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How to Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter

How to Clean Lawn Mower Air Filter

The air filter of a lawnmower prevents dirt including grass clippings from entering its engine, where they may cause excessive wear on engine components and diminish power. On Briggs & Stratton engines, there are two types of air filtration system. The single-element system employs only a foam filter, but dual is using both a papers and a foam filter. All air filter systems should be maintained every 25 hours, according to Briggs & Stratton, and more often if you operate in dusty environments.

You Will Require

  • gloves for work
  • Garden hose, wash bucket, or sink
  • rags, cloths, and paper towels that have been thoroughly cleaned and dried


  • Filter should be replaced
  • 1–2 tbsp. motor oil for the foam filter
  • Dish soap in a liquid


  • The Mower Must Be Stopped

Turn off the lawnmower. Before handling, make sure all moving components have completely stopped and cooled.

  • The Spark Plug Must Be Removed

Before removing the air filter cover, make sure the spark plug is disconnected.

  • Take the Air Filter’s Shroud off.

Unplug or clips that hold the protecting shroud so over air filter of the lawn mower. The air filter on a lawn mower is normally found towards the top of the engine, wrapped in a made of metal shroud fastened with a screw or snap fittings.

  • Remove the air filter

To remove the loose debris from a paper filter, tap it lightly on a flat surface. Pull the filtration up to a strong light to inspect it. It’s better to upgrade the filter’s paper component if it’s blocking a large quantity of light; don’t attempt to clean it any further.

• Foam Filters should be cleaned on a daily basis

To properly clean the dirt out of the foam filter, wash it in a sink and bin or by a garden hose. Dish detergent may help remove grime and oil. Using paper towels, rags, or your hands, thoroughly rinse the soap foam and squeeze out any extra water.

  • The Foam Filter should be completely dry before you use it.

Dry the foam filter completely before applying the oil. Using towels or dry rags, gently squeeze the foam. After that, leave the foam to cure for an hour in the sun.

• Its Foam Filter must be lubricated on a regular basis.

Once the foam is almost dried, oil it. Massage the oil through the filter with your hands and directly on foam to ensure even distribution. You don’t want any extra oil spilling into the mower, so be careful.

  • The Air Filter Fitting should be cleaned

Wipe the air filter housing with such a dry towel before reinstalling an air filter. Solvents should never be used on the air filtration system since they might harm it. Also, avoid using pressurized air, since this may shove junk down the carburetor’s throat.

  • Replace the Air Purifier in its original location

Replace the air purifier in the socket. Make sure that there were no gaps and that it fits properly.

  • Shroud replacement

Replace the protective shroud, taking careful not to squeeze or harm the air filter element.

  • Reinstall the Spark Plug

Make sure the plug wire is connected before starting the mower.

Cleanse the Briggs and Stratton lawnmower’s air compressor

  • Look into the specifics of your kind.

Doing your research is the first step in cleaning an air filter. For further information on the individual sections, see internet resources and your user manuals. This will assist you in comprehending the model and constructing different components for the Briggs as well as Stratton lawnmower.

  •  Turn off the lawnmower

Once you’ve made your decision and are aware with the name and manufacturer of Watts & Decker motors, as well as the components that go with them, the next apparent step that many individuals overlook is to ensure the mowers are switched off and unplugged from the propulsion system.

  • Take the spark plugs out of the ignition system

Before beginning to clean the lawnmower, this step is conducted as a precaution. The spark plugs must be removed for further security. An engine’s injectors are a critical element that allows this to start. They’re normally found near the front of the machine. Once you’ve located the wires that are linked to the spark plugs, detach them.

  • Locate an air filter

After you’ve completed the safety procedures, look for the air filter. On a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower, the air filter is normally located towards the top of the engine, wrapped in a thin plastic housing held in place by screws. After unplugging the wing nut which secures the air filter housing, you may remove the air filters. Disconnect the housing and pull the filter out after that.

  • Cleaning the air filter

Foam air filters is often used as a pre-cleaner on Briggs as well as Stratton lawn mowers. Remove your filter and clean it carefully with heated air and dish soap until all oil is gone. Then, using a rinse motion, get rid with as much water.

  • Make that the appropriate equipment is present

By disassembling the casing and wiping the rubber gasket on the inside, you can disconnect the air filter. If the screws are rusted or broken, make sure you have a good amount of the correct size on hand.

  • Put all of the elements in

It’s critical to keep track of all parts and components you take out. So that the screws don’t go lost, keep them in a bowl. Use your phone to take pictures or videos of each screw as well as how the elements fit together and if necessary. This step will help you reassemble the machine in a tidy and orderly manner, avoiding frustration due to misplaced little screws or components.