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How Far Should Soap Dispenser Be from Kitchen Faucet?

How Far Should Soap Dispenser Be from Kitchen Faucet?

Soap dispensers have been part of our bathrooms for many years. As we have grown to understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the recent years, there has been a change in our focus from quantity to quality. In fact, it is not just the plumbing industry that has taken note of this trend in households around the world, but also manufacturers in other industries who are selling various kinds of small appliances and furnishings for our homes.

Would you stop using your favorite body or hand soap if it would lead to an enormous flood in your house? Definitely not. A poor placement of soap dispensers can cause a lot of damage. They are mainly installed outside the kitchen sink, in bathrooms and laundry areas, so they will probably never be seen by people using them, but they will also never see how far they really should be from the kitchen faucet.

How Far Should Soap Dispenser Be from Kitchen Faucet?

Though most kitchen planning guides recommend that the kitchen soap dispenser should be placed 12 inches away from the faucet, there is no standard rule on how far a soap dispenser should be from the faucet. The only thing you need to ensure is that the soap dispenser fits in well with the design of your kitchen.

The distance between the soap dispenser and the faucet varies from person to person, depending on their preferences and the size of their hands. For example, if you suffer from arthritis or are tall, you may need to have it placed farther away than someone who has small hands.

Tips and Tricks of Soap Dispenser Installation

Installing a soap dispenser in your kitchen sink makes it easy to dispense liquid soap. The installation process is fairly simple, although the actual process will depend on the type of sink you have. There are two basic types of sinks: those with a deck plate that covers the faucet holes and those without a deck plate. If your sink has a deck plate, you’ll need to attach the soap dispenser to this plate. If your sink doesn’t have a deck plate, you’ll need to attach the soap dispenser directly to the faucet itself.

No matter what type of sink you have or what type of soap dispenser you’re installing, here are some general tips for installation:

  • Turn off the water supply and use a bucket to catch any residual water inside the pipes.
  • Clean under the sink and around all areas where you’ll be working.
  • You may want to place towels or other soft materials around the work area so that if anything drops, it won’t damage your sink.
  • Check for air bubbles when filling up your new soap dispenser.

What is the best placement for a soap dispenser?

The most common placement of a soap dispenser is on the opposite side of the kitchen sink from the faucet. This ensures that you can use it with either hand. However, if you are right-handed and plan to use the soap dispenser with your left hand, placing it on the right side of the sink will be more convenient.

The soap dispenser should be placed approximately 1 foot above the bottom of the sink. When installing a soap dispenser in your kitchen, take into account how tall your tallest family member is so that everyone can comfortably reach it.

Where to install a soap dispenser?

As with all kitchen design and planning, it’s a good idea to start by assessing your needs. For example, if you have only one sink, it might be best to locate your soap dispenser on the countertop near the sink for easy access. If you have two sinks and plan to use them at the same time or want an additional hand cleaning station, you might consider placing a soap dispenser near both sinks.

How far should soap dispenser be from kitchen faucet?

Although not a requirement, the placement of a soap dispenser near the kitchen faucet is a common practice. This allows for easy access to soap when washing hands or preparing food. The distance between the soap dispenser and faucet is not regulated by code but is recommended to be approximately 6 inches from the spout centerline.

The minimum distance for the soap dispenser from the kitchen sink is regulated by code in some areas, but it may vary based on location. In Maryland, for example, there is no minimum distance required from the soap dispenser to the kitchen sink, while in Virginia and Washington, D.C., a 4-inch clearance may be required between the two fixtures.


Soap dispensers are an essential item in the kitchen.No matter how advanced kitchen technology has become, there are still plenty of functions for which you need a traditional soap dispenser. Whether you prefer to dispense liquid soap or hand sanitizer, proximity is a big factor in determining what’s the best location for your dispenser. While there is no perfect rule for where to put your dispenser, you’ll want to consider practical factors like reach and accessibility.The reasoning behind this is simple: more distance creates stronger pressurization, which means less pumping required to dispense soap.

Long story short: the dispenser will last longer with less pumping, and you’ll spend less time dealing with it. What’s better than that? Properly hung, the soap dispensers and faucets will be easy to use, even for children. By making them part of a coordinated kitchen theme, homeowners can create an attractive feature that fits with their general décor. The ideal position for a soap dispenser is somewhere between two and four inches from the faucet.