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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The cabinets are deep, the shelves and drawers are small. As a result, many of us have trouble organizing kitchen cabinets. If you’ve suffered from kitchen cabinet chaos in the past and are interested in learning how to organize kitchen cabinets effectively, this article is for you.

The kitchen cupboards can be the best part of your home when they’re organized. You know you’ll find things and they’re not going to be lost in a pile of clutter. The kitchen cupboards are only going to look better as well and people are going to notice. The kitchen is going to be a great place to cook in and serve your friends and family snacks on the weekend.

Make a list of what you want to organize

Make a list of what you want to organize. Inevitably, something will have to be thrown away, so start with things that are broken or expired. Also, pull out anything you rarely use or don’t need these items should either be sold on eBay or donated/tossed.

  • Assign a spot for everything in the kitchen. Put like things together (e.g., all plates together, all glasses together).
  • Create storage solutions based on your items and needs using the tips below (and on the next page). Maybe you need a spice rack? Maybe you need a bin for lids? Maybe you need hooks inside your cabinet door?
  • Purchase the storage solutions and place them where they belong within your cabinets (or drawers).
  • Place everything in its new spot and make sure that everything is labeled as necessary so that it gets put back where it belongs.

Look at everything in your cupboard

For starters, look at everything in your cupboard. You may not realize how much you have, and what you can do with it.You might find expired items or things you never use. Donate the items that are still good, and toss the expired ones.

If you have a lot of small appliances and gadgets, consider putting them away, either in cupboards or a different room if they don’t get used often.As you go through each item, group them into categories like baking, baking tools, spices and so on.

Move the stuff you aren’t using

The biggest mistake people make is putting items in their cabinets that they don’t use. The coffee maker you only use once a week should go under the counter, in the pantry or on a shelf. It doesn’t belong on the countertop because it’s taking up valuable real estate.

Once you purge your cabinets of items you don’t use, keep like items together. If you have lots of baking ingredients, create a baking station. If you have lots of canned goods, create a canned goods zone.Keep your most used items at eye level, and keep pots and pans near the stove so you don’t have to lug them across the kitchen. Keep plates and bowls where they’re easy to reach, not an arm’s length away.

Put duplicates together

Group duplicate items together. If you have several sets of measuring cups and spoons, place them in one location either stacked in a cupboard or drawer, or tacked onto the inside of a cabinet door with hooks. Keeping duplicates together will help prevent clutter and make it easier to find what you need when cooking.

Put things back in your cabinet

This clever plate rack is a great way to make use of the available space at the back of your cabinet. It can be used for storing plates or spices and is also adjustable, so you can fit it in any cabinet you like.It’s no secret that IKEA makes some of the best inexpensive storage solutions, but this shelf is one of their best. It’s perfect for fitting into an odd nook or creating extra storage in between your upper cabinets and countertop.Clear bins are an easy way to keep things organized. Whether you store them on the floor or on a shelf, they keep everything easily accessible and visible.

This pull-out pantry is such a smart idea for storing all your cans and spices. Its tiered design allows you to see everything at once so you don’t have to dig through your pantry every time you need something. If you tend to lose things at the back of your cabinets, this sliding rail will help you make those hard-to-reach items more accessible. You just pull out the rail and grab what you need no more rooting around in the dark.

Sleek and stylish containers for storing things

If you’re like most people, your kitchen cabinets could probably use a good reorganization. You open a cabinet door and swear under your breath, or you have to push back an avalanche of pots and pans just to find the one that you need.

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most valuable real estates in your home. It just makes sense to make the best use of that space by organizing them efficiently. That way, you can get what you need quickly and easily, with minimum fuss or bother.Here’s how to organize your kitchen cabinets so they stay neat, orderly and functional.


If you’ve run out of space in your cabinets, or if you’re just looking for a way to make them run more smoothly, we hope that this guide has been helpful. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities for organizing your kitchen cabinetsso our best advice for anyone who’s looking to expand their kitchen organizational horizons?

Start by cleaning off those shelves and finding everything that doesn’t belong. With a little work and some good organization, it should be easy to get your kitchen back in order.