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Why Are My Nails Clear

Why Are My Nails Clear

The ideal hydration level for your nails is 18%. Your nails will become translucent if they are overly moisturized. If you soak your nails in more water than they require, they will become transparent, making them incredibly flexible as well as easy to break. To avoid this, always wear gloves when engaging in any water-related activity. Manicures and proper nail care will keep your nails strong and healthy.Your nails might reveal a lot about how healthy you are right now. It appears that you may tell what difficulties or deficits you have by looking at the state of your nails.

Clear nails have a good reason

Water can make you nails appear translucent if you are in constant contact with it. If you’re a swimmer or work in a job that allows you to be in and out of the water on a regular basis, this includes how often you wash your face during the day.The nail plate contains small channels that allow it to absorb significant amounts of water with ease.

A good nail plate could hold up than 1/3 of own weight in liquid. Water can move between both the keratin cells through the tissue called if it is kept in the water all of the timeYou’ve probably noticed how your skin becomes prune when small wrinkles appear on your fingertips. When you spend a long time in water, your skin reacts in the same way, and your nails follow suit.

Your nails will become excessively fragile, flexible, and prone to tearing. It’s because the nails have taken in too much water and are now transparent.Water makes up around 18% of healthy nails, therefore too much might cause your nails to deteriorate. Human nails are composed of keratin layers that will deteriorate if exposed to too much water.

Nail plate in good health

If you’ve a visible pink spot where your nail begins to develop, your nails are intended to be healthy. This keeps your nails healthy by providing continuous feeding and a continual oil flow and moisture.

There is a visible lunula if you do see a half-white moon where the nail grows. Although not everyone can see a lunula, the majority of people can. This indicates that your nails are in good shape.Keratin cells die as soon as they pass through the lunula. They begin to dry out and lose their opacity, eventually becoming translucentthe colour of a nail that has grown past your fingertip is determined by how much inner cell material remains inside the nail plate cell as it grows forward.


Use a preventive and moisturizing lotion during the day and glycolic acid creams at night to battle the effects of water on your nails.


When performing chores, its recommended wearing cotton gloves and limiting any contact to soaps and detergents.

Hands that are free of moisture

According to the Mayo Clinic, after showering or washing your hands, you should fully dry them and use rubber gloves if you will be in soap and water for an extended period of time.

Removers of Nail Polish

Polish removers are highly drying on your nails, as I’m sure I’m stating the obvious.You have to adore removers if you like polish. However, the vast majority of you are unaware of this.

Acetone is something that you’re afraid of.Because somebody in non-acetone industry used to have a fantastic public relations team that fooled us into believing that non-acetone was less drying.

We were duped

Acetone and non-acetone components (ethyl acetate and methyl ethyl ketone) are solvents, not alcohols. A solvent is required for the application of nail polish.Acetone also dissolves things more quickly.Because it is LESS drying, you require a substance that dissolves lacquer quickly.


Become a glove enthusiast. I know a lot of you despise them, but you have “chosen” to despise them for various reasons. You must “decide” to love gloves if you really want healthy and attractive nails.

When doing dry housework, put on cotton gloves.With as much moist housekeeping as possible, such as dishes, laundry, and heavy cleaning, utilize dish gloves. Reduce your soap and detergent exposure. A decent quality jojoba-based oil paired with a pair of nitrile and latex gloves is the ideal solution to protect the nails as well as skin from water as well as other contaminants while also providing them a delightful mini-hydration treat!

When Should You See a Physician?

NOTE: Although I doubt this has any medical importance, there are 3 minerals which should be examined to ensure you are not lacking in them.

  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

These are detected on blood tests, but they aren’t done on a regular basis, so you’ll have to ask your doctor to check for them. Nail discoloration, brittleness, and white patches can occur if certain nutrients are deficient. Add fresh fruits and veggies in your diet in order to get those missing nutrients in your body.

Tips with a sheen

Translucent or mostly white with patches or bands of permeability is what your nail tips should seem like. This is an indication of hydrated nails, which means you’re taking care of them.

Keratin layers are present in your nails. The average person’s fingernails have -50 layers of keratin while their toenails have 100.Your nails could appear white or translucent, depending on the layers. One method of caring for your nails is to massage them with nail oil.

After that,

Clear fingernails are advantageous for numerous reasons. They will most likely reassure you by stating that nothing is wrong. Nails are indeed a part of the body and should be treated as part of body not as wastage. For different people, the healthy nails they desire may appear differently. The half-moon on the nail bed that some people have is a sign of healthy nails. Clear nails may appear normal in some people, but for others, they suggest dehydration. Keratin nails require adequate water to avoid becoming translucent.