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How to Clean Gua Sha

How to Clean Gua Sha

Gua Sha tools are becoming more popular, and more skincare fans are checking them out. These ancient Chinese medicine tools have found their way to beauty stores and vanities all over the globe. It is little tricky to learn how to better care for them. You can clean the Gua sha tool in your home by following few simple steps.

To clean your Gua sha, follow these easy instructions.

  • Pour some water into a bowl. Use lukewarm or room temperature water.
  • Dip the Gua Sha for a minute in water to release any oil or serum buildup on the surface.
  • Use your fingers, clean the Gua Sha with your regular face cleanser. Massage the cleaner into the nooks and surfaces well.
  • Use water, rinse the Gua Sha well until no soap remains.
  • Before putting the Gua Sha back in its box, let it dry on a towel.

Natural methods for cleaning a Gua sha

  • If you like to clean your Gua sha tool in a natural way, here’s how. Salt water is a natural cleaner that is effective in removing pollutants of any kind, whether they are energetic or physical. If you’re doing it at home, instead of using a cleaner, use a basin of lukewarm water with some salt. The salt water will give your tool a lovely clean.
  • To prevent germs from spreading onto your skin, we suggest wiping off the roller or Gua sha instrument with a soft microfiber cloth after and before each usage. You may also soak the cloth with soapy waterbefore cleaning the instruments for a more thorough clean.
  • You may either use another dry towel to dry the rollers and Gua sha or just let it air dry.

When you’re not using your beauty roller, what else should one do with it?

Your Gua sha and roller are crafted entirely of natural stones, and they are quite delicate. Take care not to drop them, since this might harm the stone. We suggest keeping your rollers and Gua sha in a dry place, much like the rest of your cosmetics. If you don’t already have a dedicated micro fridge, be sure to place it in a clean plastic bag. You may also include these beauty items on your excursions if you travel often. To preserve them, just wrap them in a clean, dry face towel or return them to the roller’s original packaging.

Gua sha has a lot of advantages

Gua sha has been utilized in TCM since the Ming Dynasty, and it is still widely used today. Pain relief, as well as increased circulation and energy flow, have all been reported by practitioners. While many Chinese studies have been published on the effectiveness of Gua sha, American researchers have only recently begun to publish their findings.

  • Gua sha should not be the first choice for long-standing wrinkles.
  •  Helps to drain the lymphatic system. Experts say Gua sha can reduce puffiness by removing fluid build-up.
  • Gua sha is recommended for people who have weakened immune systems

What exactly is a Gua sha and also how would you use it?

When conducting Gua sha, it’s important to follow the meridians, according to Chinese medicine. The Stomach meridian should be followed while doing Gua sha on the face.

Hold the tool flat on the face when you’ve found your meridian. Apply mild pressure to the Gua sha as you move it upwards from your brow. Then, in a “swoop” motion from the nose to the ear, transfer the tool to your cheeks. Finally, rotate the Gua sha such that the two curved parts face each other.

Scrape down your jawline from your chin to your ear, starting at the chin. Experts recommend doing these exercises for around 10 minutes to get the greatest effects. Another thing to keep in mind is to scrape in one direction: this will draw more blood and stimulate a particular location.

Following exercises are recommends to improve blood circulation in the back and shoulders:Follow the Urinary Bladder Meridian towards your spine if you’re focused on your back. Starting from the top of your spine, go down to the bottom to follow this meridian. Concentrate initially on one side of the spine, then the other.

Is soap safe to use on my Gua sha?

Spray isopropyl alcohol on your Gua Sha after it has dried to disinfect it and remove any product buildup. Return your Gua Sha to your beauty cabinet after it has dried.

Is my Gua Sha supposed to be cleaned?

It’s used to scrape the skin gently to improve lymphatic drainage and increase microcirculation. Cleaning your Gua Sha after each use is a simple procedure that is an important part of the treatment routine.

Is it okay if I use Gua sha that’s been broken?

Although Gua sha practitioners are not supposed to break or harm the skin during the treatment, it is still possible. It can happen depend on your skin condition, also broken skin can lead to infection, so you have to be careful. Therefore, it is very important for Gua sha practitioners to sterilize the tools when they are doing treatments.

Is it possible to become ill from Gua Sha?

Following a Guasha treatment, some people experience a temporary skin indentation. Gua sha therapy poses a risk of transmitting bloodborne illnesses if bleeding occurs, so technicians must disinfect their tools after each person.

Even If I’m not using my Gua sha, what else should I do about it?

We recommend keeping your rollers and Gua sha in a dry place, just like the rest of your cosmetics. They can be kept refrigerated with putting them in the refrigerator. Place that in a dry plastic bag if still don’t have a separate mini fridge.

Is it necessary to refrigerate Gua sha?

Do I need to keep my Gua Sha Tool and Facial Roller in the fridge? You don’t have to because they work fine at room temperature, but it’s highly recommended for that extra cooling effect to aid depuffing, Refrigerate the tools for at least one hour.