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What Kind of Clear Coat to Use On Kitchen Cabinets

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There’s nothing better than having a clear coat of paint to protect the cabinets in your kitchen. The chemical compounds are the most effective option to nourish and safeguard the furniture in your kitchen, which is constantly exposed to the elements of heat and water.

When properly applied, clear coats have the advantage of not leaving any residues. They aren’t able to protect the edges from scratching since they do not leave a heavy layer of dust behind. They may have a greater quality than the other materials used in kitchen cabinets because their synthesis will reflect sunlight and serve, in addition, as synthetic sources of light.

There are a lot of manufacturers competing against each other to get the top rating for clear coats in the entire category.  This will give you an impartial opinion from experts regarding the products for finishing and preparation of wood so that you can pick the best one for your specific needs.

Clear coats have re-entered the market with higher confidence in their usability. The majority of carpenters use these when preparing kitchen furniture to give the appearance of a smooth and shiny finish to wooden surfaces.

What is a “Clear Coat”?

“Clear coat simply” refers to the “varnish”, or the final finish, that the cabinets in the kitchen get using it just like oil paint. It not only provides an attractive and clear appearance to the cabinets, but it also provides long-lasting protection from heat or corrosion.

What Kind of Clear Coat to Use On Kitchen Cabinets?

While there are many possibilities to purchase varnish, it’s wise to understand the various types of clear coatings. There are two kinds of clear coats: water-based and oil-based clear coats.

Clear coats made of oil coats as opposed to water-based clear coatsClear coats provide a tough and durable surface for kitchen cabinets. Clear coats made of oil are more durable than clear coats made of water.

Water-based clear coats dry much faster than clear coats made of oil. Water-based clear coats are also less odor-prone than other clear coats.

The Best Clear Coat for Kitchen Cabinets

When you paint on any surface, it’s the last coat that shines through and is what matters. No matter what tools or paints that you are employing, if the final coat isn’t done correctly, the end result won’t look good. That’s why it is crucial to choose the most effective clear coating for kitchen cabinets that you can find. 

1.      General Finishes: Water Based Topcoat

Although there are many varieties and products that are available for cabinet sealers, this one from General Finishes always comes out as the best choice. The topcoat made of water is widely considered to be the best polyurethane to seal kitchen cabinets. The finish is compatible with a variety of finishes and woods.

A clear coating that is used for painted cabinets comes with three distinct sheens. They include semi-gloss, gloss, and satin. It is a good choice for various wood finishes. People who want to have a greater sheen may also use a buff on the finish topcoat to increase the shine. The General Finishes topcoat has been UV stabilized to protect it from sun damage.

The top coat is specifically designed to be suitable for indoor use. It’s extremely robust, scratch resistant, and has a long-lasting clear coat.

2.      MINWAX Polycrylic Protective Finish

If you are looking for a sealant product to use in your kitchen area, Minwax is always an excellent brand to think about. This finish for protection can be used to help protect and maintain the integrity and structure of the wood surface. The finish that is water-based dries into an extremely clear finish and is suitable for any kind of wood surface. 

The water-based component means it is able to dry faster and create an even more durable finish.Although you can apply Minwax’spolyacrylic finish across a variety of woods, it’s most suitable for lighter woods. This includes maple, birch, and ash. The stunningly clear finish helps to increase the natural look of wood.

3.      Rust-Oleum242057 Paint

As we are at the middle of the list, it’s an ideal time to present the Rust Oleum 242057 Paint. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage and is useful for home-based projects. You’ll get an emollient finish that will safeguard your furniture and make it look nice.

4.      Varathane 200041H

The next is to apply a quick-drying compound to your surfaces to maintain them in good shape. Varathane 200041H is intended for individuals who are extremely busy and want a product that can be used in the smallest period of time. This provides you an attractive appearance that will add appeal to your property.

5.      Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum is a household name in clear coat and paint and is among the most reliable brands. It is a water-based clear coating, which means it dries quicker and is more durable. The crystal clear gloss brings to life the beauty inherent in wood, but it must be applied after staining the wood. For the best outcome, make sure to combine it with a light stain to achieve its best beauty.