What Exit is Forked River Nj On Garden State Parkway

If you are ever going to be making a trip over to Forked River, New Jersey and have decided that you might want to make a pit stop in the area, then you’ll probably be interested in knowing what exit number you should take along the Garden State Parkway and if there is an easy way to get there. I’ve written an article that breaks it all down for those who are curious about this. If you are wondering how to find the right exit on your next trip, keep reading.

What exit is Forked River on the Garden State Parkway?

Forked River is located in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. The population was 1,872 at the 2010 Census. Forked River GSP exit number is 74.

Forked River is a community within Lacey Township. The township was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 23, 1871, from portions of Dover Township (now Toms River Township). Portions of the township were taken to form Barnegat Township (March 31, 1846), Ocean Township (February 20, 1849) and Lanoka Harbor (April 27, 1926).

Forked River is located at 39°52′23″N 74°13′2″W / 39.87306°N 74.21722°W / 39.87306; -74.21722 (39.873069, -74.217077).

Ocean County Residents have a lot of Options when it comes to the Shore

Long Beach Island’s 18 miles of beaches are just a short drive from most Ocean County towns. Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 63, bear right onto Route 72 East, and you’re there. Once on Long Beach Island, you’ll find it easy to navigate between the beaches, from the northernmost beach in Barnegat Light to the southern tip at Beach Haven.

The state park system has several beaches in Ocean County. Island Beach State Park is located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, while Allaire State Park is located in Wall Township. Both are within a 30-minute drive of most Ocean County towns.

In Ocean County, residents have plenty of access to a variety of water sports. The Pine Barrens’ Wading River and forks of the Batsto River are good launching points for kayaking trips into the wilderness, while Point Pleasant’s Manasquan Inlet provides access to some good surfing conditions at its mouth.

Those looking for more challenging watersports should consider a trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, which offers white water rafting on the Delaware River along with opportunities for canoeing and kayaking for less experienced paddlers.

New Jersey has been called the “land of exits” because the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike are two of the busiest highways in the United States.

The Garden State Parkway is a 172.4-mile highway that runs from the New York border in the north to Cape May in the south. The parkway has exits numbered from 1 to 163, but there is no exit number 61.

The exit numbers on the Garden State Parkway are non-sequential, meaning that they do not increase in numerical order as you travel the length of the highway. In fact, there are several missing exit numbers along the parkway, including exits 61, 69 and 81.

The reason for this strange numbering system is due to a change made by the New Jersey Department of Transportation in 1980, when it decided to renumber all of its highways. The new exit numbers were based on mile markers instead of sequential numbering.

You can find Forked River at mile marker 71 on the parkway (Exit 74).

The Garden State Parkway is America’s fourth busiest highway with an average annual traffic volume of 200 million vehicles.

The Garden State Parkway is America’s fourth busiest highway with an average annual traffic volume of 200 million vehicles. It runs along most of the New Jersey coastline, from the junction with I-80 in the north down to I-295 and the Atlantic City Expressway.

The parkway is divided into three distinct sections: northbound, central and southbound. Each section has its own unique characteristics. In particular, the northernmost section is known for its high speed limits and scenic scenery.

The parkway has two major exits: Forked River Exit (mile marker 12) and Toms River Exit (mile marker 14). Both are located near popular tourist attractions such as Six Flags Great Adventure theme park and Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk.

The average speed limit is 65 miles-per-hour (mph), except for a 55 mph zone between mile posts 63.00 and 67.00 southbound in Bergen County, where construction has decreased the number of lanes available in that area

The Garden State Parkway (GSP) is a limited-access toll parkway that stretches the length of New Jersey from the New York line near Montvale to Cape May at the state’s southernmost tip. Its name refers to New Jersey’s nickname, the “Garden State”. The Parkway has been designated an All-American Road by the United States Department of Transportation.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority, which maintains the road and collects tolls, calls it simply “the Parkway”. South of exit 98, “the Parkway” is co-designated as I-195 and US 9; north of exit 98, US 9 becomes concurrent with I-95.

The parkway was designed to be a natural extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in order to provide direct access to Atlantic City for motorists from Pittsburgh and points west. In addition, it was designed as an alternate route between New York City and Philadelphia for those traveling via car between these two metro areas. The Parkway has also served as a major commuter route into New York City from northern and central New Jersey since its inception in 1954.

The portion of the roadway between exits 63 and 44 is officially named the Alfred E. Driscoll Expressway (after former governor Alfred E.

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