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How to Clean Skateboard Grip Tape

How to Clean Skateboard Griptape

Cleaning not only makes your grip tape stickier, giving you increased traction, but it also gives your board a cleaner look. When you’re trying out a new move, you don’t want to be gazing down at your muddy grip. Grip gum, a bristle brush, are the ways to clean your grip tape. Each case is unique.

Grip Tape Gum      

Cleaning grip tape using grip gum is the most common and simple method. Dust, small grime, and even gum are best removed using grip gum. To remove dirt from your grip tape, just rub the grip gum along the dirty spots.

Brush & Water

This brush approach takes a little more muscle and is perfect for removing crusty muck. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • A gentle brass brush OR a firm bristled toothbrush
  • Water in a little bottle
  • Tissue paper

To begin, wet the brush’s bristles. You just want to moisten the surface of your grip, not saturate your board, so don’t go too crazy with the water. Wipe away the debris with the paper towel after gently rubbing the filthy area with the brush. When the surface is totally dry, spread grip gum over it to remove any remaining particles.

Cleaning Grip tape Without Grip Gum

However, you’ll need some water, and water isn’t good for your griptape or the deck of your skateboard. A little water will go a long way toward restoring the lustre of your skateboard’s grip.

1. Remove any extra dirt from the deck using a brush

Remove some of the additional filth from your skate deck before beginning with the water. Brush very softly over the top of the griptape while brushing. You’re just loosening and brushing away compacted dirt. Scrubing with the brush, particularly if it’s a wire brush, is not a good idea.

2. Wet the brush

To clean your skateboard griptape, make sure your brush is just damp. A little quantity of water will have little effect. There’ll be a lot of it.

3. Using the damp brush, clean a filthy place

Scrub the dirt up with a soft brush until it comes up. To prevent harming the surface, don’t scrape too hard.

4. Using a cloth, wipe the water away from the board

If you rub the towel against the griptape, it will get clogged with towel fuzz. To remove the water, just pat it down.

5. Repeat the process with the next filthy place on the board

Cleaning griptape should be done one location at a time, with each patch drying in between. Water should not be left on your grip tape.

6. Go through the deck one last time

Only do this if your skateboard’s appearance is important to you. Dip your brush in water, flick off the excess, and then brush your whole board after you’ve gotten all the nasty areas off of your griptape. If you don’t do this, your griptape will have some really clean patches that will make the rest seem dingy. Making a last run over the deck will ensure that your griptape is clean all the way around. If you don’t care about the appearance of your board and simply worry about how it skates, you may skip this stage and save yourself some water. Your skateboard’s performance will not be harmed by a little surface debris. Your traction should be OK as long as you remove the caked-on dirt from the grip.

7. Dry your skateboard

Allow your skateboard to dry by placing it upside down on a rack or between two items (such as chairs). When you turn the board upside down, the water will flow away from the glue rather than sinking deeper into it.

8. Be content

Using extra water or soap won’t help your griptape or board if the dirt won’t come out after you’ve cleaned it with a little water.

  • Remove debris from your skateboard’s grip tape as soon as it appears to prevent having to undertake a comprehensive clean.
  • Keep grip gum on available, and when you return home with a filthy deck, use it to remove the traces as soon as possible.
  • You may prevent the problems that come with a filthy skateboard deck by keeping your skateboard grip clean.

How do I clean my grip tape?

Fill a measuring cup halfway with window cleaning or water. Scrub the grip tape with your soft wire brush (from the previous step). Begin at one end of the board and work your way to the other, brushing in tiny pieces to ensure that all the dirt is removed.

Is your grip tape damaged by water?

Grip tape provides excellent grip on the board, even when wet. However, continuous wetting and drying of grip tape might cause it to lose adherence over time. Skateboard trucks can survive water for a while, but if they get wet too often, they can rust.

Is it necessary to use grip tape on a skateboard?

Grasping the Deck of a Skateboard. Grip tape is an important aspect of any skate setup since it gives you the grip you need to keep your foot on the board, particularly while executing tricks. Some boards come with pre-installed grips, while others do not.

When it comes to skateboard grip tape, how frequently should you change it?

Because grip tape is a one-time-use component, you’ll need fresh grip tape everytime you purchase a new deck or notice your grip slipping. When to change grip tape is entirely dependent on your own taste for traction and texture. Griptape is included with skateboards. Griptape is included with skateboards. If you purchase a complete skateboard (one that has been completely built and is ready to ride), it must come with griptape already applied. You can’t construct a skateboard until the griptape has been applied to the deck. If you did, you’d hide the bolt heads.

Is it possible to Regrip a Skateboard?

Heat the grip tape on your board’s tail or nose using a hair dryer. Carefully work the blade along the board’s edge, reheating as required with the hair dryer.