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How to Remove a Danze Kitchen Faucet

How to Remove a Danze Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen is an essential part of a home, one where food is usually prepared and eaten. The kitchen has been an essential part of homes for many years and it is only going to become more significant, especially in the recent years where we have experienced a significant change in lifestyles and our expectations from kitchens have greatly increased due to this.

Faucet converting can be a true cope. The danze about how to remove a danze kitchen faucet in the event a true the hot water switch is set on the Left-hand facet of the refrigerator may be an excessively complex job for many men and women. It is sensible to Examine with your community plumber but how you can change a danze kitchen faucet may be tricky for a new comer being aware of how to remove a danze kitchen faucet.

Tools Needed

Phillips’s screwdriver, Flat screwdriver, Tape – This can be any type of tape you have handy. We recommend masking tape as it will not leave a residue like duct tape would, Pliers – You will need to use pliers to hold something in place during this repair, so choose a pair that will allow you to get a good grip on the item.

Turn off the water supply at the shutoff valves under your sink or at the main water supply for your home. Open your faucet to relieve any pressure in the lines when you disconnect them from the faucet.

Shut off the water

For kitchen faucets that are leaking from the base of the spout, the O-ring may be worn or Danze broken. The O-ring seals the faucet to the sink and prevents water from leaking out of the base of the spout. To repair this type of leak, you must remove the spout and replace the O-ring.Shut off the water supply to the faucet. Turn on the faucet to release any pressure left in the lines.

  • Place a basin under the spout to catch any water that might spill out when you remove it.Locate and loosen the screw on top of the sprayer hose bracket with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Pull off this bracket gently so as not to damage it.
  • Locate and loosen two screws on either side of the spout using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Remove these screws and gently pull off the spout. You may need to wiggle it back and forth before it comes free due to mineral deposits beneath it.

Remove the Handle

  • To remove the handle, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the set screw on the side of the handle. If it has a safety button, press it and unscrew. If your faucet is an older model and you can’t find the set screw, use a razor knife to pry out the cap at the base of the handle and then unscrew it with a hex wrenchor your fingers.
  • Remove the Faucet Body and Valve Assembly. Remove the faucet body by loosening the nut under the sink with an adjustable wrench or basin wrench.

Unscrew Old Supply Tubes

 The supply tubes are connected to both hot and cold-water shutoff valves under your sink. Use slip-joint pliers to disconnect them from each shutoff valve. Turn off both valves so you don’t experience any leaking when you unscrew them from each other, even though they have compression fittings that should stop any leaking when disconnected.

Remove the Stem Retainer

  • To remove the stem retainer, insert a flat head screwdriver into the slot in the stem retainer. Move the screwdriver around to find the notch in the stem retainer and push downward to release it. Once you have removed the stem retainer, you will be able to access the valve stems and take them out of the faucet body.
  • Remove Valve Stems, to remove the valve stems, you will need a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench. The goal is to loosen and remove these parts, but don’t damage them because you’ll need them for installing your new kitchen faucet.
  • Remove the Faucet, the last step before installing your new kitchen faucet is to actually remove it from your sink. This can be difficult if you aren’t experienced, especially on granite countertops because there are many different types of sinks available today.

Remove the ball and springs

The ball-type faucet includes a single handle with a ball in the center of the fixture. The ball has hot and cold-water passages, with rubber seals that control the flow of water through the fixture.

  • The first step in repairing a Danze kitchen faucet is locating the parts beneath the sink. Remove the chrome cap that covers the top of the fixture. Use a 1/4-inch hex wrench to remove the screw in the center of the cap, then set it aside.
  • Remove the ball and springs. There is a ball retainer clip at each end of the fixing nut, which holds it in place. At this point, you can remove one side of the fixing nut and lift out both springs and the white plastic ball that rests between them.


There are a few things you will need to do before removing the old faucet. In order of importance: Turn off the water supply to the sink. Unscrew the hoses from both connections under the sink. unscrew everything that connects the faucet to the sink so it’s completely removed from the sink. remove any attachment that is on the end of the stem that is still attached to the counter top.

The Danze kitchen faucet is easy to removed with a few tools. A wrench and pliers can do the job, or you can use a special tool made exclusively for this purpose. If you are installing yourself, the instructions included will be able to help you.