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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

In most cases, we ignore our makeup brushes, allowing powder and cream formulas to accumulate on the bristles for weeks at a time or applying more than one colour without cleaning in between. Many cosmetic artists say that brush cleaning is the most crucial step in getting beautiful makeup, so if it’s been a while since you’ve lathered up your own, it’s time to give them a good scrub down! Listed here is everything you need to know about.

Best way to clean my cosmetic brush

Now that you’ve armed yourself with the necessary knowledge and gear, here’s a step-by-step approach to cleaning your cosmetic brushes:

  • To begin, wet the bristles with water

Make sure the bristles are clean by rinsing them under running water If you get water on your brush, don’t let it sit there for too long because it can weaken the glue over time, resulting in shedding bristles and, finally, a damaged brush.

  • Wet your hands and gently rub in the soap

Using your chosen cleansers, put it to the hand but then slowly swirl the brush across the palm in slow circular movements, making sure to properly soak it. This phase can also be completed with the help of a brush cleaning mat.

  • Rinse well after each use

Using warm water, thoroughly rinse the brush to remove any soap or product left behind. Steps 1-2 should be repeated again and again Once again, make certain that the water does not come into contact with the handle of your brush.

  • Remove as much water as possible

Excess water should be released by gently pressing on the bristles with your fingertips.Keep your tugging light.

  • Allow it to dry completely before continuing

Place a brush and bristles flat on a cloth and leave them overnight.

Cleaning brushes in a step-by-step process

Here’s how to clean your brushes according to Ciucci’s step-by-step procedure.

  • Fill a glass or mug halfway with warm water after putting a dab of gentle shampoo in it.
  • To eliminate even more crud from your brushes, swish them around in the water and gently massage them.
  • After rinsing thoroughly with clean water, gently squeeze off the excess water.
  • Allow to dry on a level surface.
  • Cuicci’s favorite brush cleanser is Cinema Secrets, which he uses on a daily basis to keep his brushes in good condition. Beauty Blender Cleanser is recommended for thorough cleansing.
  • Fill a tiny cup halfway with the blue liquid and dip your brush into it to saturate it.
  • Using a paper towel, gently swirl the brush to absorb the cleanser, which will pick up all of the debris in the process.

Using a Pro’s Method for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

  • For starters, arrange your brushes in the order in which they’ll be cleaned, then set it up your washing station including soap, accessibility to hot water, a clean cloth, and a clean space to dry your brushes.
  • After that, moisten the bristles of your brush with warm water.” Make sure not to moisten the ferrule, since doing so could loosen or dissolve the glue that holds the bristles in place.
  • Wet the brush bristles with soap, then spin it in a circular motion on your palm or a brush glove, adding water as necessary. ” It is best to use your fingers to reach in between the brush hairs because dirt and oil can lurk in the middle.
  • Rinse the brushes well to remove all of the soap from them.” There is a possibility of having to repeat the process, but try using less soap the second or third time.”
  • In order to avoid pulling on the brush’s bristles, squeeze any extra water out of it with your hand or a towel and set it aside.
  • Then re-shape any brushes that may have become distorted during the cleaning process, and lay them flat to air dry in a clean, warm environment. Wipe down the ferrule and handle with 70 percent alcohol for additional sanitization. Another expert tip from Brenna D: “I dry my brushes on a bake cooling rack that has been cleaned to reduce drying time.” Wendi Miyake, a well-known celebrity makeup artist, taught me this trick.”

Cleaning Your Brushes in a Variety of Different Ways

Our preference is for variety when it comes to… well, anything. There are three reliable strategies to get your brushes sparkling clean when you don’t have time for a hands-on washing sesh.

  • Use a brush cleaning solution

According to Brenna D, “Choose a rapid ‘no water’ solution to clean your brushes.”

  • Use the cinema secrets solution

quick-dry brush cleaner solution has been a favorite of mine for the past 12 years. However, it is excellent for cleaning synthetic brushes between washing them and for providing fast sanitization when time or access to water is unavailable.

  • Use a soap

Using a soap that has moisturizing properties will moisturize your bristles and extend their overall life span,” Castro continues. We really appreciate JAPONESQUE Coconut Solid Brush Cleaner, which is a moisturizing solid soap.

  • Making your own brush cleanser is simple and effective

A one-to-one blend of dish soap and olive oil is a common homemade recipe. Grease and oil help break down accumulated product, while dish soap kills germs. “Cleaning your brushes once a week with a non-drying shampoo, baby shampoo, face wash, or mild dish soap is preferable to not cleaning them at all,” Brenna D advises when you’re in a jam.

Your best friend is dishwashing soap

Fill a tiny cup halfway with warm water and a few drops of Dawn and use it as a makeup remover in an emergency.” Toss it about a little more, and presto! Because dish soaps are designed to remove stubborn oils and grease, which are precisely the byproducts you’re seeking to remove when you clean your brushes, this isn’t a weird suggestion at all.