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Do Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets Have to Match?

Do Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets Have to Match?

When you match old cabinets in an older home, there will always be differences due to age, sun, damage and poor manufacturing among other factors. If you install new cabinets with an older countertop, people will still say the pattern doesn’t match. Are you renovating your home or maybe doing a build? One of the first questions is always going to be “Do my bathroom and kitchen cabinets have to match?” The answer is no; they don’t have to match. It has been a “rule” for many years, but times have changed and matching is not necessary any longer. Why you ask? Because matching doesn’t work anymore.

Do bathroom and kitchen cabinets have to match? If so, why?

No, you don’t need to match the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. The bathrooms in a home often get overlooked when it comes to remodeling. Because they are smaller rooms, homeowners may not feel the need to upgrade them as often as their kitchens. But when you consider how many times a year you use your bathroom versus your kitchen, the bathroom should be at least as nice, if not nicer.Your bathroom and kitchen cabinets don’t necessarily have to match, but they should complement each other.

However, keep in mind that most bathrooms are small, so you will probably want to go with a lighter color paint or accent wall rather than darker colors, which can make the room look smaller. A great way to incorporate lighter colors is by using tile for a backsplash behind the sink.The bathroom is another place where you can add some extra storage space. Most homes have minimal storage space in their bathrooms, so if you can put in some built-in cabinets or shelves on the walls of your bathroom, you’ll be able to store linens and other items without taking up much floor space.

Do you have an example of a home where they did not match?

Every home is unique! And not every home needs to have matching cabinets throughout. There is no correct answer to this question; however, there are several things you can consider before making a decision. Do you have an example of a home where they did not match? Yes, take a look at this home where the kitchen has a custom glaze, while the master bath is white. The results are stunning. They don’t necessarily need to have the same door style.

In this example, the kitchen has flat panel doors with a custom glaze while the master bath has raised panel doors in white. The effect is chic and clean. If your kitchen and bathroom do not match, should they be the same color? Again, it’s not necessary but it does make for a cohesive look throughout your home. In this example, both the kitchen and bath are painted white. This traditional two-tone kitchen is spectacular with its dark cherry island and upper cabinets and white perimeter cabinets.

What do you think of mismatched wood stains?

Mismatching wood stains can give your home a unique feel. We love this home where the kitchen has walnut finishes and the bathrooms are light oak. The difference in shades adds personality to the home.What do you think of mismatched wood stains? I have seen a lot of kitchens with light stained cabinets and dark stained island. These houses look like the island is a piece of furniture that was placed there- not part of the kitchen. It looks like an afterthought. But I also have seen beautiful kitchens where the cabinets were all different shades of light to dark.

I’ve been a custom cabinet maker for over 30 years. In my opinion, it’s a matter of taste. No one dictates how your home decor should be done, you do. If you’re going to sell it soon, then I would follow what your real estate agent suggests. They know what sells and what doesn’t sell as quickly as possible.If your cabinets are prominent in your kitchen (like in the pictures shown) then they will stand out more if they are not matching or made from the same material.

Painting different types of cabinets

If your cabinetry is not very noticeable because it’s not as prominent (like in my kitchen, and I love it) then it seems less noticeable that they’re different in color or material than if they were prominent the main concern is the surface material. If cabinets are laminate, you should be able to take a paint stripper to them with little risk of ruining the surface. If they are solid wood, you may have issues with staining the wood if you don’t prep it properly. Wood stain will not adhere well to a previously stained surface, so you’ll need to strip the old stain off before putting on a new stain.


You don’t need to stick with one shade or type of finish for your entire house. Mix it up with different colors and styles for a look that’s all your own. When it comes to color, your best bet is to avoid a monotony in your home. In the kitchen, try using different colors and designs for your cabinets and fixtures. For example, one day you might like to use the same color and type of finish on all of your cabinets, but then in the next day swap out some colors and shades to create an entirely different look.

And you might like to have plain white on all of your cabinets, but then in a different day swap out all of the colors with bright colors like orange or lime green. A change in color can be just what’s needed to liven up your look.