How to Install Faber Chimney in Kitchen

Faber chimney is great for creating a ventilation system in your kitchen. As you are aware, cooking produces smoke that lingers around the kitchen area and accumulates above the cabinets. This is because there is not enough air circulation in the kitchen. Installing a chimney hood is the perfect way to get rid of this problem.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you prepare and eat food, meet with friends and family, throw parties and share memories. But how much thought did you really put into it? If your decorating style can be best described as “functional” or your passion for cooking doesn’t extend beyond reheating leftovers in the microwave, perhaps it’s time to consider some upgrades.

Mark the position of the chimney

The position of the chimney should be 60 cm from the front corners and 30 cm from the back corners to ensure proper ventilation. As long as it is not touching any wooden parts, gas pipes or electrical wiring, you can fix it in any corner. Mark its position on the kitchen wall and use a spirit level to make sure it is straight.

Fix the mounting clamps on the wall and the chimney pipe on it

The first step is to fix the mounting clamps on the wall, keeping in mind the desired position of the chimney pipe. The distance between your gas stove and chimney should be around 30 inches and that of induction cooktop and chimney should be around 8 inches.

After fixing all mounting clamps, connect the vertical duct pipe with horizontal duct pipe to form a U-shape duct. Now place the chimney pipe on this U-shaped duct properly so that it fits perfectly into it. You will have to hold it at its place until you screw it properly to fit it into its place.

Install the duct pipe and make sure that its proper in place

  • From the first step, you should install the duct pipe and make sure that its proper in place.
  • Then you will have to install the chimney at the right distance and measure it up with perfection.
  • It will now be time to connect the duct pipe with the hood and from there to your chimney hood.
  • You will then have to clean up all the extra mess and job is done more easily.

Finally, install and fix the chimney in proper place

Follow these steps to install the chimney:

  1. Turn and fix the pipes given in the chimney box.
  2. Connect the chimney to the pipes with the help of screwdriver, adjust the chimney above gas stoves or hobs.
  3. take an electric connection from home supply to connect and operate the chimney.
  4. 4.Finally, install and fix the chimney in proper place.
  5. Remove the chimney hood by placing a ladder on one side of the hood. You may have to remove the light bulbs before unscrewing the chimney hood. If you need to disconnect the wires, be sure to label them so that you can match them up properly when replacing the hood.
  6. Screw the new chimney hood into place. If you disconnected any wires when removing the original chimney hood, reconnect them to their proper spouts on each end of the wire. You may have to unscrew and re-screw in one or two screws near where you plugged in the wire. Plug in your new chimney hood and turn it on.

Install inlets and outlets from where air will come inside chimney and duct pipe will go out of kitchen towards roof

Here is the step-by-step procedure to install chimney in kitchen as mentioned below:

  1. Install inlets and outlets from where air will come inside chimney and duct pipe will go out of kitchen towards roof.
  2. After installing inlet and outlet, you need to fix the chimney body on wall with help of hanger which comes with chimney.
  3. Now fix the motor and fan inside chimney which sucks the air through duct pipe.
  4. Connect duct pipe with outlet, so that air can go outside the kitchen through duct pipe.
  5. Provide necessary wiring for power supply to chimney, so that it can run on electricity.

You should have a proper roof so that duct pipe can pass easily. After that, install inlets and outlets from where air will come inside chimney and duct pipe will go out of kitchen towards roof.

Make sure there is no blockage in the duct pipe outside.

After the installation process is complete, you can check the quality of the suction by lighting an incense stick and taking it near to each outlet, if the smoke is sucked inside all the outlets, then your chimney is working fine otherwise you might have problem with inlets or duct pipe which you can get checked by professionals.


Faber chimney is most important appliance of the kitchen. However, finding the right model, doing extensive research, comparing features and prices is so much difficult job. Now, there is no need to worry about these things. Because Faber Chimney offers plenty of useful information, reviews, ratings and all related information on its website. By reading these details you can easily decide to install faber chimney at your home too.

If you want to install faber chimney at your kitchen, then don’t worry because in this blog I will try to describe all about how to design, how to make and how to fix it. At first, we have to choose the good place for chimney. Good place for the chimney is a place which doesn’t affect with any other part of the house. Because if any other part of the house affected, it will be breaking our using of kitchen. So, it is necessary that we choose a good place for chimney at our kitchen.