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How to Clean Ugg Slippers

How to Clean Ugg Slippers

Possibly the warmest and most comfortable footwear on the face of the earth, UGG slippers are made of lambskin. However, have you ever pondered, “How do I wash UGG slippers?”? Their soft sheepskin texture provides a virtual friendly hug for your foot, but it also makes them a bit of a hassle to keep clean and smelling fresh.

Various styles for men, women, and children are available, and they all have the company’s unique sheepskin fabric. These slippers cannot be washed in the washing machine because of the nature of the material used to make them. You should take extra precautions with them.

Cleaning on a regular schedule

  • When cleaning, a cotton cloth should always be used

It’s easy to keep your Ugg slippers clean by using a microfiber cloth every now and then. The microfiber cloth can be used to clean the slippers by rubbing it across the surface of the shoes.Be careful not to press too hard or you will damage the suede or sheepskin material. It is recommended that you do this once every two weeks, depending on how often you wear your Ugg slippers.

  • Slippers should be brushed

Gentle brushing of the Ugg slippers with a suede brush is recommended once or twice a week. Brushing your slippers on a regular basis will aid in the removal of any existing dust and filth, as well as preventing them from becoming dirtier as time goes on,

Use a gentle stroke motion to smooth out any rough spots in the suede. Always make a conscious effort to move in a consistent direction throughout the process to prevent creating abnormalities in the cloth

  • Cleaning spray should be used

Using a sponge, apply a tiny amount of cleaning solution. It is possible to purchase a product directly from UGG – such as the UGG Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner – or to use another product that is suitable for suede or sheepskin material instead. Remove dirt or other residue from the slippers by gently dabbing the sponge across the surface of the shoes.

Remember to remove your slippers from your feet and left to dry thoroughly when putting them back on. Let the product air dry for at least 24 hours before using it in a cold, dry place away from light before you use it.

Make sure the boots are in an area with good ventilation

Hold the bottle six inches away from the boot and spray evenly, making sure to damp the boot but not completely soaking it in each application.Once the boot has dried, use the soft side of a suede brush to lightly brush the nap in a single direction only to return the boot to its original appearance.

Sheepskin is fragile, just like any other luxury clothing, and not all stains can be avoided or removed from the material. We cannot guarantee that appropriate care and cleaning will extend the life of your footwear, nor that it will completely remove all stains or prevent new stains from developing.

Care and cleaning for Ugg scooters

Looking for instructions on how to use your UGG Cleaning Kit? With our UGG Care & Cleaning Kit, you can provide your ultra-soft UGG boots with a thorough cleaning service at home.

Ugg protector: how to use

With UGG Protector, you can ensure that your favorite UGG products always look their best! It does this by generating an invisible, permeable layer on the surface of your shoes that keeps marks on the surface and is easily removed with a damp cloth.

  1. Using a fresh, dried sheepskin and suede in the well environment after properly shaking the product is recommended. Using a fresh, dry wool or leather in a very well location, shake the product thoroughly before using. Ensure that the bottle is at least 6 inches away from the surface. The surface should be moist but not soaked when you spray it evenly.
  2. Wait for air drying in a quiet, well-ventilated environment for at least 24 hours before continuing.
  3.  Once the boots, slippers, and slides have dried, lightly brush them in a single direction with a suede brush to return them to like-new condition.

What’s in the UGG Care Kit?

  • Protector
  • Remover of stains and conditioner
  • Revitalization of Shoes
  • A brush with a bamboo handle
  • Scuff remover made of suede

A lot of things are being offered for a reasonable price. Even the packaging is attractive, with a small box for each piece. The slipper brush is simple to keep and can be quickly retrieved when your slippers require a little attention.

Having shoe fresheners on hand is also a wonderful idea in case your slippers or boots aren’t smelling so great and you want to throw them in the wash to help freshen things up a little bit more.We can now go over the procedure of cleaning your slippers now that you have all of your supplies.

The procedure for cleaning UGG footwear is not difficult to follow.It will take no time at all if you have your specific products on hand.

  • Slippers should be moistened with cold water before wearing.
  • Use a moist sponge to apply a tiny amount of Cleaner & Conditioner.
  • Wash the slipper from top to bottom with a gentle wash. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously since sheepskin has a fragile surface that might be destroyed if you clean too vigorously.
  • Using cold water, thoroughly rinse the product out of the container.
  • Allow your footwear to air dry completely before wearing again. You should avoid drying your clothes in direct sunshine or high temperatures. For some styles, you can stuff the toes with a balled-up newspaper, which can help them hold their form longer.
  • The soft side of the suede brush should be used to delicately brush your slippers once they have dried completely. Remember to only move in one direction at any given time.