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How to Make a Kitchen Island in Sims 3

How to Make a Kitchen Island in Sims 3

If you are having difficulty designing an island kitchen for your home in sims 3 , there are certain important factors that you should look into when designing an island. For example, the shape, the size and the material used for constructing the island. Here is a detailed tutorial about How to make a kitchen island in sims 3.

The kitchen island is a decorative object in The Sims 3: Ambitions. It has 6 points of interest and essentially works as a normal kitchen counter. With the release of The Sims 3: Ambitions, the expansion introduced several decorations that made the kitchen look more realistic, such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves; these were all gadgets and appliances that were absent from the previous game, The Sims 3.

Start from scratch

If you’re building a kitchen island from scratch, it’s best to first plan out exactly what you want. Make sure you know the dimensions of your space, and consider what type of island you want. You can go for a complete open space, or add a bar top along the edge to turn the island into one large countertop.

Consider what appliances you want on your island, including sinks and stoves. You can also use the island as a place to put in a wire rack, or even a small refrigerator. If you’ve got an extremely large kitchen with space for one, consider putting in a dishwasher as well.Once you’ve figured out what appliances and features you want on your island, it’s time to start building

  • Open up The Sims 3 and create a new household so that you can focus entirely on building your kitchen without worrying about any other areas of the home.
  • Use the design tools to build out your space, leaving room for all of the appliances and features that you planned out earlier.
  • Place down your oven or stove. You’ll need to go back into the options later and set it as an actual stove or oven if you haven’t already done so in create-a-sim mode before starting this project

Use the grid if necessary

  • Create a new room. Use the grid if necessary to make sure your island is in the center of the room.
  • Place your fridge, stove and sink on one side of the island. If you want, place cabinets above or below each appliance. Place a bookcase on the other side of the island to serve as a pantry.
  • Place objects such as plants on top of the island to decorate it.
  • After you finish the shell of the island, you want to add a counter top. To do this click the build mode tab and then click counters.
  • Select a counter top and build it into your kitchen island. You will likely need to adjust the height of the counter top using the grid.

Select the desired tiles for the kitchen island

Select the desired tiles for the kitchen island. Browse through the tiles in the “Countertop” section of the Catalog until you find one that you want to use for your kitchen island surface. Click on it, and then click on your kitchen island to place it. You can continue browsing through the tile options until you find one that you want for the sides of your kitchen island. If you are using a pre-existing kitchen island, click on it to select it, and then use the mouse wheel to scroll through the available countertop tiles until you find one that is acceptable. Do this again to select a tile for the sides of your kitchen island.

Select the desired materials for the kitchen island

If you want to make a kitchen island, choose an appropriate spot in the kitchen. If you have an open concept kitchen, place it in the middle of the room. Otherwise, try to find a spot that is not too far from other kitchen elements like the sink and stove.Next, purchase building materials for your kitchen island. You can search for these at the grocery store or build mode menu.

While you can use any type of material for your kitchen island, wood is recommended as it has a more rustic look and feel.Once you’ve purchased your materials, select “Build Mode” from the main menu. Here you can select “Build” or “Buy” mode to build and customize your new kitchen island

Customize your kitchen island

In order to make a kitchen island, you’ll need to have a lot that is at least 40×30. One of the first things you can do to customize your kitchen island is change its shape. You can make it wider, longer, or shorter by clicking on the edge of the island and dragging it in the direction you want it to go.

  • To make a kitchen island in Sims 3, you’ll need to first select the build mode. From there, you can select the kitchen island tool to make the desired island you want.
  • Once your island is built, you can add more details to it by selecting the sledgehammer tool and selecting “walls only” from under the “mode” tab.
  • Once this is selected, you can begin adding details to your island such as doors and windows.


Making a kitchen island in sims 3 is not the easiest task but it is not impossible either. Just take some time and get the design that you like the most from all these ideas presented above, which will make your sims 3 look amazing.