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How to Clean PS4

How to Clean PS4

Even though this is a fairly simple procedure, you should exercise caution when disassembling and cleaning your PlayStation 4. Thankfully, the cleaning process does not necessitate much dismantling of the system.

Properly cleaning a PS4

If you missed out on the limited PS5 restocks, your PS4 will continue to serve you well. Dust will gather outside within the body while you play the best PS4 games, causing it to overheat. It’s time to clean the console if the fan is running at full power and the panel is warm to the touch.

  • Unplug everything from your PS4 and turn it off
  • Ensure that PlayStation 4 is switched off because you start cleaning it. If you ever see an orange light on top, it was in Rest Mode and you’ll have to turn it off altogether.
  • To access the Quick Menu, turn on your PS4 and pressing and holding the PlayStation key on your controller. Go to Settings > Power > PS4 Turn Off. Once all light has turned off, disconnect the power wire, HDMI cable, and anything else attached to your PS4.
  • Bring your PS4 to a location where you will have plenty of space to work. You should avoid accumulating static electricity, just as you would when building a PC.

Remove the battery and back labels

  • Turn the PS4 positive side so that the rear is facing you. You must remove three stickers from the “top”. You’ll only see one sticker and screw here in the middle if you have the slightly revised version of the original PS4.
  • When you remove the warranty sticker from the middle one, it causes damage to itself. The other two are a little thicker, so peeling them off may take a little more effort. While you’re removing them, take care not to scratch your system.
  • Disconnect the PS4’s protective cover

• Once the screws holding the lid in place have been loosened, you can snap it off. Start by gently tugging up on the back’s edges. With a tug, remove it.

You can now look over the covering you just took off and clear any dust that has accumulated within. Use a cotton swab to dab any residual material out with the compressed air at this point. Put the cover aside for now after cleaning it.

  • Disconnect the power cord

You’re getting close to completing the task. Now all you have to do is take out the power supply unit to gain access to the heat sink and clean it thoroughly. The power supply is secured by five screws. Three of them will be secured with TR9 security screws, while another two are Phillips’s head screws.

  • The 2 Phillips headed screws will be in the corner of the systems, to far left and far left of a PSU, with PSU on the one closest to both of you and the fans in the upper-right corner, with PSU on the one closest about you and the fans in the upper-left corner. Remove the remaining three screws using your TR9 screwdriver.You may have to slide a knife or perhaps another thin instrument underneath the clamps to hold them up because Phillips’s fasteners are longer and so harder to analyze than the others.
  • Remove the power supply now. Grab both sides of the PSU and lift it evenly. It might take some wriggling to get it loose.Once it’s lifted, gently “flip” it over to the left side, making sure it’s securely plugged in.
  • Clear Your PS4 of Dust

Finally, the heat sink and fan of the PS4 are accessible. Now we’ll show you how to clean the fan on your PS4 and remove dust from the system.

  • Take your compressed air can and, if it has a straw, insert it for more focused cleaning. If there’s any liquid in the PS4’s tip, spray a few blasts of air away from it first.
  • To clear your PS4 of dust, blow brief burst of air around it. Check for hidden dust in the corners, and blow it out instead of allowing it to get deeper into the system. Use cotton swabs or cotton balls to remove any dust that the air won’t reach.
  • This is not a smart option to spray air compressor into the fan. The circuitry on the PS4 could be damaged if the fan is spun at high speeds. Before blowing air near the fan, make absolutely sure you’re both holding it with a finger or blocking this with a cotton swab.
  • Compressed air should only be used in well-ventilated spaces. Canned air is irritating to the skin and other body parts, and inhaling it for an extended period of time is dangerous.
  • Put your PlayStation 4 back together
  • To begin, carefully “flip” the power supply and replace it in its original location. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll notice two prongs; make sure they align with the gap in the PSU.
  • Replace the PSU’s five screws.

Best important to purge a PS4

  1. Disconnect all cords and cables from the console before turning it off.
  2.  Use compressed air to blow dust off the unit and a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the outside.
  3. Remove the screws with your T9 screwdriver after peeling off the stickers on the back.
  4. Remove the case and use short bursts of compressed air to blow dust out of the exposed interior. Keeping the can upright is essential.
  5.  Remove the T9 and Phillips screws that are holding the power supply in place, then gently lift it out and set it aside, being careful not to disconnect the power supply cable.
  6.  Place the cotton swab between the blades of the fan to immobilize it, then direct compressed air through and away from the fan in short bursts.
  7.  Return to gaming after replacing the power unit and its screws, as well as the case and its screws.