe off the outside of your Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer as well as the interior of the heating chamber.

  • Add a tiny amount of uncooked rice and water to the reservoir once it has been completely emptied

Following 5 minutes of soaking in soapy water, drain the reservoir completely and discard it. Afterwards, add approximately 2 tablespoons (24 g) of uncooked, non-instant rice and 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of water to the pan. Stir well.It is not necessary to be exact when measuring the rice and water.You may need to use a funnel to fill the reservoir because the fill hole is small. This recipe does not call for cooked rice.

After a 15- to 30-second shake, the reservoir should be empty.Squeeze the reservoir container forcefully back and forth with one finger placed over the fill opening on the reservoir. In order to ensure that the rice contacts every portion of the reservoir’s inside surface, tilt the reservoir in different directions as you shake the container.Rice and water will agitate the inside of the reservoir, allowing any soapy residue to be broken up and washed away with ease.

  • Remove the rice from the reservoir and thoroughly rinse it, repeating the process if necessary to remove all the rice

Using a strainer, remove the rice and water that has accumulated in the reservoir and discard them. Next, thoroughly rinse the container with running water. It is possible to fill the reservoir about halfway with water and then shake the container, just as you did when the container was filled with rice, if you so like.Pour more rice and water into the reservoir and shake it more vigorously before rinsing again if there are large amounts of suds left in the container.

  • Put the warmer back together after it has been allowed to air dry

Place the reservoir and basket on a towel and let them to dry for at least an hour before using them.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer: How to Take Care of it

Take advantage of your Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmers by following these recommendations:

In your bottle warmer, use distilled water

If you use another sort of water, such as tap or bottled water (or even filtered water), it is possible that deposits will accumulate around the heating element, shortening the product’s lifespan.


It is possible to clean your bottle warmer whenever it is needed. Make sure to empty the unit completely, and then take out and dispose of the water tank. Wipe off the exterior and interior of the bottle warmer with a damp sponge or towel and a mild dish soap mixture. Alternatively, the dishwasher can accommodate the removable baskets on the unit’s top shelf. Mild detergent water and a light detergent can be used to cleanse the baskets. Allow for air drying of the device and baskets before reassembling.


Every four weeks, the bottle warmer must be descaled in order to ensure that it continues to perform effectively.Descale the bottle warmer by draining any remaining water from the chamber and reservoir before starting.

In the water reservoir, combine 2 ounces of white vinegar with 4 ounces of cold water until the water is clear. Operate the equipment in the same manner as you would typically with the vinegar solution. In addition to acting as a moderate antiseptic, vinegar is a natural cure for reducing grease build-up.