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How to Clean Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

How to Clean Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

The sinks in the kitchen are in constant use, approximately 24 hours a day. You may use your sink to clean up after meals, bathe tiny animals, or even take care of young infants. This is why it’s essential to purchase a sink that looks great, lasts a long time, and is easy to maintain. Although granite is expensive and difficult to obtain, granite composite is now a cost-effective and practical alternative.

For kitchen sinks, granite composites have become a popular choice. These items are becoming increasingly popular because of their strength and long-lasting quality. However, even though composite granite sinks are an excellent addition to any kitchen, frequent cleaning is necessary to avoid any discolouration or modification in the sink’s surface.

There are various ways to clean your composite granite sinks, and we’ll go over what to avoid when doing so in this post.

What Is A Granite Composite?

Even if you’re not a fan of granite countertops, composite granite sinks are the latest thing. An amalgamation of quartz, stone dust, and acrylic resins is known as a granite composite. In most cases, 80 percent granite and 20 percent acrylic resin are used to fabricate the granite composites.

Composite granite comes in a wide range of colours, sizes and forms. It may also be found on a matte surface. In producing high-end granite composite sinks, Elkay and Blanco have made significant strides and are presently ruling the market.

Best Way To Clean A Composite Granite Sink:

Due to the numerous advantages that granite sinks offer, their use is on the rise. It’s built to last and give your kitchen a more contemporary look. The composite granite sinks are stunning, and they come with a long list of valuable features at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, a granite composite sink is tough to clean for many individuals. This should not be the case, though, if you use the correct approach, the suitable instruments, and a trustworthy guide. Learn some of the most acceptable methods for cleaning composite granite sinks here.

·        Everyday Cleaning:

To avoid a ‘deep cleaning’ of your composite sink, you should remove any stains quickly and clean them after each use. You may use soapy water and a sponge to clean the sink regularly, but be sure to dry it off afterwards.

If you do this right away, you’ll be able to keep your sink free of stains, limescale, and water spots. Also, if you see a fracture in your granite sink, you’ll be able to fix it before it gets any worse. While it may be tough to form a practice of cleaning your sink regularly, this habit will save you time and money in the long run.

How To Clean Stubborn Stains on granite Composite Sink?

·        White Vinegar

Use white vinegar if routine cleaning hasn’t worked and stains are still forming in your sink. White vinegar is one of the most remarkable home cures for this disease, even though specialist cleaners are available.

Once the spray container is complete, shake the mixture and spray. Spray the entire sink with this solution and gently scrape the surface, paying particular attention to the most heavily soiled areas. Rinse your sink well after using vinegar, and don’t keep it there for too long.

·        Adding Baking Powder AndVinegar To The Mix

In addition to using vinegar and baking soda to remove stubborn stains from your sink, you may also use this combination. Once you’re pleased with your cleaning, use a sponge to scrape the solution over the stain and rinse thoroughly.

·        Using Hydrogen Peroxide WithWhiting Powder

You’ll need hydrogen peroxide, whiting powder, plastic wrap, and a soft cloth or sponge for this hack. To begin, make a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and whiting powder. Then, spread the thick paste over the stained area using your fingers.

Only a half-inch thick coating will be enough. Remove the plastic wrap after a few days and use a soft cloth or sponge to remove anything previously there. To clean and dry the sink, use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe it off with water after pulling the paste.

Additional Precautions to Prevent Your Synthetic Granite Sink From Being Spotted:

1. Avoid Letting Your Sink Become Overheated:

High temperatures can damage composite granite sinks without a doubt. Granite composite sinks or high-quality sinks engineered for heat resistance are the only ones that can sustain high temperatures.

Avoid placing hot pans, pots, or containers on the surface of your composite sinks to maintain them in good condition. Pouring boiling beverages into the sink is also a no-no. Instead, check with your sink’s manufacturer to see if it is heat resistant.

2. Do Not Soak Soiled Cookware In The Sink:

Your stomach may turn if you see the sink overflowing with oily utensils. However, we realize that cleaning may be a complex undertaking at times. Because of reason, it is critical to remove this mess immediately after use to avoid permanent stains that may harden if you leave them.

In addition, the iron in cast iron and steel cookware interacts with moisture and causes stainless steel containers to rust and discolour your sink if they are left in the sink for a lengthy period. Your sink’s appearance will be tarnished. As a result, you are making it less pleasing to the eye.

3. Keep Wet Sponges Out Of The Sink:

Another error we make is putting wet sponges or rags in or on the sink for extended durations, which leaves ugly stains on your composite granite sinks. Leaving a moist sponge or towel in the sink for an extended period causes limescale deposits or water stains, resulting in a stained sink. Cleaning it might be a challenge and perhaps cost you some money.

Many individuals ignore scattered hairs from the steel wool pads. When left neglected, stray hairs may rust and become a fire hazard. The longer your granite composite sink lasts, the more money you’ll save by giving up these bad habits.

Final thoughts:

As a result of everything we’ve covered here, we’re confident that you now know the basics of how to clean a granite composite sink properly. Composite granite sinks have won over many clients because of their luxurious appearance, long-lasting quality, and reasonable price.

Despite their durability, if they are not adequately cared for, they will eventually lose their lustre. Colours and textures might fade from them over time. Establish a routine for cleaning your composite granite sinks, and you’ll be good to go. These are worth every price and effort, even if they are a bit of a splurge.