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Does Kitchen Bouquet Go Bad?

Does Kitchen Bouquet Go Bad?

Kitchen Bouquet, also known as Kitchen Bouquet Browning and Seasoning Sauce, is a herb and spice mixture which is especially popular in the United States of America. The product is manufactured by Kraft Foods Inc. and has no additives, preservatives, or coloring. The small round cardboard canisters have a paper label with the English language text: Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce. On the side of the container are directions for using the product for browning, simmering, roasting, grilling or sautéing meat, vegetables or poultry.

Kitchen Bouquet

Kitchen Bouquet, a browning and seasoning sauce that you can use in place of beef broth in soups and stews, is made with water, caramel coloring, salt, sugar, corn syrup and flavoring. The product doesn’t have any preservatives to extend its shelf life. You can store it for a few years before it goes bad. The product is safe to use indefinitely when stored in a cool and dark place. While Kitchen Bouquet does not go bad, it may lose some of its flavor over time when exposed to light and heat.

While the manufacturer recommends that you use Kitchen Bouquet within two years of opening the bottle, you can safely use it longer if stored correctly. Like many other condiments, Kitchen Bouquet should be stored between 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit — refrigerator temperature — away from direct light. If stored at room temperature for more than three months or exposed to high heat or sunlight for an extended period of time, the quality may be affected.

Expiration Dates

Kitchen Bouquet bottles do not have an expiration date but instead bear a “Best By” date. This means that the product’s taste and quality will decline after this date but that it Yes, Kitchen Bouquet does go bad. It has a shelf life of around 5 years and after that it can still be used but will not be as effective. Kitchen Bouquet helps to add color and flavor to your meat or gravy. You can use it in stews, soups, sauces and gravies. When you use this product in your meals it helps to enhance the natural flavor and color of the food you are preparing. People have been using it for over 140 years.

How To Store Kitchen Bouquet

Kitchen Bouquet is a browning and seasoning sauce, which is made from caramel, vegetable extracts and spices. In addition to enhancing the flavor of your food, Kitchen Bouquet also works as a meat tenderizer. When stored properly, Kitchen Bouquet does not spoil, but it will lose its potency once the bottle has been opened. Storing it in a cool, dark place helps to ensure that it retains its original quality for this period of time.

1. Store kitchen bouquet in a cool, dry place. The pantry or your spice rack is ideal. Keep the cap on tightly and keep the bottle away from heat sources, like your stove or oven.

2. If you have a larger bottle of kitchen bouquet, you can divide it into smaller bottles to use throughout your home or give as gifts. Store them in the same place as you would store your other spices and seasonings.

3. Check to make sure that your kitchen bouquet is still good at least once a year to ensure it has not gone bad.

How Long Does Kitchen Bouquet Last?

The shelf life of Kitchen Bouquet depends on the best by date, the preparation method and how it is stored. Kitchen Bouquet is a browning sauce that is made from caramel and a variety of herbs, spices and food coloring. It can be used as a seasoning or as an addition to gravies to enhance the color. To maximize the shelf life of unopened Kitchen Bouquet, keep package tightly sealed.

Kitchen Bouquet can be kept in your pantry for about two years. Kitchen Bouquet is a seasoning sauce used to add color and flavor to roast beef, gravy, stews and other dishes. It’s basically a thick, brown liquid that adds color to your dishes. It’s not really a sauce, but more of a condiment that adds both color and flavor to your dishes. It’s rich in natural beef stock, caramel coloring and various herbs and spices.

Although it lasts for quite a while at room temperature, it does go bad eventually. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the best-before date on the bottle (or the back of the label). You can store Kitchen Bouquet in your pantry without any problems if you use it fairly often. Kitchen Bouquet is mostly used as an ingredient in making gravies, sauces or stews. You could also use it as a marinade for meats or vegetables.


Assuming it is unopened, a bottled product will keep indefinitely. You are not going to use it up, so if it has an expiration date, don’t worry about it. When the liquid inside is exposed to oxygen it breaks down and that’s why the color changes and why the liquid smells and tastes off. The best thing you can do is store the bottle upside down. So, if you take the wide mouth screw on cap off, you’ll see a narrow opening at the top of the neck.

If you turn it upside down and place in your cupboard with that opening toward the back then when you go to use some of your bouquet just turn it right side up and put on the screw-on cap before using. Also, if you have a bottle that has been opened for an extended period, try adding a “drop” of vinegar on a paper towel, set for 5 minutes then smell that vinegar. It should smell like vinegar because acetic acid is also part of wine making process and will kill bacteria inside your bouquet bottle.