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What Colors Should I Paint My Kitchen with White Cabinets

How to Clean White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Picking the right color scheme for your kitchen can be challenging. You want to go with either white or off-white cabinets but it’s hard to tell which will work best. Are the other colors of your kitchen hard to coordinate with a white or an off-white kitchen? What color walls do you have in your kitchen? These are all important questions that will classic and timeless look, or if you would be better off going with an off-white color scheme.

Colorful Kitchen Ideas for White Cabinets

There are so many colors out there, but some of them may not go well with white cabinets. So, what color should I paint my kitchen with white cabinets? There are plenty of options for this matter. In this article, we will try to show you some of the best choices for white cabinet kitchens.

The most important issue for those who have white cabinets is to balance your kitchen with the right color.

Otherwise, you can face a boring or unaesthetic kitchen design if you fail to achieve it. If you want to prevent this kind of situation, let’s take a look at these colorful kitchen ideas for white cabinets.Blue Paint Colors, Blue is one of the most popular colors when it comes to painting your kitchen with white cabinets. This color is not only beautiful but also soothing and relaxing compared to other alternatives. It can be used in different shades according to your personal preferences and tastes.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Natural Wood Accents and Countertops

White kitchen cabinets are a perennial favorite, but what color countertops look best with them? White cabinets allow for an endless array of choices, from soft pastels to bold and bright, depending on the style you wish to create.White is such a versatile color that it can be paired with nearly any other color or material.

If you’re looking for a clean and classic look, white cabinets with natural wood accents and countertops can’t be beat. This traditional kitchen has a variety of appealing elements: the white cabinets, butcher block countertop and farmhouse sink add cottage-inspired charm while the dark blue island brings an element of contrast and sophistication.

White cabinets are classic, but it’s not the only option

White cabinets are classic, but it’s not the only option. Gray is becoming very popular it’s soft and subdued, creating a cool look without going as dark as black or brown. You can go for gray cabinets with a white kitchen island to add some contrast, or use gray for all the cabinetry and counters.If you want more color, consider countertops and backsplash in a shade of orange, red, yellow or even purple. These are usually warm colors that will complement the cooler tones of gray.

When you want to maximize light in your space

The biggest mistake people make when choosing a paint color with white cabinets is to choose a pure white. It’s too bright and it ends up looking harsh.If you’d like to keep your kitchen light and bright, pick a soft white – one that has the slightest hint of warmth to it. It will be much more pleasing to the eye than a stark white.You can get this effect by picking whites on the yellow side of the color wheel or mixing some yellow into your white paint.

Add a Bright Backsplash

If you’re hesitant to commit to a bold color, choose a neutral white cabinet, and then add an accent with your backsplash. This way, you can have fun with your kitchen backsplash tile and experiment with different colors and patterns.

If you’d like to create a cheerful kitchen design, opt for a bright color that will make your kitchen feel happy. Yellow is commonly used to create a happy and bright kitchen design. If you prefer something more calming, green tones are also popular in the kitchen.

Add a Bright Island

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small, if you have white cabinets. The contrasting island in bright color will always look wonderful.The same goes for the appliances. The bright color of the island is a perfect choice because you don’t want to overdo it with too many colors. It’s best to leave the rest of the kitchen in neutral colors and play with one accent color.

A perfect example is this black and white kitchen with a red island that looks so elegant and beautiful.Another great thing about having a colored island is that it can serve as a focal point in an otherwise white and boring room. A colorful island can also be a great way to add personality to your kitchen and make it stand out from the rest of your house.

Add Colorful Accessories

If you’re looking for a way to add color without going overboard, consider adding colorful glassware or dishware to your space. You’ll love the way it looks, and the bright colors will make you feel happy anytime you grab a glass to drink from or a bowl to eat from.

If you have neutral backsplash tiles, consider adding a few brightly colored accent tiles for a splash of color in your kitchen. This is a great way to add some color without repainting your cabinets. Another way to add color is with window treatments.


If you’re renovating your home and want to spruce up the kitchen, then a kitchen cabinet color change might be just what you’re looking for. If you are faced with white cabinets, i.e., cabinets that are already white, then making a change is much easier than if you already owned the cabinets. Trying to repaint brown cabinets or build an addition onto the kitchen structure or wallboard can cost you a pretty penny and make renovations cost more than expected.