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How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Floor Tiles

How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Floor Tiles

Cooking can create many mess-ups in the kitchen, including tiles for your kitchen, as time passes. In addition, cleaning up greasy kitchen tiles when cleaning your house is what frustrates you. Yet, you need to think about it as a crucial aspect of your home cleaning chores.

The reason is that your kitchen is at the center for your house. Therefore, it is essential to keep it as neat as possible to ensure that it is welcoming to your family.

Simple Ways To Wash Your Kitchen Tiles With Grease More Efficiently

If you aren’t sure how to clean your grease-stained ceramic tiles in your kitchen, don’t be concerned. The most operative and simple methods to clean your kitchen tiles. The result is that your cleaning schedule will be less stressful.

We have some easy ways to shine your kitchen tiles.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Tiles Are Ready For Cleaning.

Absolutely the kitchen tile cleaning in the house can be pretty hectic, mainly if you cannot remove grease quickly. Therefore, if you have decided to do tile cleaning as part of your house cleaning routine, you’re recommended to do so.

Keep in concentration that there are numeroustechniques to wash your kitchen tiles that have been soiled. In addition, it’s essential to prepare your kitchen tiles so that you can apply these simple and efficient ways to clean.

Remove all items that are hung or placed on your kitchen tile. Gather the essential items such as a cleaning brush or a small sponge or cloth, and rubber gloves. According to your preferred tile cleaning techniques, you will also need the cleaning chemicals.

Once you have that done, you’re prepared to apply one of the following methods for cleaning tiles to restore their sparkle.

This is because it will influence the way you clean them.

  • For instance, tiles like clay or plain tiles are generally durable. Therefore, you can apply a tough clean cloth or scourer for the tiles and not get scratches.
  • For tiles with printed or textured patterns, it is recommended to use a delicate, soft, cloth-like microfiber. This is because, in this instance, scourers can damage your kitchen tiles.

Be cautious, therefore.

And here’s what we’re going to do:

1. Soapy Warm Spray Water

If your tiles in the kitchen do not have any hard stains, then applying some soapy water warm can make the job easier. To do this, you need to mix a dishwashing liquid or detergent with water. Sponge this mixture onto your tile surfaces. Rub it in the tiles. Clean your kitchen’s tile with an item of clothing soft to make them shine again.

This technique can be employed if you’ve installed kitchen tiles cleaning as part of the regular cleaning of your home. It’s because when you do this, you won’t accumulate hard and oily stains on the tiles.

2. Make Use Of Baking Soda To Scrub Those Kitchen Floor Tiles.

Baking soda is among the most efficient and readily accessible house cleaning agents. It’s because baking soda is an essential part of every house. Amazingly, it can work well on kitchen tiles.

This is why:

  • Sprinkle a tiny bit of baking soda onto a sponge, which you’ll utilize to wash those kitchen floor tiles.
  • Then, wipe the kitchen tiles lightly and rub the sponge over the tiles.
  • Once you’ve done rubbing your kitchen tile, take a dry cloth. Cleanse your tiles by wiping them.
  • Be sure to rinse off your cleaning cloth, making the process simpler.

Important Note:

If your kitchen tiles are particularly grease-laden, make an extremely thick paste made of baking soda along with vinegar and water. Put the paste on the tiles and For a few minutes, just let it sit there and do nothing.Then rub it on and then wipe it off for more effective outcomes.

3. Vinegar Is A Great Ingredient To Make Your Kitchen Tiles Sparkle Astonishingly

White vinegar is another readily accessible and non-toxic product that you can use to clean your home. Surprisingly, you can use it for various cleaning needs, like cleaning kitchen tiles of grease. If you want to make use of vinegar to remove the grease off kitchen tiles, follow these steps:

  • Find a spray bottle that is empty to pour vinegar into it.
  • Then, spray a large mist of vinegar on the tiles of your kitchen that are greased.
  • Sit aside for about 10 minutes. Then make use of a towel to wipe the surface.

Get Your Kitchen Tiles Cleaned With Borax.

Borax, also known as Sodium borax, is a common household item for kitchen tile cleaning. This can be used for treating tough grease and food stains more efficiently.

  • Make some borax in the bowl.
  • To make the paste, mix some lemon juice in it.
  • Use a sponge to spread the combination to the tiles.
  • Allow the paste to sit over the tiles for nearly 20 minutes.
  • After that, scrub the mixture with a damp sponge to remove the tiles.

Use Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Products To Help Tile Cleaning

Are you unable to eliminate grease from your kitchen tile for some reason? A commercial cleaning product is an option. To ensure safety, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Follow the directions on the label.
  • Do not overdose with the spray. Use it in a limited amount.
  • For tiles with many greases, let the commercial cleaner rest for a few minutes.
  • Clean the cleaner thoroughly to eliminate any residue.

Some Regular Tips For Kitchen Tiles Maintenance

Here are a few essential tips to consider for cleaning the kitchen tile.

  • Clean and sweep your floor tiles in the kitchen often.
  • Remove spills and grease off your kitchen tile immediately. This is essential to avoid hard staining.
  • Use disinfectants on kitchen tiles frequently.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to clean your kitchen tiles to prevent the build-up of germs and grime.

With these suggestions, you can maintain your kitchen’s tiles in good condition for a longer time frame. Be sure to incorporate these guidelines in your daily routine to get the most out of the house cleaning.