Who Wins The Cooking Competition In Meteor Garden

Who Wins The Cooking Competition In Meteor Garden — What would it be? It’s a showdown between the girls in Meteor Garden. They began with nervousness, but they now know how to cook. They must show the audience which one is better. Their pride and honor are at stake.

Meteor Garden (Meteor Rain) is a 2004 Taiwanese drama starring Barbie Shu, Calvin Chen, Daoming Chen, Jerry Yan, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu. The male characters have something in common: They have all appeared in the Taiwanese drama Doremifasolatido. Who is the best cook?

In order to be the winner on food tournaments, one has to have knowledge and experience in variety of dishes. You also need to know how to use the right recipes. Another thing you should maintain is your own set of ingredients. Picking what ingredients to use on cooking depends entirely on every chef’s own preferences. It’s also important that one knows how to vary their cuisine and adjust it to different kinds of tastes.

1. Who is the winner of the cooking competition?

The Cooking Competition in Meteor Garden is a very intense one. It was the first time that Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei faced each other in the kitchen and it was also the first time that Hua Ze Lei cooked for Shancai.

Shancai went to watch the Cooking Competition and she was asked by her classmates if they were going to win. She didn’t answer them but instead, she smiled at them. When Dao Ming Si saw Shancai, he waved at her and she waved back at him. After that, she sat down on a seat in front of the stage where they were cooking.

Dao Ming Si was cooking pork while Hua Ze Lei was making noodles. They both were really focused on their dishes and it seemed like they wanted to show their best dishes to Shancai. While they were cooking, Hua Ze Lei looked at Shancai and then Dao Ming Si saw that he looked at her, so he looked at her too and then both of them started to smile because they knew who each other had been looking at.

When the competition was finally finished, Dao Ming Si won with his dish “Pork cooked with love” but he said that he didn’t want the prize.

2. What does Dao Ming Si’s dish represent?

In the drama, there is a scene where Dao Ming Si (played by Dylan Wang) and Hua Ze Lei (played by Darren Chen) were competing for Shan Cai’s (played by Shen Yue) heart. They were both cooking for her as a birthday present. The two boys came from rich families, so it was expected that they will be good cooks. However, in the end, only one of them won the competition.

Dao Ming Si cooked a dish called “wrath of the heavens” which was his grandmother’s recipe. It was a dish that represents her wrath for not being able to give birth to children. It was made with a lot of spices and hot chili peppers with some raw meat.

The other dish was cooked by Hua Ze Lei which was called “flowers in the mirror.” He said that it is his grandmother’s recipe as well but he admitted that he didn’t do it just like how his grandmother did it. Flowers in the mirror is made up of rainbow corns, cucumber flowers and slices of tomatoes on top of a bed of lettuce leaves.

He revealed that his grandmother used to be very angry because she wasn’t able to have children as well, so she decided to cook something beautiful instead.

3. Why does Dao Ming Si want to win the competition?

Dao Ming Si wants to win the cooking competition because he likes ShuYi. But he is not a good cook. He has never had a chance to cook for anyone, so he asked Hua Ze Lei to teach him. Hua Ze Lei taught him how to make fried rice, but Dao Ming Si substituted some ingredients with others that he did not have. When he finally made his fried rice for ShuYi, she said it was delicious, but it tasted different from the fried rice that Hua Ze Lei made. She thought that Hua Ze Lei made it for her.

After Dao Ming Si found out what happened, he wanted to win the competition even more. He went to ask Xiao You (a friend of ShuYi) for help. Xiao You gave him an idea about what ingredient Dao Ming Si should add in order to make his fried rice taste like the one made by Hua Ze Lei. So Dao Ming Si went shopping and got all the ingredients needed with help from his friends at F4.

On the day of the competition, all contestants were given 15 minutes before they can go back in the kitchen and start cooking. 12 minutes later, all contestants were called back into their stations to begin cooking their food while they were being filmed by

4. What’s the story behind Dao Ming Si’s love for cooking?

After Dao Ming Si (played by Dylan Wang) found out about his father’s illness, he hurriedly left for France. Although his father’s condition is stable, Si still decides to stay in Paris to take care of him.

Back in China, Shan Cai (played by Shen Yue) was waiting for the day that she can be reunited with her boyfriend again. Unfortunately, she had a fight with her parents and left their house. She then found a job in a bakery where she has to bake pastries at night and deliver them the next morning.

After watching the latest episode of Meteor Garden, fans were delighted when they saw Si cooking dinner for his father and Shan Cai’s mom. They also noticed that he is wearing an apron while cooking, which added to the cuteness factor.

Si’s love for cooking was first revealed in Episode 1 when he brought Shan Cai to a restaurant to have dinner together upon their reunion. He even told her that he likes making desserts and that’s how he learned to cook from watching YouTube videos.


The cooking competition in Meteor Garden is a very important scene. It is where the main character, Shan Cai, finds out her crush, Dao Ming Si, has a girlfriend.

The cooking competition was a last-minute decision that happened at the end of the first episode.

The first episode had an extra five minutes so Puff Guo and Dylan Wang had to improvise. They decided to do the cooking competition, which wasn’t even in the original script.

It was clear who won the cooking competition and why.

Dylan Wang’s dish looked very appetizing while Puff Guo’s dish looked like it could have been made by a child.

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