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How to Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

How to Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

If you’ve had a fiddle leaf fig plant in your house for a long period of time, you’re probably already aware of how great these plants are. As a result of how aesthetically attractive they are, they have become quite popular houseplants, with many people beginning to purchase them. In order to provide the best care for these plants, you’ll need to make sure they’re kept clean and tidy.The plant will suffer if dust and filth are allowed to accumulate on its leaves. For the most part, however, there are effective methods for cleaning fiddle leaf fig leaves that you can employ.

To What Extent Do Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Require Cleaning?

People, it’s all about photosynthesis. Because they are dependent on light and carbon dioxide to survive, fiddle leaf fig trees suffer from a lack of both when their leaves are dusty. You must clean and maintain the plant’s leaves because they serve as not only its skin but also its lungs. Your tree’s growth will be stunted over time if it is covered in dust, and it will eventually die.

When it comes to cleaning Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves, what is the most effective method?

You’ll need to consider your location, the size of your plant, and how much access you have to the outdoors before deciding on the best method. Use only water to clean your fiddle leaf fig plant because residue can accumulate over time, making it more difficult to keep clean and clogging the pores of your plant.

Toss your plant outside and saturate it with water from a hose

Taking the fiddle leaf fig tree outside and hosing it down with the hose is my preferred method of cleaning it. Cons of this method: If your plant is particularly large or heavy, it may be difficult to transport safely outside. You should keep a large fiddle leaf fig on its own rolling stand so that you can move it outside. Additionally, you may reside in an area where this method is ineffective due to the cold.

  • Place your plant in the shower and spray it with water to disinfect it

It is possible to clean your fiddle leaf fig in the shower, but this method is the second most convenient. The first step is to remove any decorative containers from the space.

Following cleaning, you’ll want to allow your plant to drain for a few hours to allow the excess water to evaporate. Because the soil will have been thoroughly soaked, your plant will be heavier after the shower. When relocating it back to its original location, you may need to wait until it has dried a little bit.

  • Clean the leaves with water as well as a gentle towel

 To avoid clogging the pores of your plant’s leaves, avoid putting anything on the leaves other than plain water. Using a spray bottle filled with distilled water may be necessary if your water is particularly hard or if you have a water softener. In addition to a clean washcloth, I use a small spray bottle. Each of the leaves should be sprayed, then gently wiped, and so on until the plant is clean. Some leaves may require two or three repetitions.

  • Remove the fiddle leaf fig from its pot and wash it thoroughly

When you are cleaning the leaves or showering the entire plant, you might want to think about cleaning the pot as well, if possible.Every 2-3 years, it is recommended to repot your fiddle leaf fig. If the plant has not outgrown its pot, cleaning it once a month can be very beneficial to the plant.It is important to clean your pot regularly because it prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria in the pot or soil, as well as keeping pests away.

You should thoroughly scrub the pot with diluted bleach to remove any salt buildup, and if there is any, you should rub it with a brush to get rid of it completely.Once the pot has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse it thoroughly before placing the fiddle leaf fig inside.

In what ways can you clean fiddle leaf fig leaves effectively and efficiently?

Using a wet mop or sponge, you can wash the top of your tree, which is one technique. The use of an old toothbrush is another option. This method will allow you to get into the nooks and crannies around the leaves that are difficult to reach with anything else.

An alternative method of cleaning fiddle leaf fig leaves is to use a hose fitted with an attachment that sprays water through the leaves. Activate the water and direct it towards the tree, which will aid in the removal of dirt and debris that has accumulated.

Soak the fiddle leaf fig leaves in a bowl of water containing dish soap for 30 minutes

After that, fill your bathtub or sink halfway with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap for good measure to get things started. You can also use this time to do things like scrub out any dirt that has gotten trapped on the bottom of the leaves with a toothbrush if there has been any buildup there. You’re not scrubbing too hard; just enough to loosen the dirt and debris that has accumulated on the undersides of your fiddle leaf fig tree’s leaves.

Brown areas around the edges of the table can be removed with a sponge dipped in dish soap.

Following the 30-minute soak, you can rinse the fiddle leaf fig with a hose to remove the remaining sap. Make sure to repeat this process until no brown residue is visible on your plant sponges when they are rubbed against any leaf surfaces on your fiddle leaf fig. If your fiddle leaf fig is in desperate need of deep cleaning, then you should consider removing it from your home.