How to Clean Restaurant Kitchen Floor

There are a lot of things that happen in the kitchen of your restaurant during the day. The staff, spilled drinks and condiments, and food waste make up the bulk of the mess.

The floor can be a breeding ground for a lot of bacteria, so it’s important to take the time to clean it. For one thing, kitchen floors can get very dirty, so it’s better to do what you can to keep them clean. The kitchen floor can get dirty with grease. This is a quick and simple method of cleaning things up.

How to Clean Restaurant Kitchen Floor?

You’ve spent a great amount money on new flooring for your restaurant. It’s been six months, and your floors are covered in dirty grease and lint now. There will be some spills. But you won’t let another day go by with dirty floors. Were your restaurant’s floors dirty this morning? What are the best ways to clean them up?

The process of getting rid of dirt

“How hard is it to clean a floor?” How meticulous you are and how clean you want your home to be will help you figure out the answer. The easy steps are:

1.      You should sweep the floor.

A cleaner for slippery floors is good to mix with a degreaser to get rid of grease layers that have built up on the floor. You can use seven liters of water mixed with a lot of bleach to clean the floor. Let it dry in the air.

It’s simple. Even so, to get the best results, you need to be very thorough, as well as repeat this process each night. To make sure that your space is as clean as possible, you should also do this at least once a week:

Make ensure you use soft bristle brush to clean the floor with the mix above. Take your mop and go over the floor again with it after you’ve done a good job cleaning it. This will eliminate the debris from the cleaning and pick up any crumbs that may have been missed throughout the process.

2.      Take out the grease.

Clean floors start with this. As soon as you’ve rubbed the floor cleaner and degreaser mixture over the floor, there will be less grease on the floor. If you don’t do that, we’d like you to do it again. Make sure there is no grease on your floor, or it won’t be mopped properly and won’t be clean as well. This is very important.

3.      The whole process of getting rid of the grease:

Filling mop bucket up to 7 liters of hot water. Mix 300ml of bleach (that is strong) into the water.

With the mop clean, spread the mix on the floor. When you use the bristle brush, make it stiff so that you can give the floor a good scrub to get rid of all of the grease.

During this time, the area should be submerged. Do not move too quickly with the mop. Use it slowly to sweep over the whole surface you’re working on. With an unclean mop, wipe down the mix and let it dry outside for a few hours.

4.      Treat the surface of your tiles.

In the event that you use a lot of cleaning products and degreasers on your tiles, you might need to protect them and make them safe from slips and falls.

Floor care chemicals and oils have different forms that tackle different types of requirements. Buy the suitable ones that match your requirement. You really need to be careful with your choices while selecting floor cleaning products. At the very least, you must wash your floors once a month.

5.      Wait for things to happen.

Even though you should be able to see a difference right away, it’s all about perseverance and the way you do things. A lot of grease particles can be found in fryers, as well as other types of equipment, and they build up slowly over time.

Allow the chemicals to work on the floor for about 10 minutes after you spread them out on the floor. This will let you get rid of more grease and make your floor more slippery. Your approach to safety is considerably different from the approach taken by others in the same situation.

Some tips:

  • Every night, you must clean your floors in order to maintain your health and well-being. In order for you all to be safe, you must be placed in a safe atmosphere from the beginning.
  • The best way to stay safe at a restaurant is to wear shoes that aren’t going to slip. This way, you can only focus on doing your best and not worry about whether you’ll fall on the ground at any moment, which could hurt you and make you miss work.
  • The right shoes help you stay on your feet and keep your bones and joints from getting stiff during your work shift.
  • Every person who works in the kitchen, from the newbie to the veteran, must be aware of the possible risks that could be there.
  • It is less likely that accidents will happen if all of your employees are singing from the same hymnal and can see the same things that could hurt them. This is good for everyone.