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How To Clean Kitchen Trash Can

How To Clean Kitchen Trash Can

Even though we can clean every inch of the kitchen, we don’t know how to properly clean the garbage can to eliminate the foul smell it produces.

Trash can cleaning may be a hassle, so it’s time to discover how to get rid of foul odours and keep your kitchen clean.

How Often Should The Garbage Be Cleaned?

This decision is influenced by the size of your family and your hygiene habits.

Typically, twice-yearly cleaning treatments are sufficient. However, it may be necessary to wash it more regularly if your family is large. There will be a more significant number of garbage can activities in that circumstance.

If you’re a loner or frequently leave the house, you may not notice much garbage in the kitchen. As a result, the waste can always be spotless after you’re done. But, in reality, everything hinges on how you go about things and how you live your life.

How To Clean The Garbage Can Correctly?

By performing this easy chore regularly, you can prevent the growth of bacteria and germs that damage your family’s health.

1. First, clean and sanitize the garbage can by flushing it.

Rinse well with hot water to eliminate any residue left behind by the dish soap or baking soda after soaking the trash can in warm water for a minimum of 10 minutes, and then dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

2. Use paper towels to dry.

Because you may use paper towels and absorbent cloth, we’ll eliminate the product we used in the previous stage and let another one take its place.

3. Rub the garbage can’s interior.

Because disinfection is a vital stage in garbage can cleaning, it’s time to get started. We’ll use a disinfectant spray or bleach diluted in water to disinfect, but how will we go about doing that? One litre of hot water with 1/8 cup of bleach or 30 ml of bleach.

Then, massage the solution with a brush with a long handle inside the garbage can. After that, let the spray or solution rest for 10 minutes and lastly, brush.

After this procedure, we will continue to wash the trash can in the water to eliminate the disinfectant from the trashcan.

4. Let it dry out

You may aid yourself by using paper towels or even a dry cloth to help remove any extra water from your trash can; however, you must let it dry outside to avoid any unpleasant odours.

Put a plastic garbage bag on top when it has dried thoroughly, and it is ready for use.

Don’t forget to clean the garbage can’s outside since they might harbour bacteria and germs. Your kitchen will seem clean and bright due to your efforts to maintain the garbage can’s appearance.

If you follow these actions once or twice a week and toss away the trash every day, the trash can will remain clean and disinfected, and the stench will be less noticeable.

To learn more about the professional and quality services we provide and how we can assist you in achieving a more thorough and thorough cleaning, please get in touch with us. Don’t be afraid to make an investment in your own and your family’s well-being by keeping your house clean and orderly.

How Do You Clean The Garbage Can In Your Kitchen?

For your convenience, we’ve created a picture-perfect and straightforward explanation. Keep your garbage can clean and germ-free by following these instructions.

Step 1: Spray the entire can with water. You’ll then spray an all-purpose cleanser over the bin’s lid and bottom, as well as its corners. Pay attention to any waste stains that have hardened and regularly reapply the hose to such areas.

Step 3: Next, use your preferred disinfectant to complete Step 3. In addition, a little dusting of baking soda is a smart move because it efficiently eliminates unpleasant odours.

Step 4: It’s time to scrub! You’ll be happy when you’ve washed it all away. However, toxic water residues and old particles are often found at the bottom region, so be careful when cleaning this area.

Step 5: Lower the hose and give the entire area a thorough rinsing. By now, you should be done. The can should be left out in the sun to dry out to its full potential. Any hint of moisture or humidity can lead to mould, so keep that in mind.

It will keep the garbage bin smelling fresh. You’ll be able to get rid of the microscopic particles accumulated at the bottom of the trash bin in the future. On the other hand, newspapers are excellent at soaking up water droplets and retaining their freshness for a long time.

How can I keep my kitchen garbage can odour-free?

Both of these weekly tasks will effectively address the odour problem.Of course, adding baking soda to the trash can is a standard method of dealing with the problem. However, it may promote corrosion in a metal structure.

To avoid the detrimental deteriorating consequences of decaying soda, careful house owners place the soda into filter paper. Put a cotton ball in the garbage once a few droplets have settled on it.