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How to Clean Roomba Filter

How to Clean Roomba Filter

The filter and the dustbin are located on different shelves. Dirt and dust are more likely to accumulate on the filter than they are on the dustbin. As a result, it will no longer pick up any more debris from your home’s flooring.Cleanup of the Roomba filter is a simple task, which is good news.

The 9-step process for cleaning a Roomba filter

  • To begin, click on the bin release tab button on the bin release tab button

All of the Roomba’s filters are contained within the dustbin itself.As a result, you must first remove the dustbin from the unit before you can clean the filter.You must locate the bin release tab first before you can proceed. The icon for the bin () can be found on the back of your Roomba.


  • This is where the bin release tab can be found depending on which Roomba series you are using:For the s series, the middle-top surface of the Roomba unit is where the sensor is located on the unit.
  • When using the e, I and j series, the battery is located on the side surface of the Roomba unit’s back surface.
  • Remove the dustbin from the unit

Pulling the Roomba dustbin out of the unit should be your next task.Following is the procedure for removing the Roomba dustbin, which varies depending on the series you’re working with:

  • The s series is created by pulling the s series up.
  • In the case of the e, I and j series, this is accomplished by pulling the ring to the left.
  • Using a side-to-side motion, you can remove the 600, 700, 800, and 900 series from the wall.
  • Open the dustbin or filter door, depending on your preference

For this step, pay close attention to the instructions to ensure that you understand which step is relevant to you.In some cases, filters are housed within the trash can. Some are only placed on the sides, while others are centered.Filter placement on the right-hand side of the dustbin for the e, I and j series of machines.

  • There are filters in each of the Roomba Series S vacuums: the 600, 700, 800, and 900.
  • Using their Roomba filters is as simple as following these steps.
  • If you have a 600 or 700 series, open the dustbin door on the right side of the unit.
  • removing the filter from the trash can

A variety of sizes and shapes are available for Roomba filters according to the series

  • In the case of the s, 800, and 900 series filters, rectangular blocks are used to construct the filter housing. Although smaller in size but more substantial in construction, the e, I and j series filters are still rectangular in shape.
  • The 700 series filters are also available in small rectangular blocks, but they are sold in sets of two rather than the usual four. This item is attached to the inner-tops of the dustbins on the left and right sides, respectively.
  • A nearly half-circle shape is achieved with the 600 series filters. In the innermost portion of the dustbin, this attachment is made
  • Here’s how to remove the filter from your Roomba, depending on which model you have
  • Take hold of the yellow tab and pull it upwards for the 800 and 900 series.
  • Remove dirt and dust from the surface of the surface

Remove any dust and dirt that has accumulated on the filter by emptying it into a trash can. It is important to note that filters are not intended to be washed or to come into contact with any type of fluid. To avoid damaging your Roomba filters, never attempt to clean them with a damp cloth.

 Its ability to filter out contaminants is being diminished.

  • Use warm water to wash the trash can

The following is a purely arbitrary note: Furthermore, not all Roomba dustbins are machine-washable, as is the case with some. Make sure to read and understand your user manual before starting any new projects.

  • The e, I j, and s series are among the Roomba models that have washable dustbins.
  • It is possible to wash a washable dustbin to remove any excess dirt that has accumulated on it. The inner corners and lids, in particular, should be treated with caution.
  • Only warm water should be used.
  • Allow it to air-dry. A hand blower should not be used.
  • The filter should be removed and set aside.
  • To get to the inner corners, open all of the lids.
  • Replace the filter in the garbage can

The filter should be reinserted into its proper location once it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Here’s how to re-insert the filter into your Roomba, depending on which series you have.

  • If you’re working with an 800 or 900 series filter, simply grab the top of the filter and slide it back into its compartment.
  • s series: remove the filter from its compartment by grabbing it by its middle tab and putting it back in its compartment.
  • In the event that you hear a “click,” this indicates that the filter has been installed properly and properly.
  • A dustbin and filter openings must be locked

You won’t have to close anything for the e, I and j series. This is due to the fact that its filter is only attached to the dustbin’s right side.

  • Close the filter door by pushing it downwards on the s, 800, and 900 series.
  • In order to ensure that the dustbin or filter door is properly closed, you should hear a “click.”
  • Place the dustbin back in the Roomba unit’s storage compartment

Finally, attach the dustbin to the Roomba compartment with a rubber band. Place the dustbin in the empty compartment located on the side surface of the back of the Roomba unit for models e, I j, 600, 700, 800, and 900 series.