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How to Clean Magnetic Lashes

How to Clean Magnetic Lashes

When it comes to makeup, lashes are a critical component. Going to the lash appointments feels like a gamble while the pandemic is still around. Although this is the case, it does not rule out the possibility of looking attractive with long, curled eyelashes that assist form your eyes and make you feel more confident. Using magnetic lashes, you may get luscious eyelashes in a matter of minutes. Whichever method you pick, cleaning your magnetic lashes properly is essential if you want to be able to wear them for the longest period of time.


Cleaning your lashes is straightforward, but extreme caution should be exercised whenever you are in contact with them. They are not intended to be abused in any way. In addition to withstanding ordinary wear and tear, as well as initial removal, the glue that keeps the lashes themselves together is also strong. When exposed to makeup remover or any other alcohol-based products, the adhesive will begin to degrade. Soaking them in cleaning solutions will cause the glue to disintegrate, resulting in damage to the lash extensions.

Standard clean

You may clean your magnetic lashes in a few simple minutes using the first approach we’ve provided for you.Tweezers, a cotton swab, cotton rounds, eye makeup remover, and 90 percent alcohol are all necessary tools.

Step 1: Remove your false lashes and set them aside

Prior to washing your magnetic lashes, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands! The magnetic lashes are protected from contamination since you are not able to transfer microorganisms. It is possible to get eye infections from handling your lashes with filthy hands.You can carefully remove your lashes from the eyeliner once your hands have been thoroughly washed.

2. Next, brush your lashes to ensure they are free of debris.

You should wipe your magnetic lashes clean of any eyeliner residue that may have remained once you’ve successfully removed them from your eyes. Keeping your lashes in good condition will help to lengthen their life expectancy.Using a cotton pad and an oil-free eye makeup remover, wipe away the remaining liner residue. It should be rubbed across your lashes. Using this method, you will be able to remove any residue from your lashes.

3. Apply makeup remover or micellar water on a cotton wipe, pad, or Q-tip

And gently rub it along the band of the lashes to remove any remaining makeup or residue. To remove the glue from the band, use a gently back and forth motion to remove it all at once. However, avoid using an oil-based cleanser because this might cause the lashes to become brittle. – When cleaning, avoid getting water on the real lash. If you do, it can cause the curl and shape to be damaged.

4. Allow the lashes to dry completely before storing them

By storing the lashes in their case, you can ensure that the lashes retain their beautiful curl and shape. Maintain their freshness by storing them in a cold, dry, and dark location until you’re ready to use them again.

How Frequently Should I Clean?

At the very least, we recommend cleaning after two uses.To be honest, it still appears to be in good repair. The dust and eyeliner, on the other hand, are present with each application. In the event that you apply mascara to your natural lashes, it is possible that it will transfer to your false lashes as well.

Important items to have:

To begin, you must first choose what you want to accomplish.

Take one of the little containers and put it in your backpack. Because glass is so easy to clean, I prefer to use it wherever possible. Anything that you have on hand would suffice. To avoid contamination, simply ensure that your container is free of foreign objects.

The second step is to determine your financial situation.

Fill the plate with your lashes. It is important to ensure that the lashes are not magnetically attached to one another. Wait 2-3 minutes after adding just enough rubbing alcohol to completely submerge the lashes in the dish. When used with mascara, rubbing alcohol aids in dissolving it, as well as disinfecting the brushes. Keep the lashes in the alcohol for no longer than necessary because, depending on the quality of the lashes, this may cause them to break down and shorten their lifespan.

The third step is to determine your financial situation.

Remove the lashes and massage the lashes with your fingertips to remove any excess mascara that has formed. If you want to avoid damaging them, you should take your time with this. After that, rinse them thoroughly in a separate dish filled with cold water. Moving on to a cloth or paper towel will help to absorb the excess liquid.

Fourth Step is brought out your micellar water and Q-tips

 In order to remove the remaining make-up off the lashes, moisten the Q-tip and gently smooth it out with the Q-tip. You should pat them dry once you have removed the mascara. If you want to make sure they dry completely, place them back in their case with the lid open and let them there overnight. While they are still in their case, turn your hair drier on low and gently blow dry them while they are still in their case if you intend to wear them straight away after cleaning them.

To clean the magnets, take a pair of tweezers and pinch the ends of the magnets together until clean. It is the flat edge that is formed as a result of this process that should be used to clean the magnetic components. The eyeliner should be gently scraped from the magnets using the flat edge of the tweezers if possible.