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How to Make a Kitchen Utensil Bouquet

How to Make a Kitchen Utensil Bouquet

There are a lot of simple yet practical crafts you can make with ordinary household items. A DIY kitchen utensil bouquet is one of them. This article shares a step-by-step photo guide on how to make one. The instructions are pretty easy to follow and only require a few common household items and cooking utensils such as wooden skewers, various sized coffee tumblers, cable ties, and rubber bands. A kitchen utensil bouquet is a simple, but really cute way to display your cooking spatulas and wooden spoons.

Choose a Vase

  • First things first: Choose a vase. A clear glass fish bowl or cylinder will let your utensils be the star.
  • Then, pick out your kitchen gadgets. For this project, we used a melon baller, a whisk, and some various-sized spoons. We also used a few wooden skewers to attach them all together.
  • Start by using your 1/2-inch hole punch to create holes for your skewers in the metal handles of the utensils. Then, just slide them onto the skewers, add a paper flower if you’d like, and place them in your vase.

Cut the Wood Dowel to Size

Adding to the WOW factor of the bouquet is a DIY kitchen utensil topper made out of a wooden dowel, hot glue and a cardboard circle. I’ve provided detailed instructions on how to make this cute little topper at the end of the post.

  • To start, cut the dowel to size. I cut mine at 12 inches, but you can make it longer or shorter depending on your preference.
  • Next, fill a bucket with water and place it in front of you on your work surface.
  • Now begin filling in holes with the handle end of each kitchen utensil, one at a time. If you need more height for your bouquet, use a spatula (or other longer tool) instead of a fork or knife.
  • Continuing down the dowel, place your last utensil and then add 3 or 4 flowers around it for balance.

Nest the Utensils in the Vase

For the vase, I used a white pitcher from Ikea and filled it with a smaller glass vase to act as a base. This way you can fill the bottom with whatever you want, or even use an old wine bottle.

Secure the Vase in Place.

  • Place your vase where you want it to go on the cake, then use a little royal icing or melted chocolate to secure it there.
  • Nest the Utensils in the Vase.
  • Once the utensils are nice and dry, simply nestle them into the vase to complete your cake.

Fill Your Vase with Floral Foam

  • Fill Your Vase with Floral Foam.
  • Trim Your Floral Foam So It’s Just Above the Top of Your Vase.
  • Choose Your Utensils, and Wrap Them in Florist Tape.
  • Cut the Wire So It’s About One Inch Longer Than You Want It to Be
  • Stick the Wire into the End of the Handle of Each Utensil.
  • Cut a Piece of Florist Tape Long Enough to Cover the Entire Length of the Handle, With Some Overhang.
  • Stick the Wire into Your Floral Foam and Cover it With Florist Tape.
  • Repeat with All Your Utensils.

Cut your Flowers

First things first, you need flowers. I would recommend getting a few different types of flowers to add variation and dimension to your bouquet. I purchased tulips, roses and carnations. You can use real or fake flowers, but I really like the look of real flowers. Cut the stems off your flowers down so that they’re about 3-4 inches long.

Add Flowers to your Bouquet

Now that you’ve got your flowers cut, you can start to assemble your bouquet. You can either arrange the flowers into a bouquet on their own, or you can place them directly into your vase, depending on how you want your finished product to look. To help separate the flowers from all the green leaves, put them in a different vase to start. Bouquets tend to look best with a variety of flower types and colors. For example, we used both white and yellow flowers, along with a few purple flowers for added color.

Filler Additions

Remove the packaging from the wooden skewers. Wrap the skewers in floral tape until it is covered from wood to tip. Place a skewer into each utensil starting from the bottom of the handle and working your way up.

Now that you have your utensils secured to a skewer, place them in a vase or container of your choice.Add some filler flowers around the bouquet for a finishing touch!


Making a kitchen utensil bouquet may not be something you do all the time, but when you do have a need for a little kitchen decor, these suggestions can help bring your kitchen decorating skills to a whole new level.

Your utensil bouquet can make any kitchen unique, and you can add the utensils you need most to a bouquet that suits your style.

Plus, creating a designer work of art will make you feel like Martha Stewart every time you use it! If you’re ready to start creating your own kitchen utensil bouquets, get a large flower vase, choose your favorite tools and some creative inspiration, and go for it!