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How to Hide Water Purifier in Kitchen

How to Hide Water Purifier in the Kitchen

Hiding your water filtration system is necessary for good unit maintenance. You would want to keep dust away from the water purifier and to keep your home clean of any accidental spills as well. So, yes, hiding a water purifier in the kitchen is a good idea. Effective water filtration system to dispose of harmful chemicals, sediments and impurities from tap water while hide water purifier in the kitchen.

If you’re planning to install a water purifier in your home, you can consider hiding the water purifier in the kitchen. By installing a water purifier in a kitchen, people who visit your house will see it. So, you can use it as an art part. Also, placing it near a window is important. In this way, light rays pass through it and it makes the appearance of water purifier more attractive. It will be like decorating your walls with home décor supplies. But you can also hide it if you want to by using creative methods mentioned below.

To start, clean the area

  • Clean the area and sand any rough spots.
  • Then, paint the area with two coats of a semi-gloss or high gloss latex paint.You’ll also need to install a shelf for the water purifier to sit on and a wood frame around it to hide the edges.
  • Use wood glue and nails for the frame and screws for the shelf.If you want an even cleaner look, use a piece of 3/4” thick backer board to hide any gaps between the water purifier and the cabinet door.

Paint the tile countertops

  • Next, Paint the tile countertops. If you are not 100% sure you want to go this route, practice painting a tile or two in an inconspicuous spot on your countertop.
  • Cover the entire wall with the tiles where the sink is located with a solid color and then paint the other three walls any color of your choice to give it a bit of a pop.
  • Place a small table or cabinet in front of the purifier. You can put a runner on top of the table and place plants, flowers or other items on top of it to make this work even better.

Measure the area

  • If you’re worried about how your water purifier will look in your kitchen, you can hide it away by building a cabinet to place it in.
  • After you’ve built the cabinet, add a door and paint or stain it so that it matches the rest of your kitchen. With a little bit of elbow grease, no one will know where your water purifier is hidden.
  • Measure the area that you’ll be covering. Before you start building anything, measure the space in your kitchen where you want to have your cabinet.

Cut the wood and apply contact cement

  1. Cut the wood to fit inside the cabinet and make sure it is level.
  2. Apply contact cement to both sides of the wood and wait at least five minutes before mounting it in the cabinet.
  3. Mount the purifier on top of the wood platform and attach it to the back of the cabinet with screws.
  4. Cut a hole in the bottom front of the cabinet that matches up with the purifier’s spout, using a jigsaw or router.
  5. Add a strip of felt to the bottom edge of each door so that they won’t shut too hard and break off part of the spout.Paint the boards and attach them to each other.

Cut the corners of the boards

  • Use a compound miter saw to cut the corners of the boards at 45-degree angles. Compound miter saws are ideal for this step because they are designed to cut both horizontal and vertical angles.
  • Apply wood glue to the edges of each board.Tap in finish nails with a hammer and nail set. Nail sets allow you to drive the nail just below the surface of the wood so you can fill over it later.

Attach the countertop to the cabinet

  • To install the sink, you need to slide it into the opening in the countertop, and then screw it into place. The screws will be driven into the cabinet base.
  • To attach the countertop, use wood glue and screws. Make sure there is no soap residue left on the countertop when attaching it to the cabinet. After attaching, allow the glue to dry completely before using the sink.
  • The last step is to attach a faucet to the top of your kitchen sink. You can either use a faucet that came with your sink or purchase a new one for this project.

Attach door pulls to the front of cabinet

  • Attach door pulls to the front of each cabinet door using a drill. Door pulls are available in a variety of materials, including metal and wood.
  • Mount a handle on the bottom side of each cabinet door if your purifier is located on cabinets with drawers by drilling a hole through the drawer and into the cabinet’s frame with a drill.
  • Screw a hanging bar to the inside of your cabinets if you prefer not to have pulled on your doors or handles on the drawers.


Nowadays, there are many ways to hide water purifier in kitchen. They are very easy to use and also in affordable prices.

Hiding a water purifier in the kitchen is great for saving space and preventing dust from entering into the system. This also prevents children from tampering with it as they most likely find it boring, so you do not have to worry about them tampering with your system. If you can’t hide it all the same, at least locate it out of reach of kids.