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How To Clean Kitchen Trolley from Inside

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Today we will see how we can clean kitchen trolley inside rust in a few simple steps. We will see we can easily clean kitchen trolley without rubbing it hardly. We do not clean our kitchen trolley from inside for many days and trolley got rusted with time. Hence in this way our trolley got rusted in this way for not cleaning for long time.

In this article we will see some important steps which can help you to clean your kitchen trolley in very easy way. Without wasting time lets move towards these steps to clean kitchen trolley. 

How To Clean Kitchen Trolley Inside?

·  Remove Everything from trolley:

First of all, you have to remove all the things from the trolley. You should empty the trolley before cleaning it. It will be very helpful for you to clean this you can see the corners of trolley got junked. So we need to remove the rust and we need our trolley clean. Even though you clean your trolley monthly or on weekend basis, the trolley can be dirty. We should clean the dirt. The channel got more effected in trolley so we have to clean that first. 

·  Use White Vinegar:

We will use white vinegar to clean rust from the trolley. We will take a bowl. After this we wil add 3 to 4 table spoon of white vinegar in that bowl. We will add one more thing in this vinegar which is White Salt. we will add 2 tablespoon of white salt in in this vinegar. We will use only these two things to remove our dust and clean our trolley. Now we will mix this solution finely. After mixing these salt and white vinegar, we will see how it will effect to junky part of trolley. 

We will take a brush to clean our rusted part. Take a brush a dip it in mixture of salt and vinegar. Then use this brush on that part of trolley which is affected. We have to rub it slowly and slightly. We have to use this brush on each side which is affected with rust.

·  Cleaning Channel: 

As the channel is made of iron, and you know the iron is easily affect by rust. If you don’t clean this rust on channel, then you have to clean the whole channel which is quite expensive. As the channel have to move in and out to open and close the trolley so the channel should be very clean. 

You should follow this procedure after 8 or 10 weeks. Then the channel will not be affected by the rust. We will clean both sides of the channel on the left and right sides. You don’t need any excessive hard work to clean the trolley but within a few time, you can clean.

Just we have to push a bit to clean and it will easily remove the rust. We have to apply this mixture from inside too, to work trolley very smoothly. By regular cleaning the life of trolley can be increased. The more you keep your trolley clean the more time it can be used.

Now we will make trolley out of channel. Now clean with the mixture completely. So, you can clean the trolley from inside and don’t leave any rust. Now you will see your trolley’s rust is removing on and it is going to clean. 

·  Use wet cloth:

Use a piece of cloth to rub the affected surface to clean trolley. Until the channel is going to dry we will clean the other one. First apply liquid and then use wet piece of cloth to clean the channel. Now after cleaning with wet cloth we will use dry cloth to dry the surface. 

We will let it dry for 4 to 5 minutes. Now we will see our channel is dry now. We will apply coconut oil to trolley. The oil will act as a guard to avoid the iron from rusting. It will also be helpful to go trolley inside very smoothly.

·  Finial Step:

Finally, we will insert your trolley inside the channels. You will notice without any hard work we have cleaned our trolley very easily. We have not applied any force on trolley. Now we will clean the trolley with wet and then with dry cloth. We will have to must use dry cloth otherwise the wet cloth will effect on iron and the trolley will have got rusted so drying with dry cloth is also important part of cleaning. You can use any oil available at your home but in these instructions we have used coconut oil. 

You can apply same mixture on steal affected part of trolley. Now your trolley is completely clean. You will see your rust is completely removed and your trolley is completely clean and neat. We have cleaned kitchen trolley in few minutes.