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How to Clean Opal Ice Maker

How to Clean Opal Ice Maker

You will have lots of fresh tasting ice if you keep the Opal ice machine and side tank accessories clean. The display ring all around circular button the front of the Opal ice maker can indicate when it’s time to wash the machine. It’s time to wipe the display ring when it’s completely yellow.

Follow the directions in the Instruction booklet if your Opal may not have a large circular button on the front.

Cleaning Before

  • Turn the Opal off and unplug it, then wait 60 minutes before cleaning it.
  • Remove the filter and replace the reservoir screen if you’re using one. If these two stages are not followed, water would not circulate throughout the cleaning process.
  • Take a pen and try to remove any hard mineral accumulation that may be caught just at top of the ice chute if there is a considerable buildup of minerals.
  • Although hard water residue isn’t always apparent, it obstructs ice creation.
  • Using the drain tubes, remove any excess water from the Opal.

Opal Cleansing

Weekly is suggested

  • Only potable water is required for the Opal. Some Opal owners choose to use distilled water solely. We recommend cleaning once a month if using just distilled water.
  • Connect the Opal to the power source and set the ‘Clean’ switch on the rear of the device. The display ring pulses and glows yellow.
  • Make a five-cup-water-to-one-teaspoon-bleach solution.
  • Cleaning the water reservoir with soap is not a good idea.
  •  Pour the mixture into the water container.
  •  Simply push the screen start button wiping. You’ll hear water circulating as the light begins to rotate.
  • The water will cease flowing after three minutes, as well as the light will resume pulsing.
  • Fill the Opal by unplugging the tops of the drain lines at the rear of the device and laying it down to pour into a bowl or pail when the light flashes.
  • Let the water to drain entirely by removing the plugs.
  • Reinstall the drain plugs when the water stops pouring.
  • Fresh water should be used three times.
  • Discharge tubes on the rear should be replaced.
  • Return the rear switch to ‘Ice’ mode when you’ve finished.


  1. Cleaning mode is selected by swiping the button on the rear panel.
  2. The ice bin should be removed. Fill a reservoir tank to the top fill line with water. Stir in one bottle of Opal Cleanser (or a 5-cup water & 1 teaspoon bleach solution). Opal does not advocate any use of other cleaning solution.The water reservoir tank should not be cleaned with soap.
  3. The cleaning cycle will begin when you press the LED button. For around 3 minutes, the pump will operate. Dip a cloth with in solution and clean the interior, ice bin, drip tray, and exterior of Opal while the machine is running. Within the nooks and crannies, a cotton swab can be used to clean.
  4. Immerse the sponge as in reservoir’s solution and place this on the ice slide after the pump had stopped working. The ice bin should be replaced. Allow with a minimum 18 hours of soak time for the ice chute as well as drip tray.

NOTE: I leave my unit plugged in to ensure that the solution circulates throughout the system.

  • Remove the ice bin then wipe off the interior walls with a sponge after 18 hours. Any persistent scale deposits will be dislodged using this method.
  • Opal, please drain! Fill Opal with clean water after reconnecting drain tubes. To remove any residual cleaning solution, take 3 cleaning cycles with new water each time.

NOTE: In order to drain out the solution, make sure you disconnect and reconnect the drainage tubes each time.

  • When you’ve completed all of the cleaning cycles. Drain it Opal then replace all of the tubes with new water before resetting the ice maker to ‘ICE MODE.’

Cleaning the Opal Ice Maker is a must

  • Unplug the cable from the socket and turn off the Opal nugget ice maker.
  • Remove the filter and restore the reservoir if you’re using it.
  • Check for a big accumulation of minerals and contaminants in the water.
  • Because it impacts ice production, try to drain it with a pen.
  • Take the water from drain tube at this point.
  • Clean the Opal ice maker on a weekly basis by following these procedures. It makes excellent nugget ice cubes.
  • Combine 5 glasses of water and add a tablespoon of chlorine bleach in a large mixing bowl.
  • Connect the cooler and turn the back switch to the “Clean” position.
  • Fill the water reservoir with the mixture
  • To begin the cleaning procedure, press the display button.
  • Wait three minutes for the water to cease circulating and the light to automatically pulse.
  • Drain the liquid by unplugging the drain tubes at the rear of the machine and laying it down.
  • Remove the waste stopper to completely clean the water.Replace the drain cap and fill the reservoir with 5-6 glasses of freshwater.
  • Rinse the Opal several minutes over clean water it after every wash.
  • Return to Ice mode by replacing the drainage tubes on the rear.
  • Beginning with the first 2 or 3 cycles, make nugget ice.

Mineral Deposits Must Be Removed

Even if your ice maker appears to be clean, it is not. Minerals & hard water residue were left on the Opal ice maker’s tubes and other components. It has an impact on both the ice quality and the rate of production.

  • To clean the ice maker, turn the button on the rear to “Cleaning.”
  • Fill the reservoir to the maximum fill level with vinegar
  • Set a vinegar-soaked cloth on the ice flow overnight after leaving the acid in the unit about 18 hours.
  • Wash the detectors using vinegar, then wash all clean using water.
  • Rinse it at least four times with fresh water.