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How to Fit Kitchen Comice and Peimet

How to Fit Kitchen Comice and Peimet

Fitting kitchen comice and peimet is a sometimes-tricky job, but it’s also something that you can do by yourself.It is good practice to buy tools that will last a lifetime. Kitchen Comice and Peimet are examples of such tools. These can also be used as kitchen utensils and they pretty much last forever.

If you are looking for a stunning and beautiful kitchen in your home or apartment, then why take advantage of experienced and professional companies to help you perform this important task? Kitchen Comice is one of the best resources that offers services to provide you with the kitchen that meets all your needs. How to fit kitchen cabinets and countertops, the main idea is to take a new kitchen that maybe you have purchased or it is new, but doesn’t have any countertop.

Remove the old kitchen units if necessary

If you are fitting a kitchen in a new room, you may need to install electrical wiring and plumbing. If any walls need plastering, this should be done before the units are fitted.

  • Remove the old kitchen units if necessary. If you need to remove existing units from the room, use a crowbar to lever them away from the wall, then unscrew them from the floor. Working from top to bottom, take care not to damage the ceiling or wall coverings.
  • Install the kitchen base units. You can fit these by screwing them down through pre-drilled holes in the top and bottom of each unit onto wooden battens fixed to the floor and wall. Make sure that each unit is level and plumb before carrying on.

Measure the existing cabinets and cut the new ones to ensure a perfect fit

The easiest way to make a home improvement is to upgrade the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are expensive and take up a large amount of space. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $4,000 for an Entry level kitchen remodel to around $20,000 for a Premium-grade kitchen remodel.

If you do not want to spend that much money on new cabinets, you can choose to replace only the cabinet doors. However, this process is somewhat difficult and time-consuming.Measure the existing cabinets and cut the new ones to ensure a perfect fit.

Mark the position of any sockets and switches on the work surface

These need to be accessible, so mark their position on the work surface before measuring up for any wall cabinets. They should go above or below any tall cabinets or appliances.

Mark out cutting points for sink, taps and hob as appropriate

Write down the size of the sink and hob that you are planning to use, including the depth of the sink, as this will affect where the worktop meets the wall. Measure any obstructions such as pipes, then measure and mark out where the cut-outs need to be located.Marking out for a sink can be tricky. If you have one then you should use a template, a piece of thick cardboard that is tailor made for your sink.

This will ensure that you get it right first time. If you don’t have a template then make sure that you read all the instructions supplied with your sink carefully before starting, as they will tell you exactly how to take measurements and mark out your worktop correctly.If it’s a new kitchen rather than a refurbishment project, you can buy a worktop with the cut-out already made to fit your sink.

Fit your new base cabinet units

If you’re fitting a new base cabinet unit, it’s best to fit it level with the old units.To do this, you need to make sure you have a flat surface to fix the cabinets on to.

For most situations, use an 18mm plywood board. If you have an uneven floor, you may need to use thicker boards.You can also use a granite worktop as a base for your kitchen cabinets. It’s easier if you fit the kitchen cabinets before putting down the flooring; this way, you won’t have to cut the new flooring around the cabinets, making them look more professional and neater.

Connect up electrical appliances as appropriate

You may need to connect kitchen devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, electric ovens and ranges, and so on. If you do not feel confident in completing this task yourself, it is advisable to hire a certified electrician who can check your existing wiring, make any recommended changes, and connect the necessary appliances. The gas cooker will also need to be connected by a qualified gas fitter.

Ensure all items are securely fastened to the wall

The peimet should have a hole in it, the height of the comice, the thickness of the wall. This allows you to place the comice on it and nail through the peimet into this hole.You will need some decent tools, a circular saw is best to cut peimet, but a jigsaw will work. A drill is essential to pre-drill holes for nailing. Also, it’s best to have some kind of jig/guide for your circular saw to get straight lines.


Kitchen comice and peimet is an imperative element of a kitchen. These storage units for spices, tea and coffee, rice, etc. are very practical.With proper planning you can fit both kitchen cabinets and a pantry into your space. Think about all the items that you will store in your cabinets. Not only dishes and glasses, but also appliances such as the microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster and blender.

As you can see, there are lots of things to think about before deciding on designing your kitchen in a particular way. Fill the space between the counters and cabinets with low profile units that can double as under-kitchen cabinet organizers. Space saving ideas such as wall-mounted wine racks and shelving units will also be very helpful in making sure you have enough storage space.