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How To Clean Wooden Blinds In Kitchen

How To Clean Wooden Blinds In Kitchen

Awakening to the sun’s rays entering your home through the blinds is a great way to begin the day. Unfortunately, the blissful day quickly passes when the dust from your wooden blinds gets to your nostrils.

Cleaning your blinds to use them every day may seem like a tedious job. But, it’s straightforward to clean your blinds made of wood once you know the proper techniques.

How To Clean Wooden Blinds In Kitchen?

The natural warmth of wood blinds can be a great addition to any room. However, they require regular cleaning to keep them looking nice.

As with all wood products, excessive moisture could harm your blinds by causing them to expand as well as to warp. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to use any liquid or water-based cleaning products in your cleaning routine.

·  Clean, dry cloth to dust your blind lightly.

The most efficient cleaning method is to close the slats in one direction and then wipe it over using a feather duster or a dry cloth. Then, brush downwards to avoid disturbing the slats’ position. Close the slats, then open them again, but this one in the reverse direction, and clean the slats in the same manner in the same way.

Close your blind and clean both sides of the slats using the duster to sweep across the slats, beginning in the center and working your way outwards. Close the blind and move it open in the opposite direction to wash the slats’ undersides.

·  Damp Cloth To Remove Any Stubborn Marks.

For stains that are sticky and difficult to remove that you cannot get rid of using a clean cloth, rub gently with a damp, damp cloth until the stain disappears. After the stain has been gone, you can wipe off any moisture that remains with a dry, clean cloth.

·  Cleaning Wood Blinds Using An Air Cleaner

If you own the option of a vacuum cleaner that comes with an attachment that softens the brush, it is possible to use this method to clean your blinds made of wood. Vacuum cleaners that have powerful suction could cause damage by pulling the slats upwards.

Using the soft brush, remove your blind and then, holding a slat in one hand, slowly move the meeting across the slat, using the other. Repeat every side in the same way as with the duster technique previously.

If the slats on the uppermost aren’t easily accessible, then use a sturdy and well-placed step stool to prevent reaching too far and pulling on the blind’s slats. Instead, you can take the blind off and place it on the floor using a cloth or towel to safeguard the blind and flooring from being damaged.

Category of Wooden Blinds Do You Possess?

Cleaning wooden blinds correctly is a matter of knowing what kind of material your blinds are constructed of. Begin by determining whether the blinds you have are natural wood or faux before applying the spray and wiping.

This step is crucial to consider if you have purchased a new home with blinds installed but aren’t confident whether they are wood or faux. Most faux blinds are constructed from polyvinylchloride (PVC) Vinyl, or composite, which is a mix of polymers.

The materials are strong and do not warp. It is easy to identify fake wood by the identical and repeated patterns of manufactured grain on every slat. It is generally possible to use most cleaning products for faux wood.

Real wood blinds come with distinct, natural, and different grain patterns on each slat. Since the slats are made of natural wood, it is best not to get wooden blinds wet while cleaning not to damage the surface.

How to Clean Wooden Blinds?

If you’re thinking of cleaning your blinds, make sure you schedule a regularly scheduled cleaning time. This will save you time and avoid lengthy, intensive cleaning sessions.

·  Dust Your Blinds

  1. Set up a routine for cleaning, which involves dusting the blinds.
  2. If you find yourself dusty due to pet dander, carpet fuzz, or pet hair, you can use a vacuum cleaner using the upholstery brush.
  3. Close your blinds to ensure that the slats lie flat in front of the window.
  4. Use your vacuum or duster across each slat from end to end.
  5. Turn the blinds around to clean each slat off the other side. Be sure to take your time to clean every slat without damaging it.

·   Apply Conditioner

If you reside in an arid area or your blinds are exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight, and your wooden blinds are beginning to fade and need to be replaced, you can do so by using a conditioner. Make use of lemon oil or wood conditioner to revive the shine. Do not apply your conditioner to cords and hardware.

·   Dust The Blinds

Use a soft cloth or microfiber mitt weekly. Also, incredibly pet-friendly, utilize a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for the brush.

If the faux-wood blinds reside in the middle of a busy area, like your breakfast nook or kitchen, it is possible to keep them clean beyond dusting. Regularly wiping them clean with a mild cleaning agent keeps their appearance fresh and clean.

·   Regular Dusting

Regularly dusting motorized blinds is crucial to maintain their appeal. While you clean your home, use a duster or a soft vacuum brush along the slats.

It is essential to ensure that you use your remote to move the blind slats shut to clean since moving the slats manually may harm the mechanism that controls the blind’s automation.

Best Thing to Clean Blinds:

Generally, wooden blinds feature smaller slats and are lighter. They require care when handling them to avoid damage. Also, do not use harsh cleaning products directly on your blinds.

The most effective “how to clean blinds” method is to perform the usual dusting. It is possible to use the softest towel, microfiber glove, or a vacuum attachment for a dust brush.

You could also use the wood cleaner to clean your blinds made of wood and a cleaner for wood to get rid of the stubborn dirt. Please make use of a microfiber cloth and keep it damp rather than wet. The fabric should be rubbed across every slat for maximum cleanness. Flipping the blinds around and cleaning the other side is recommended to take away any dirt and dust.

·   Scrape away dirt

Clean the slats in the wooden blinds using a stiff-bristled brush and warm water. Put a flat-headed screwdriver in between the slats to make the blinds clean. The flat side of the screwdriver allows you to scrape off the caked-on dirt that is trapped between the slats that were not seen with the brush.

The combination of the brush, water, and a screwdriver is effective in cleaning blinds made of wood since wood is more pliable than plastic or metal. If you hang them again, you’ll observe that they appear as good as new!

·   Make Sure You Clean Using A Gentle Soap and Water.

It is necessary to use a little bit of mild soap and water to get rid of more challenging messes from your blinds made of wood. Combine them into a bottle, and shake it before using. You can use either the traditional brush or sponge to clean your blinds. Be sure not to scrub too, very hard!

Cleansing the slats of blinds using mild water and soap is a great way to clean them. However, you shouldn’t make use of excessive soap. Using high volume of soap can be hazardous to wood. The soap can strip away the paint and even delaminate the finish with time.