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How to Clean Record Needle

How to Clean Record Needle

Music listeners are getting a lot more use out of their vinyl collections now that vinyl is making a resurgence in the music industry. This extensive use, on the other hand, results in the accumulation of dirt and dust on records that are left exposed outside of their protective casings.

When a turntable does not have a needle, also known as a stylus, it is impossible to play music from it (typically a diamond or sapphire). Even the most recent pieces of hardware, such as turntables and vinyl players, require some TLC, as any turntable owner or vinyl enthusiast will attest. It is necessary to maintain them, in other words, as a result, the record stylus will not clean itself on its own.

Cleanliness of the Needle

  • To make a simple solution, use a stylus cleaning brush or an extra-soft paintbrush

Rotate it in one way, to front side, in much the same position even as record is played. You don’t want to damage or bend the needle, so go slowly and carefully through it. Cleaning the tip only requires a couple of passes with the brush across it.

  • In any store that sells record players, you can pick up a stylus cleaning brush
  • Alternatively, you can purchase one from a website such as Amazon or Ebay. For cleaning needle heads, these are precisely the right size.
  • Try using a small, soft paintbrush instead of a stylus if you can’t find one.
  • Pull out debris from the needle tip with the help of a piece of melamine eraser.
  • You only need a small section of the eraser for your needle, so cut off a section that’s about 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches thick and set it aside. The arm should be held in place with one hand, and then the eraser should be pushed lightly into the tip of the stylus before being pulled away.
  • To avoid damaging your stylus, place the eraser on the top of the turntable, just below the needle, if it is particularly vulnerable.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure until the surface is completely cleaned of debris.
  • A stylus cleaning gel is being used to cleanse the needle expeditiously
  • A plasticized gel is used to make these cleaners, and it is designed to collect dust from the needle. Underneath the needle tip, slide the gel container into place. Gently press the stylus tip into the gel with your thumb.
  • Online or in stores that sell record players, you can find these kinds of cleaners.
  • To clean a needle that has become particularly grimy, use a liquid stylus cleaning solution

Several stylus cleaners are packaged in a bottle that resembles a nail polish container. If you want to use these, pull out the applicator from inside the bottle and wipe away any excess cleaner that has accumulated on its inside surface. The applicator should be moved across the tip of the needle in a clockwise direction, moving from back to front.Continue to do this until the tip appears to be clean.

  • For a quick and easy deep clean, try rubbing alcohol

In order to apply it, you will require a brush. Keep the pressure on the needle low to avoid bending it.

Instructions on how to clean the needle on your turntable, step by step

The cleaning procedures to be followed will vary depending on the type of cleaning device being used.

Using a Magic Eraser

After purchasing your eraser from a supermarket, store it in a cool, dry place to ensure that it remains completely dry throughout the year. To use the part, you must first cut it into small pieces that measure 2x3cm each. Next, place the cleaning pad on the stylus and lower the tonearm so that it rests directly on the pad. Ideally, this should be done until there is no more dirt to be detected.

Manufacturers frequently recommend using a Stylus Brush as a method of cleaning

 To avoid a situation in which the cantilever and the needle become glued, it is recommended that the brush be used with caution if a specialized liquid is provided.

Keeping a record player’s needle in good working order

  • Keep in mind that if you’re constantly working on your record player, you should clean the needle at least once a week.
  • Using the compressor, gently blow the turntable’s components on a regular basis to allow the dust that has accumulated to be released.
  • Both dry and liquid cleaning are considered superior by experts. Grease and grime should be removed with regular dry cleaning and only occasionally with liquid cleaning.
  • You should avoid attempting to make a needle cleaning solution on your own because you will almost certainly end up leaving deposits of the solution on your needle.

A word of caution about regular maintenance

It’s actually quite similar to taking good care of your record player’s stylus in terms of how it should be maintained. In order to determine whether or not you are familiar with all of the following tips, let’s go over them together now.

  • If there isn’t a cover available for you, look for a soft cloth to use to keep the turntable and needle covered.
  • Never directly brush the needle with your fingers because you may leave finger acids and oils on the surface, which will shorten the needle’s life span.
  • Only the cleaning tools that have been recommended should be used. It is not recommended to clean your needle with detergent or a toothbrush, especially when it is a high-end model.


All for today. After each listening session, gently clean your stylus with a tissue. You can keep your phonograph in good condition while also enjoying your experiences if you follow our simple instructions on how to clean a record needle.