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How to Clean Skateboard Wheels

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels

This is what you will need, before you can return that brilliant and product look to your skateboard wheels, there’s a few items you need to do in before so that the clean-up process will go well.

Your skateboard

Cleansing and repair of skateboard wheels must be done routinely. However, depending on your usage and the environment wherein you ride your skateboards, you should follow these steps as necessary.Once each two to three months, it is suggested that you clean your skateboard wheels. For those that skate on a routine basis, it’s better to clean your wheels once a month rather than every two weeks.

A place to do work

Prepare a space that is large enough to accommodate your skateboard wheels as well as your cleaning supplies and equipment. The surface could be anything from a table to a counter or even your floor. You’ll be able to make more space for your tools if you define a work area. In addition, you would be able to view the items you require more quickly.


When it comes to removing stains from any surfaces, this is one of the most effective cleaners accessible. The fact that water is readily available almost everywhere, apart from becoming an excellent cleaning agent, is a bonus.If it becomes necessary to moisten the whole wheel’s surface, you must have a huge quantity of water on available. Spend more time rinsing the wheels after you have brushed them or used other cleaning products.

Detachable wheel nut wrench

Your skateboard’s wheels can’t be removed with your bare hands since they’re too big. If you don’t, you’ll end up causing it harm. Remove your skateboard’s wheels with same hand tool that you used to put them on in the first place. Anything will do as long as it fits the size of the gears on the wheel, which may be a combined wrench or pliers.Remember that if you wish to remove the wheels’ bearings and clean them, you’ll need a special piece of equipment for this job.

A brush

You’ll need a brush available because water and soap alone won’t be to erase spots from your wheels if you don’t rub them with your hands.No specific brush is recommended for use on skateboard wheels, and you must use whatever you feel comfortable with. However, a wire brush is favored by the most of skateboarders, even though others are happy with a plastic brush and whatever is available.

Soap and alcohol in liquid form

There is no specific soap intended for washing skateboard wheels on the market today. The majority of skateboarders use a dishwashing soap from home that has been diluted in water in a proportionate amount. The majority of the stains that appear on your skateboard’s wheels are caused by road dirt or, in some cases, grease from the road. In order to avoid damaging your wheels, it is not essential to use toxic materials such as acid-based cleaning solutions.Most skateboarders utilize solutions of ethanol alcohol or acetone to clean their bearings.

A towel

After a while, it might cause rusting and make the wheels rotate jerkily and unevenly. The surface must be thoroughly wiped of any water.Using a paper towel instead of a cloth towel in confined quarters where a cloth towel cannot reach is a better option. Select a towel that does not shed fibers as well as possible.

Cleaning of Skateboard Wheels

When riding your skateboard, would you ever get worried about the appearance of your skateboard wheels? Cleaning and polishing your skateboards are essential for keeping them looking sharp. Cleaning skateboard wheels can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Disconnect the wheels from the vehicle

Allowing for the chance that your working area including all the necessary equipment are complete, to begin, use your combination wrench and begin loosening either the nut or the wheel on which you are working. Maintain a single spot for the wheels in addition to making reinstallation easier when you’re done with it.

Take the bearings off the axis of rotation

Although if your wheel’s bearings aren’t in contact with the ground, they may nevertheless acquire dirt and debris. Make use of any tool to work, such as a crowbar, to extract the wheel bearing. You should try visiting your area skateboarding shop if you wouldn’t have the tools needed to remove the bearings. Please keep the wheel bearings in one position so that they may be accessed at any time during the year.

Apply a coat of wax to the tyres

Soak your skateboard’s wheels in a tub filled with water and a soap mixture. In order to weaken the dirt on all surfaces of the wheels, it is necessary to totally submerge them in the water. Allow approximately 10-20 minutes of soaking time for your wheels to guarantee that the soap and water solution has penetrated completely into the dirt-surface area of your tyres.

Ensure that the bearings are clean

It is possible that some people will skip this procedure, but why deprive yourself of a fresh set of bearings? After you’ve removed the shields from each one, immerse them in a cup of isopropyl alcohol. In a clockwise direction, gently lift the container for 1 minute. Each bearing should be brushed smoothly to eliminate any dirt that may have accumulated inside of it before use. To remove the remaining liquid, rinse them over running water and wipe them on a towel. Along with the wheels, let them to dry.

Wheels should be rinsed

Always massage all of its surfaces with your hand to see if any soap remains on any of its surfaces. Place a second towel over the wheels to dry them. For the wheels not becoming brittle, they must not be exposed to direct sun.