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Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Most people look at cabinets and think, the kitchen cabinet doors are very odd and a poor design. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today. No, my friends, we’re here to talk about can you reverse kitchen cabinet doors. I know a lot of people out there aren’t aware that they can reverse their kitchen cabinet doors as they think this is something impossible to do.

You’ve heard the saying “do not judge a book by its cover”. It is the same with cabinets, do not take them at face value. Take a close look and see what kind of doors you have. There is a chance that you have doors from the past and are unsure if they are reversible. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a great alternative to replacing the complete kitchen cabinets. You can replace just one door, or the whole interior of your cabinet. This is usually a task that is not very difficult.

Yes, you can reverse kitchen cabinet doors

Yes, you can reverse kitchen cabinet doors. The main thing to consider is the door hinge. Most hinges are not reversible and need to be installed on the proper side of the door and frame. If you have an inset door, this will not work as well because the frame will get in your way.

Yes, you can reverse kitchen cabinet doors.Reversing the door on a frameless cabinet is no different than reversing the door on a face-frame cabinet. The hinges are attached to the side of the cabinet and have a “tab” or some other device that allows the hinge to be mounted in one of two positions. You simply remove the door and reinstall it so the hinge is in the opposite position.

Instructions on how to change it

You can easily reverse kitchen cabinet doors with a few steps. Some hinges have instructions on how to change it. Others do not. We will show you how to remove the hinge, change the direction of the hinge, and then reattach it.First, you need to remove the cabinet door from the frame. To do this, find the screw holding the hinge to the frame and loosen it so that you can pull out the door. Then you need to remove the screw that holds the hinge to the face of your cabinet door. Now, take off that hinge, turn it around and put it back on your cabinet door with a new screw in place of your old one. Once all three screws are tightened down again, you can put your kitchen cabinet doors back on their frames and enjoy their new look.


Measure the depth of your cabinet

This will determine whether or not you have room to reverse the door and hinge. Most kitchen cabinets are built 24 inches deep, but some are deeper (or shallower).Measure the width of your cabinet doors. You may need to alter your hinges if you want the hinge side to be on the opposite side.

Determine which hinge type is on your current doors

Hinge types are determined by how they open. Doors can be “self-closing,” “semi-concealed” and “concealed.” Self-closing hinges are usually found on cabinets with two doors that close together; they push the doors closed when one is opened. Semi-concealed hinges are fastened to the outside of the door, but only part of the hinge is exposed. Concealed hinges are installed inside the cabinet and are not visible when looking at the closed door.

If you’re planning to change your door’s swing from left- to right-handed, you’ll need to place the hinges on the opposite side of the door. If you have a self-closing hinge or semi-concealed hinge, this is easy simply unscrew and remove the old hardware, then replace it.

Tips on how to find the hardware for your cabinet door

To reverse a cabinet door, you must find the hinges that fit on the opposite side of the door. They are not symmetrical.The hinges on your kitchen cabinet doors have screws which hold them to the frame of the cabinet and to the back of the door. There is also a plunger or pin which holds the hinge in place when it is closed and swings free when the door is open. This pin comes in different lengths to accommodate different thicknesses of doors.

If you have an older set of cabinets, there may not be a label inside any of them with information about the manufacturer. You may be able to find out who made your cabinets by searching online for brands in your area.Once you know who made your cabinets, you can search their website for replacement parts. If they no longer offer them, try searching online for “cabinet hinges”. You need to make sure that they are designed for mounting on the opposite side of your door as well as whether they will work with your type of doors (framed or frameless).


You have to have the right hardware for your kitchen cabinet door or it won’t work correctly. You can reverse a kitchen cabinet door by starting with the hinge on the opposite side of where it needs to be placed. Using your drill, screw in two hinges on the side you are working on, this will not allow you to hang the door but it will give you a place to stand against the door so that it is not wobbly while you are working on assembling everything.

You will need to install new face plates and use longer screws (depending on how deep your cabinet is, buy extra) to secure everything together. After installing the faceplates, you will want to put several coats of paint or stain if desired. Hope this helps.