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How Tall are Kitchen Cabinets?

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Kitchen cabinets are the bones of a kitchen. And as anyone who has built or renovated a house knows, bones can tell you a lot about an animal size, proportion, health and there are a few basic characteristics all bones need to provide for the body to function. In this article we’ll look at how tall kitchen cabinets should be and why, the standard sizes in which they’re available, and options you have if your space requires a different height than is usual.

Base kitchen cabinets

The standard height of base cabinets is 36 inches. Tall base cabinets are 42 inches high, and wall cabinets are usually 30 inches high with a depth of 12 inches. Standard Cabinet Dimensions Available from Most Cabinet Suppliers Kitchen cabinets take up a significant amount of space in your kitchen, so the dimensions and dimensions of the cabinets are very important for creating an attractive and useful kitchen design.

Base cabinets are typically 24 deep, and wall cabinets 24 deep with a 12 height over the countertop. The standard width of a base cabinet is 36 wides, with a 3 filler between each cabinet to fill any gap.The sizes and dimensions of your upper kitchen cabinets will depend on the height of your ceiling and whether or not you have crown molding installed on the ceiling or not.

How tall are overhead kitchen cabinets?

The height of a standard overhead kitchen cabinet is 12 inches. The height of a standard overhead kitchen cabinet is 12 inches.The height of the counter space and the distance between it and the bottom of the upper cabinets varies depending on home design and personal preference. Some designers prefer to have the countertop overhang 12 inches, while others prefer 18-inch overhangs.

How tall are wall kitchen cabinets?

Wall kitchen cabinets are typically 30 or 36 inches tall, with the space above enclosed by soffits. In a 9-foot ceiling there will be two rows of cabinets with a 12-inch space above the upper row. In an 8-foot ceiling, some of this space will be lost because the cabinets cannot be made taller without obstructing the existing windows.For taller ceilings, the wall cabinets may be 42 or even 48 inches tall, with no soffit.

Height for upper and lower cabinets

However, the height of your base cabinets, wall cabinets, and tall specialty cabinets will vary depending on your design and the function you want them to perform.The standard height of most kitchen cabinets is 30 to 42 inches. Upper cabinets are generally 24 inches deep and 36 inches high, as they’re meant to be installed 18 inches above the countertop.

 Countertops are typically 25 1/2 inches deep, while base cabinets are 24 inches deep.The standard height of lower cabinets is 34 1/2 inches. However, this can vary based on the type of countertop you choose for your kitchen. For example, if you want to install a unit with a built-in stovetop or cooktop, the recommended height is around 28 to 30 inches from the floor.

Kitchen cabinet sizes

The standard kitchen cabinet sizes depend on the type of kitchen cabinets you want to buy. Whether you are buying custom made cabinets, stock cabinets, or RTA cabinets, they will all offer their own range of sizes.When you are ready to start building your new kitchen and purchasing the cabinets that will be included, it is important to know what size cabinets will fit into your kitchen space.

The height of kitchen cabinets is not regulated. It’s designed to fit the space. To find out how tall the cabinets should be following these steps:Measure from the floor to the ceiling. This will be the height you need to order your cabinetsMeasure from the floor to where you want your top cabinets to be. This will help you determine how tall your base cabinets need to be.

12-inch and 24-inch cabinets are usually used for storing food and kitchen equipment

Base cabinets, also called floor cabinets, are the most common and typically 12 to 24 inches deep. They sit on the floor against your kitchen wall and hold your countertops at standard working height of 36 inches, allowing you to prep food or wash dishes comfortably. Base cabinets can include drawers, doors, roll-out trays and other storage options.

Wall cabinets hang above the counters to store dishes and other small items. The standard height for wall cabinets is usually 30 inches, but this varies depending on the height of your ceilings. Wall cabinets come in various widths and depths, but 12-inch and 24-inch cabinets are usually used for storing food and kitchen equipment.

Tall or pantry cabinets stand between 84 inches and 96 inches high. They’re often used for narrow storage spaces or as a way to divide two rooms. These cabinets are great for storing larger items you don’t use very often like vases or cake stands.The standard height for kitchen cabinets is 36 inches. When the countertop surface is installed on the base cabinets, its thickness adds to the cabinet’s final height


Running from 28 to 36 inches high, most kitchen cabinets are designed for side-by-side double-door installation to accommodate tall items like chip bags and large spice containers that probably won’t be used every day. The fixed upper cabinets between the walls and ceiling are typically about 72 inches tall because of the countertop’s overhangs, designed to conceal the top of the frame from casual view.

The base cabinets under your counter tops usually extend as high as 42 to 45 inches from the floor. Add 18 to 21 extra inches above that if you have an overhanging countertop and crown molding is part of your design plan.